Mazama Brewing Company

Brewer rating: 87/100 295 ratings
33930A Eastgate Circle, Corvallis, Oregon, USA 97330
Tues: 2 to 6 pm
Wed & Thur: 3 to 8 pm
Fri: 3 to 9 pm
Sat: 12 noon to 9 pm
Sun: 12 noon to 6 pm

Associated place: Mazama Brewing Company

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Mazama / De Plukker Pilgrim Belgian IPA 8.04/15/2015Rate 3.434011
Mazama Amarillo Saison -3/22/2017Rate 3.061
Mazama Batch 13 Pumpkin Ale 5.111/9/2013Rate 2.862
Mazama Belgian Style Blonde Ale 7.56/8/2013Rate 3.288012
Mazama Belgian Style Dubbel 8.46/8/2013Rate 3.068
Mazama Bourbon Barrel Baltic Porter 8.39/30/2013Rate 2.943
Mazama Brun Bjørn 5.995/31/2014Rate 2.881
Mazama Cherry Blossom Special 6.76/1/2015Rate 3.087
Mazama Corvallis-Belgian Golden Beer (CBGB) 8.39/30/2013Rate 2.81
Mazama Darkness At Noon 7.02/27/2016Rate 2.965
Mazama Deadline Pils 5.77/5/2016Rate 3.144
Mazama Double Eruption DIPA 8.78/11/2015Rate 3.5479
Mazama Dubbelganger 8.43/22/2014Rate 3.296
Mazama El Duque do Porto 106/1/2015Rate 3.112
Mazama Ersten Weizen 5.14/22/2016Rate 3.162
Mazama Fresh Hop Green Magic 6.210/7/2014Rate 3.075
Mazama Gillian’s Red IRA 6.33/18/2015Rate 3.212
Mazama Golden Galaxy 5.48/15/2016Rate 2.851
Mazama Grand Cru 106/8/2013Rate 3.353215
Mazama Hop Eruption 6.86/8/2013Rate 3.57931
Mazama Kind of a Fig Deal 8.712/4/2016Rate 3.092
Mazama Mazamanator 9.912/8/2013Rate 3.326413
Mazama Mosaic Eruption IPA 6.03/1/2015Rate 3.334619
Mazama Naked and Hoppy 6.37/24/2015Rate 2.973
Mazama Nightside Eclipse 7.71/24/2014Rate 3.144
Mazama No Quarter Baltic Porter 8.62/25/2017Rate 2.832
Mazama Noel Rouge 7.712/6/2014Rate 2.922
Mazama Porter 5.410/11/2013Rate 2.841
Mazama Pyroclastic Porter 5.29/30/2013Rate 3.518916
Mazama Quadrophenia 12.21/3/2015Rate 3.268
Mazama Rasplendent 5.07/25/2014Rate 3.358
Mazama Saison D’etre 6.56/14/2013Rate 3.45827
Mazama Sour Peche 7.09/18/2016Rate 3.144
Mazama Sour Sunrise -1/26/2015Rate 3.042
Mazama Sour Sunrise - Apricots 7.01/10/2016Rate 3.061
Mazama Sour Sunrise - Peaches 8.512/28/2013Rate 3.379310
Mazama Sour Sunset 8.07/25/2015Rate 3.464312
Mazama Tepache Radler 4.06/24/2015Rate 3.162
Mazama Tilikum Pale Ale 5.03/21/2017Rate 2.811
Mazama White Wedding 5.29/30/2013Rate 3.27713
Mazama Wizard Island Wit 4.86/1/2014Rate 3.187217

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