Mishawaka Brewing Company

(Not In Production)
Brew Pub/Brewery
Brewer rating: /100 ratings
2414 Lowell Street, Elkhart, Indiana, USA 46516
Out of business

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Mishawaka Amarillo Wheat -8/15/2007Rate 2.837
Mishawaka Anniversary Porter 6.011/18/2003Rate 3.052
Mishawaka Beer Garden Ale 6.811/18/2003Rate 3.266
Mishawaka Belgian Dubbel 8.84/19/2005Rate 2.953
Mishawaka Chinook Imperial IPA 8.07/15/2005Rate 2.92215
Mishawaka Cold Sweat -6/6/2007Rate 2.621
Mishawaka Dominator Doppelbock 9.63/23/2005Rate 3.18
Mishawaka Ella Rose Porter 6.011/17/2005Rate 3.11229
Mishawaka Fifth Horseman Ale 5.74/21/2006Rate 3.413
Mishawaka Founders Stout -9/15/2002Rate 3.123976
Mishawaka Four Horsemen Ale 5.51/21/2001Rate 3.077578
Mishawaka Grumpys Oatmeal Stout 6.11/29/2005Rate 3.071
Mishawaka Hop Head 7.02/14/2005Rate 3.284778
Mishawaka Indiana Pale Ale 6.212/1/2002Rate 2.85568
Mishawaka Jack O Lager Pumpkin Ale 4.411/18/2003Rate 2.885
Mishawaka Jack, Shelli & Bruceski Wheat Ale -12/12/2004Rate 2.391
Mishawaka Jibber Jabber Java Stout 5.75/17/2008Rate 2.74625
Mishawaka Kolsch 4.22/19/2003Rate 2.621814
Mishawaka Lake Effect Pale Ale -2/19/2003Rate 2.821351
Mishawaka Loopy Lupilin 9.54/21/2006Rate 3.352711
Mishawaka Nit Wit 6.25/31/2007Rate 2.94210
Mishawaka Oktoberfest 6.010/8/2003Rate 2.853
Mishawaka Raspberry Wheat -2/9/2004Rate 2.563622
Mishawaka Replicale 7.28/6/2005Rate 2.892
Mishawaka Resolution Ale 9.21/13/2006Rate 2.968
Mishawaka Russian Imperial Stout 8.412/17/2004Rate 2.94229
Mishawaka Seven Mules Strong Ale 10.512/12/2004Rate 3.02767
Mishawaka Shagbark Hickory Farmhouse Ale -8/5/2006Rate 3.075
Mishawaka Smoked Stout (ReplicAle 2011) 7.01/30/2011Rate 2.791
Mishawaka Summer of Love Ale 4.79/11/2007Rate 2.872
Mishawaka Summer Solstice 8.56/17/2005Rate 3.462611
Mishawaka Summertime Lemon Ale 5.857/13/2006Rate 2.771
Mishawaka Transit of Venus Sunrise Ale 6.15/16/2004Rate 3.112612
Mishawaka Two Sisters IPA 6.57/13/2006Rate 3.013
Mishawaka Umphreys Ale 6.29/15/2002Rate 2.795
Mishawaka Wall Street Wheat Ale 5.48/24/2002Rate 2.653224
Mishawaka Warrior APA 5.84/6/2006Rate 2.661

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