MickDuffs Brewing Company

Brew Pub
312 N First Ave, Sandpoint, Idaho, USA 83888
Sun-Thur 11 am - 9 pm
Fri-Sat 11 am - 10 pm
Sun: 11 am to 9 pm

Places associated: MickDuff’s Brewery Co., MickDuff’s Brewing Company Beer Hall
Second location at 220 Cedar Street
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MickDuffs AltAmber -7/19/2007Rate 0
MickDuffs American Gose 4.07/29/2017Rate 2.981
MickDuffs Barley O'Gnarly 9.67/24/2010Rate 2.881
MickDuffs Barley Water 5.04/22/2019Rate 3.061
MickDuffs Bee Hoppy IPA 10.23/24/2013Rate 3.061
MickDuffs Bitter Banshee -7/24/2010Rate 2.841
MickDuffs Bogtrotter Red Ale 5.38/12/2011Rate 2.841
MickDuffs Bolloxed Billy Goat 2X Bourbon Stout -3/26/2008Rate 3.153
Mickduffs Bullpup Brown 6.56/12/2009Rate 32
MickDuffs Chocolate Porter 5.81/17/2012Rate 0
MickDuffs City Beach Peach 5.610/6/2013Rate 0
MickDuffs Coco Porter 5.94/1/2018Rate 31
MickDuffs Coffee Porter -8/12/2011Rate 2.911
MickDuffs Dark Light 6.93/26/2015Rate 2.811
MickDuffs Duffleupagus IIIPA 12.34/13/2019Rate 3.061
MickDuffs Evans Brothers Coffee Porter 5.93/24/2015Rate 3.212
MickDuffs Extra Pale Ale 5.610/2/2018Rate 0
MickDuffs Fall Festbier 6.010/2/2018Rate 0
MickDuffs Fire Haze 7.110/2/2018Rate 3.162
MickDuffs Gnarley 9 9.010/7/2009Rate 2.941
MickDuffs Huckleberry Blonde 4.98/12/2008Rate 2.664
MickDuffs Ice Hole Amber 6.53/19/2010Rate 2.872
MickDuffs Idaho Arm Curl 4.33/25/2015Rate 2.641
MickDuffs Imperial Bourbon Stout 9.53/25/2015Rate 2.931
MickDuffs Irishmen Amber 5.87/18/2007Rate 3.17
MickDuffs Knot Tree Porter 5.56/30/2007Rate 3.417212
MickDuffs Lake Paddler Pale 5.88/2/2006Rate 3.519119
MickDuffs Light 4.110/4/2018Rate 0
MickDuffs Light & Hoppy Session IPA 4.13/24/2015Rate 2.881
MickDuffs Local Wet Hop Harvest Ale 6.610/2/2018Rate 3.092
MickDuffs Lupulicious IPA 6.510/2/2018Rate 3.313
MickDuffs Mack's Dark Long Day 8.011/8/2010Rate 2.861
MickDuffs Mashing Pumpkins 5.310/2/2018Rate 3.072
MickDuffs MickDuff's Light 4.110/2/2018Rate 0
MickDuffs MishMash 9.78/12/2011Rate 3.182
MickDuffs Moonryes Pale Ale 4.73/24/2013Rate 0
MickDuffs Moose On The Loose 6.03/24/2013Rate 0
MickDuffs NOHO IPA 8.03/24/2015Rate 3.285
MickDuffs NOHO IPA Oak Aged 8.03/24/2015Rate 2.971
MickDuffs North Idaho Ale (NIPA) 6.011/15/2011Rate 2.91
MickDuffs O'Burley Brown -5/17/2010Rate 2.841
MickDuffs Old Chair 1 Amber -1/11/2011Rate 2.881
MickDuffs Organic Shillelagh IPA 7.08/12/2008Rate 3.156
MickDuffs Red IPA -7/13/2016Rate 3.021
MickDuffs Ryes N Shine 6.83/16/2011Rate 2.861
MickDuffs Saint Frigid's Imperial Bourbon Stout 9.01/11/2011Rate 2.911
MickDuffs Sandpoint Lager 4.89/6/2010Rate 0
MickDuffs Sour Guava 4.63/11/2018Rate 3.182
MickDuffs Sour MickShandy 4.610/4/2018Rate 0
MickDuffs Strom Hammer IPA 6.58/2/2006Rate 3.467214
MickDuffs Summer Session Light Ale 4.59/6/2010Rate 0
MickDuffs The Black Irish 9.51/17/2012Rate 0
MickDuffs The Dude's Pub Ale 3.610/2/2018Rate 0
MickDuffs The Eleven 113/26/2008Rate 3.181
MickDuffs The Hooley Hop 7.71/17/2012Rate 3.021
MickDuffs The Idaho Arm Curl 4.33/24/2013Rate 0
MickDuffs The Irish Redhead 5.43/24/2013Rate 3.125
MickDuffs The Irish Redhead Oak Aged 5.43/25/2015Rate 2.861
MickDuffs The Old Ball & Chain 8.28/12/2008Rate 3.274747
MickDuffs Tipsy Toe Head Blonde Ale 4.96/30/2007Rate 2.89389
MickDuffs United Pils -1/29/2019Rate 3.224
MickDuffs Very Berry Sour 4.04/22/2019Rate 3.182
MickDuffs Vienna Lager 5.14/22/2019Rate 3.061
MickDuffs West Yorkshire Red 5.41/17/2012Rate 0
MickDuffs Wet Hop Hazy IPA 6.010/6/2018Rate 3.092
MickDuffs Wet Hop IPA 6.010/6/2018Rate 3.072
MickDuffs Wheat Whale Ale 5.09/4/2006Rate 2.94788
Paragon Hiawatha Pale
Brewed by/for Paragon Brewing
5.68/29/2015Rate 3.393
Paragon Red Dog Brown
Brewed by/for Paragon Brewing
5.03/14/2016Rate 3.171

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