Melovino 3/4 Palmer 4.05/30/2018Rate 3.171
Melovino All Night Long 139/20/2015Rate 3.58119
Melovino Ample Tiny Apple 6.93/11/2019Rate 3.111
Melovino Apple Ginger 6.04/12/2019Rate 0
Melovino Applewood 149/25/2015Rate 3.68
Melovino Baros Lemonis 6.03/11/2019Rate 3.111
Melovino BB Cheesecake 6.04/12/2019Rate 0
Melovino Berry Boku 148/17/2016Rate 3.535
Melovino Berry Chic Mead 134/23/2014Rate 3.669413
Melovino Berserker Berry 249/15/2017Rate 3.32
Melovino Berserker Coffee 249/15/2017Rate 3.191
Melovino Black Dahlia -7/3/2016Rate 3.211
Melovino Blackberry Jam Session 5.58/19/2018Rate 3.151
Melovino Boom Boom Room 5.03/26/2019Rate 0
Melovino Bulls on Parade -5/9/2018Rate 3.131
Melovino By Any Other Name 1310/11/2018Rate 3.162
Melovino Cashew Outside 6.51/18/2019Rate 0
Melovino Catch Me If You Can 6.912/21/2018Rate 3.091
Melovino Cherry Charade 144/22/2017Rate 3.515
Melovino Cinful Cherry 5.511/30/2018Rate 0
Melovino Citra Bit Ya 6.73/11/2019Rate 3.151
Melovino Clockwork 4.09/15/2017Rate 3.111
Melovino Coffee After Dark 1412/14/2018Rate 3.041
Melovino Concord Down 5.58/23/2019Rate 0
Melovino Copperfield 4.09/15/2017Rate 3.131
Melovino Coquito 6.012/14/2018Rate 3.191
Melovino Counting Crows 5.512/21/2018Rate 0
Melovino Curious George 1411/10/2016Rate 3.427
Melovino Dakota Clover 122/23/2016Rate 3.517
Melovino Desert Kiss Mead -4/23/2014Rate 3.525
Melovino Dolce Chipolte Mead -4/23/2014Rate 3.446
Melovino El Guapo 6.010/11/2018Rate 3.111
Melovino Essence Mead 129/14/2014Rate 3.58889
Melovino Essential -9/28/2017Rate 3.252
Melovino Euphoria 139/25/2015Rate 3.282
Melovino Favorite Mistake -3/28/2015Rate 3.395
Melovino Fig & Maple 6.012/14/2018Rate 3.131
Melovino Flapjack 6.02/1/2019Rate 0
Melovino Flapjack Blue 6.010/26/2018Rate 3.151
Melovino Focus Group -3/30/2018Rate 3.072
Melovino Freckled Sky 145/12/2017Rate 3.192
Melovino Garrido 128/13/2016Rate 3.568
Melovino Grape Jam -3/30/2018Rate 3.091
Melovino Grilled Apple 7.02/1/2019Rate 0
Melovino Half a Palmer 4.09/15/2017Rate 3.212
Melovino Honey DDHIPA 6.92/1/2018Rate 3.212
Melovino Honey the Meddler 9.06/8/2018Rate 2.981
Melovino Hot For Teacher -7/18/2015Rate 3.475
Melovino Iberian Nightcap 136/13/2018Rate 2.954
Melovino Into The Mystic 1211/17/2017Rate 3.223
Melovino Juniper Landing 4.08/31/2017Rate 31
Melovino Keep It Cool 5.56/8/2018Rate 3.131
Melovino Little Bitty Apple -2/1/2018Rate 3.021
Melovino Little Lying George 146/29/2018Rate 3.191
Melovino Love & War 1412/14/2018Rate 0
Melovino Magenta 6.012/21/2018Rate 0
Melovino Meadery OMG Becky 6.510/26/2018Rate 3.111
Melovino Meadery Orange Cowbell 6.510/26/2018Rate 0
Melovino Meadery Tic Tac O -7/28/2018Rate 3.111
Melovino Melo Evil Ghost Pepper - Smoked -12/19/2015Rate 3.262
Melovino Melo Evil Ghost Pepper - Special Oaked -12/19/2015Rate 3.13
Melovino Melo Evil Ghost Pepper - The Unfriendly Ghost -12/18/2015Rate 3.243
Melovino Melo Evil Ghost Pepper Mead -7/17/2015Rate 3.446
Melovino Midnight Jack 145/22/2016Rate 3.899923
Melovino Morrison -5/27/2015Rate 3.493
Melovino Mull It Over 1312/14/2016Rate 3.273
Melovino Murder of Crows 1411/16/2016Rate 3.659010
Melovino MVX - Hopped 003 4.55/12/2017Rate 3.112
Melovino MVX - Hopped 004 6.75/12/2017Rate 3.162
Melovino MVX - Juniper 002 4.05/12/2017Rate 2.972
Melovino Nice As Pie 143/28/2015Rate 3.719512
Melovino No Bake Cheesecake 144/24/2019Rate 3.352
Melovino Old Dixie Moon 138/2/2016Rate 3.687
Melovino On the Rillo Meadshake 6.52/1/2019Rate 3.091
Melovino Once Bitten Twice Dry 117/29/2017Rate 3.131
Melovino One Minded 6.511/30/2018Rate 0
Melovino Orange You Smooth 143/21/2019Rate 3.021
Melovino PB&J Sammich For Daddy -9/15/2017Rate 3.545
Melovino PB&J Sammich for Mommy 144/2/2018Rate 3.433
Melovino Peachy Palmer 4.03/30/2018Rate 3.142
Melovino Peachy Palmer 2 4.04/13/2018Rate 3.091
Melovino Pecan You Dig It 1412/31/2017Rate 3.283
Melovino Pepino 5.57/17/2015Rate 32
Melovino Pick Me Up 6.04/12/2019Rate 0
Melovino Pirum Lust 1311/5/2015Rate 3.484
Melovino Purple Sammy 5.58/23/2019Rate 0
Melovino Rabbit Hole 6.011/30/2018Rate 0
Melovino Raspberry Jam -4/6/2018Rate 3.191
Melovino Rhapsody 129/25/2015Rate 3.415
Melovino Right Side Up 1410/10/2019Rate 3.111
Melovino Root & Fruit (Apple) 9.812/14/2018Rate 0
Melovino Sinfonia Mead 139/15/2014Rate 3.448
Melovino Solo Fragola Mead -4/23/2014Rate 3.394
Melovino Sorry Not Sorry 6.53/11/2019Rate 3.32
Melovino Sour Mead 008 6.59/15/2017Rate 3.171
Melovino Southern Apple -7/19/2015Rate 3.568
Melovino Southern Berry -3/7/2015Rate 3.89510
Melovino Southern Sap 145/8/2017Rate 3.232
Melovino Southern Sorrow 1310/15/2017Rate 3.091
Melovino Sweet Affair Hers 131/8/2015Rate 3.578
Melovino Sweet Affair His 141/8/2015Rate 3.46849
Melovino Sweet Sorrow 142/23/2016Rate 3.527
Melovino Swinger Mead 149/14/2014Rate 3.287
Melovino Teacher's Pet -3/28/2015Rate 3.33
Melovino Tempted to Touch 132/24/2016Rate 3.534
Melovino Thank You Cherry Much 1412/14/2018Rate 0
Melovino The Pretender 6.79/22/2017Rate 0
Melovino The Root Cause 142/23/2016Rate 3.444
Melovino To Bee Frank 1212/2/2017Rate 3.416
Melovino Vuvuzela 5.06/15/2018Rate 0
Melovino Yolo Rollo 6.911/30/2018Rate 0

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