Mildura Brewery (BROO Pty Ltd)

Brew Pub/Brewery
Brewer rating: 68/100 297 ratings
20 Langtree Avenue, Mildura, VIC, Australia 3500
Daily: 12 noon to 11 pm

Associated place: Mildura Brewery

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Boynton's Ale
Brewed by/for Boynton’s of Bright
4.54/6/2004Rate 2.3311
Boynton's Pilsener
Brewed by/for Boynton’s of Bright
4.54/6/2004Rate 2.48359
Hawthorn Brewing Amber Ale 4.73/26/2010Rate 3.024537
Hawthorn Brewing Witbier 4.911/13/2011Rate 2.98
Balls Beer Pale Ale -6/16/2017Rate 2.961
Mildura Brewery A20 IPA 6.511/30/2015Rate 2.941
Mildura Brewery Almonds of Steal 5.06/16/2015Rate 3.151
Mildura Brewery Catcher in the Rye 4.48/21/2014Rate 0
Mildura Brewery Choc Hops 5.04/12/2011Rate 3.234232
Mildura Brewery Cocoa Stout 6.31/24/2010Rate 2.791
Mildura Brewery Desert Premium Lager 4.51/12/2005Rate 2.332229
Mildura Brewery Desert Sunlight (Sun Light) 3.09/19/2005Rate 2.479013
Mildura Brewery Honey Wheat 4.51/12/2005Rate 2.591744
Mildura Brewery Lotus Lager 3.811/20/2011Rate 0
Mildura Brewery Mallee Bull Strong Ale 5.61/12/2005Rate 2.681264
Mildura Brewery Night Porter 4.412/16/2005Rate 2.835
Mildura Brewery Old Willie Wamer 6.911/1/2013Rate 2.771
Mildura Brewery Rudolphs Red Beer 5.01/18/2006Rate 2.961
Mildura Brewery Stefano's Pilsner 5.011/8/2010Rate 37423
Mildura Brewery Stefano's Wintersun 6.88/25/2013Rate 2.831
Mildura Brewery Storm Cloudy Ale 4.511/4/2006Rate 2.952341
Mildura Brewery White Christmas 4.51/12/2005Rate 2.785
Mildura Theatre Astor Pale Ale 4.59/14/2013Rate 2.871220
Neagles Rock Dog House Wheat Beer 5.012/23/2005Rate 2.79549

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