McNeills Brewery

Brew Pub
Brewer rating: 96/100 2515 ratings
90 Elliot Street, Brattleboro, Vermont, USA 05301
Mon thru Thur: 4 to close
Fri thru Sun: 1 to close

Associated place: McNeill’s Brewery

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McNeills Abbey Dubbel 8.08/22/2015Rate 2.862
McNeills Alle Tage Altbier -7/6/2001Rate 3.439646
McNeills Big Nose Blonde Ale -6/23/2001Rate 3.117732
McNeills Blonde Bombshell 5.26/15/2002Rate 36335
McNeills Bucksnort 1211/29/2002Rate 3.697713
McNeills Champ Ale 5.57/4/2001Rate 3.234778
McNeills Dark Angel Imperial Stout 107/30/2010Rate 3.6248131
McNeills Dawghouse 5.67/13/2015Rate 2.622
McNeills Dead Horse India Pale Ale 5.057/31/2001Rate 3.346206
McNeills Doc Feel Goods Pils (alias) -4/19/2006
McNeills Double IPA #3 8.07/13/2015Rate 2.661
McNeills Dubbel 8.05/1/2003Rate 2.93111
McNeills Duck’s Breath Bitter 5.28/20/2015Rate 2.961
McNeills Ducks Breath Ale -8/5/2001Rate 3.287356
McNeills Exterminator Doppelbock -7/21/2001Rate 3.093512
McNeills Extra Special Bitter Ale 5.511/26/2000Rate 3.5399155
McNeills Firehouse Amber 5.52/23/2001Rate 3.389134
McNeills German Black Lager (alias) -10/31/2001
McNeills Green Mountain Gold -7/1/2001Rate 3.289759
McNeills Green Mountain Summer Ale 5.37/19/2012Rate 2.872
McNeills Humperdink 4.58/7/2001Rate 3.358723
McNeills Imperial Stout 7.87/23/2001Rate 3.8286203
McNeills IPA Experiment #2 6.57/13/2015Rate 2.71
McNeills Jailhouse IPA 5.08/22/2015Rate 2.862
McNeills Kölsch (alias) -7/1/2001
McNeills Lazarus IPA 8.03/13/2015Rate 3.023
McNeills Maibock 7.01/18/2004Rate 3.024421
McNeills My New Invention IPA -10/18/2009Rate 3.34812
McNeills Oatmeal Stout 5.45/2/2001Rate 3.5390120
McNeills Oktoberfest -1/1/2004Rate 3.28927
McNeills Old German Altbier 5.26/4/2015Rate 2.762
McNeills Old Ringworm 9.06/22/2001Rate 3.4175123
McNeills Organic Pale Ale -6/5/2004Rate 3.275
McNeills Pay Day -10/15/2005Rate 2.418418
McNeills Pilsner -11/9/2003Rate 2.956611
McNeills Professor Brewheads Brown Ale 5.79/6/2001Rate 2.963545
McNeills Professor Brewheads Old Fashioned Brown Ale (alias) -9/6/2001
McNeills Pullmans Porter -7/30/2001Rate 3.3865145
McNeills Rays New Irish Stout 5.34/29/2013Rate 31
McNeills Reagins Stout -10/29/2001Rate 3.639675
McNeills Ruby Ale 5.76/14/2001Rate 3.4597133
McNeills Samson 8.08/28/2015Rate 3.061
McNeills Scotch Ale -12/25/2003Rate 3.182932
McNeills Sinister Urge Black IPA 7.07/13/2015Rate 2.913
McNeills Slop Bucket Brown Ale (alias) -1/3/2012
McNeills Slop Bucket Double Brown -7/5/2001Rate 3.429386
McNeills Summer Ale 5.47/13/2015Rate 2.921
McNeills Summer Bitter -5/19/2002Rate 3.349918
McNeills Summer Brown Ale -8/4/2001Rate 2.973823
McNeills Summer IPA 5.25/5/2002Rate 3.324641
McNeills Sunshine IPA 6.812/26/2010Rate 3.416250
McNeills Tartan Export Ale -9/29/2002Rate 3.145068
McNeills Troll 6.55/13/2011Rate 3.014
McNeills Warlord Imperial IPA 8.512/4/2006Rate 3.4544179
McNeills Wassail Special Ale -11/25/2001Rate 3.37632
McNeills Wheat Wright -7/14/2001Rate 2.815315
McNeills White IPA 6.28/28/2015Rate 31
McNeills Yukon Gold Ale -7/9/2001Rate 2.672615

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