McCanns Food & Brew

(Not In Production)
Brew Pub
3310 3rd St. N., St. Cloud, Minnesota, USA 56303
Monday through Saturday 11 am to 2 am
Sunday 10 am to 2 am

Operated 2008 to 2012
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McCanns Apricot Coriander Ale -11/17/2008Rate 2.912
McCanns Batch 100 Ale -7/4/2010Rate 0
McCanns Bavarian Mind Block 7.06/3/2009Rate 2.881
McCanns Black Forest Bock 7.33/28/2008Rate 3.151
McCanns Blackberry Ale -6/3/2009Rate 0
McCanns Blacked Out Oatmeal Stout 6.93/4/2009Rate 2.961
McCanns Blacked Out Oatmeal Stout Winter Edition 8.01/8/2010Rate 0
McCanns Bourbon County Black Out Stout -7/3/2009Rate 0
McCanns Classic American Brown Ale -11/3/2009Rate 0
McCanns Coffee Infused Blacked Out Oatmeal Stout 6.96/3/2009Rate 2.841
McCanns Coffee Infused Prairie Porter 5.53/31/2008Rate 3.14
McCanns Cold Snap Ale 6.51/17/2009Rate 3.332
McCanns Deep Seven IPA 6.22/5/2008Rate 3.016
McCanns Dubbel Donker 7.76/5/2008Rate 3.164
McCanns Euro Pils 4.78/18/2008Rate 3.031
McCanns Flame Ale 7.09/11/2008Rate 3.267
McCanns Funky Monk Belgian Dubbel -11/17/2011Rate 2.811
McCanns Ghost Rider Pumpkin Ale 4.59/11/2008Rate 3.233
McCanns Golden Ale 4.02/10/2008Rate 2.763
McCanns High Bank Amber 4.32/10/2008Rate 2.812
McCanns Honey Raspberry Ale 4.47/26/2008Rate 31
McCanns Keg Hopped Deep Seven IPA 6.27/26/2008Rate 3.214
McCanns Little Abbey Ale 4.22/10/2008Rate 31
McCanns Maple Moon Ale 4.65/15/2008Rate 2.811
McCanns Maple Quadruple -2/2/2010Rate 0
McCanns Middle Town Braun 4.58/18/2008Rate 2.912
McCanns Old Shep Stout 5.03/23/2008Rate 3.192
McCanns Prairie Porter 5.52/5/2008Rate 2.95
McCanns Pumpkin Spiced Ale -11/3/2009Rate 0
McCanns Raspberry Wheat -11/17/2011Rate 2.761
McCanns Red Skye Rye 5.02/2/2011Rate 0
McCanns Rye P.A. -1/3/2010Rate 0
McCanns Sol -7/3/2009Rate 0
McCanns Spaltfest -9/15/2009Rate 0
McCanns Strawberry Sunrise -6/3/2009Rate 0
McCanns Trippel Trouble 8.52/5/2008Rate 3.084
McCanns Wee Willy Scottish Export -7/4/2010Rate 0
McCanns Wild Hare 4.79/15/2011Rate 2.791

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