Brasserie Meteor

Commercial Brewery
6, rue du Général Lebocq , Hochfelden, France 67270
Meteor Brewery has been operating for nearly 400 years and is the oldest brewery in France. For 8 generations, the HAAG family have endeavoured to remain independent and quality driven brewers with the help of their 200 employees. As independent brewers Brasserie Meteor can produce beers of character, maintain jobs locally and implement industry leading best-practices to respect the environment and of course share our passion for our work with beer-lovers around the world.
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Belle Brasseuse 4.29/8/2005Rate 1.973616
Bien Vu! (alias) 4.57/24/2006
Bière Spéciale Blonde dAlsace (alias) 6.12/25/2008
Feldbrau Panache (alias) 1.010/3/2012
Feldbrau Top Panaché a la Grenadine (alias) 1.07/4/2010
Kings Bräu 4.211/15/2017Rate 31
Kings Bräu Panaché 1.08/21/2007 U  2.373
Kingsbräu Sans Alcool 0.97/19/2010Rate 27
Kochersberg 4.28/26/2012Rate 2.143
Kochersbier / Zornbier 4.51/29/2004Rate 2.35
Meteor Ackerland Blonde 6.110/5/2001Rate 2.615436
Meteor Bière de Mars 5.110/5/2001Rate 3.095
Meteor Bière de Noël 5.810/5/2001Rate 2.7148124
Meteor Bière de Printemps 5.55/8/2007Rate 2.947740
Meteor Blanche 5.010/5/2001Rate 2.49456
Meteor blonde (alias) 4.67/17/2016
Meteor Brassin d‘été 5.08/5/2018Rate 2.974
Meteor Classic 27 5.010/6/2017Rate 2.961
Meteor fruitée 3.010/21/2015Rate 2.883
Meteor Grand Malt 5.57/24/2006Rate 2.514741
Meteor Hefeweizen 5.05/13/2017Rate 2.76209
Meteor Hopstar 6.17/1/2017Rate 2.912
Meteor Ink 6.73/14/2017Rate 3.022
Meteor Lager 4.610/5/2001Rate 2.1856121
Meteor Mortimer 7.210/5/2001Rate 2.73547
Meteor Muse 2.53/23/2010Rate 2.53
Meteor Opale 5.06/26/2018Rate 2.941
Meteor Panaché du Brasseur 1.08/4/2008Rate 2.288010
Meteor Panaché Grenadine 1.08/4/2008 U  2.237
Meteor Pils 5.010/5/2001Rate 2.5124125
Meteor Pils à la Fleur de Houblon (alias) 5.05/15/2008
Meteor Pravda 4.510/5/2001Rate 2.448
Meteor Pub Speciale -10/18/2001Rate 2.921
Meteor Sans Alcool 1.010/28/2018Rate 2.891
Meteor Supernova 5.07/1/2017Rate 3.094
Meteor Wendelinus Blonde 6.83/27/2004Rate 2.8720147
Meteor Wendelinus Intensia 9.04/11/2014Rate 2.52131
Meteor Wendelinus Rossa 6.04/11/2014Rate 2.14632
Meteor Wendelinus Tenebris 6.04/11/2014Rate 2.72438
Patrimoine Gourmand Bière blonde d'Alsace (alias) 6.110/6/2015
U Bière Speciale 4.510/18/2001Rate 2.626
U Bière Tradition d'Alsace 6.18/7/2010Rate 2.727
U Bière Tradition du Nord Blonde 6.41/25/2009Rate 2.762
U Lager (4.2%) 4.27/2/2016Rate 2.434
Brewed by/for Pays Basque
5.09/4/2001Rate 2.649418
Breiz'Île Bière aromatisée au Rhum
Brewed by/for SARL Breiz'Île
5.96/27/2017Rate 2.532

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