Mike’s Barrel Aged Porter 8.06/24/2012Rate 2.861
Mike’s Black Doris Bam’ba Lambic 9.06/11/2015Rate 3.294
Mike’s Boys N’ Girls Boysenberry Hoppy Strong Wheat Beer 8.02/5/2017Rate 2.891
Mike’s Chocolate Milk Stout 5.56/11/2014Rate 3.212811
Mike’s Coffee Porter 8.07/22/2011Rate 3.365
Mike’s Flight of the Falcon American style APA 5.712/9/2016Rate 2.941
Mike’s Fragaria Lambicus Strawberry Sour 5.04/8/2016Rate 3.232
Mike’s Full Nelson IPA 7.010/30/2013Rate 3.628
Mike’s Great Wit IPA 6.34/24/2013Rate 2.874
Mike’s Heavy Petal 6.76/4/2012Rate 3.277
Mike’s Hopstock and 2 Smoking Barrels 5.58/4/2016Rate 3.192
Mike’s Imperial IPA -5/14/2013Rate 3.254
Mike’s Imperial Porter 8.05/21/2011Rate 3.382514
Mike’s India Pale Ale 9.06/3/2010Rate 3.647837
Mike’s Loch n’ Lode 8.06/4/2016Rate 3.366
Mike’s OMPA ("One More Pale Ale") 6.38/16/2012Rate 3.377620
Mike’s Premium Organic Ale 4.01/1/2002Rate 3.135024
Mike’s Premium Organic Lager 4.88/23/2005Rate 2.629417
Mike’s Premium Organic Pilsner 5.06/9/2010Rate 2.987222
Mike’s Robust Imperial Porter 8.012/21/2016Rate 3.261
Mike’s Rubus Lambicus 5.09/18/2015Rate 3.025
Mike’s Single American Pale Ale 6.78/6/2012Rate 3.317512
Mike’s Strawberry Blonde 4.06/9/2010Rate 2.597
Mike’s Strawberry Sour 6.33/13/2013Rate 2.994
Mike’s Surf Spot X Blackberry IPA 5.71/10/2017Rate 3.193
Mike’s Taranaki Hefeweizen Cloudy 5.55/3/2013Rate 2.833
Mike’s Taranaki India Pale Ale 7.012/31/2015Rate 3.212
Mike’s Taranaki Pale Ale 7.09/14/2012Rate 3.319311
Mike’s Udderlicious Milk Stout -1/1/2014Rate 3.043
Mike’s Vanilla Coffee Porter 8.09/7/2012Rate 3.539130
Mike’s Whisky Porter 10.512/24/2009Rate 3.264410
Mike’s Without Warning India Red Ale 5.87/29/2016Rate 31
Mike’s X Elderflower Pilsner 5.010/29/2012Rate 2.894
Mike’s X Hemp Bock 5.09/7/2014Rate 2.962

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