High Spot 14-Mile Pale Ale 4.29/21/2017Rate 2.961
Mission / Alpine Don't Act Like You're Not Impressed 7.52/8/2015Rate 3.458
Mission A.H.A. Rally Triple IPA 11.54/18/2014Rate 2.962
Mission Admiral's Reserve Barleywine 10.911/8/2016Rate 3.061
Mission All You Need Is Love IPA 6.812/31/2016Rate 3.021
Mission Alt (alias) 5.08/19/2008
Mission Amber Ale 5.03/16/2008Rate 3.1349115
Mission Armada Collaboration Saison 5.19/3/2013Rate 3.164
Mission Armada Imperial IPA 9.2511/8/2009Rate 3.566619
Mission Barrel Aged Berried Treasure 9.05/5/2017Rate 3.092
Mission Beija Flor Citra 7.01/30/2018Rate 3.033
Mission Berried Treasure 1012/21/2016Rate 2.95
Mission Blackbeard's Crew Experimental DIPA -6/23/2017Rate 3.151
Mission Blanc -8/18/2008Rate 2.961
Mission Blonde Ale 5.012/22/2007Rate 3.0255181
Mission Brown-N-Mild 3.96/23/2017Rate 3.252
Mission Cali Common Lager 5.21/15/2015Rate 2.841
Mission California Craft Lager 4.25/25/2017Rate 2.97
Mission Captain Cascara-Ango 5.311/25/2017Rate 3.112
Mission Carrack Imperial Red Ale 10.24/29/2013Rate 3.353899
Mission Cascade Pale Ale 5.812/17/2013Rate 2.841
Mission Citra Session IPA 4.511/9/2015Rate 3.232
Mission Coconut Brown 5.511/10/2011Rate 3.185214
Mission Coffee IPA 6.82/17/2016Rate 3.092
Mission Cortez Gold 5.05/28/2014Rate 3.084545
Mission Creamsicle Porter 5.112/31/2016Rate 3.163
Mission Crystal Weis -11/20/2008Rate 31
Mission CTZ IPA 6.81/15/2015Rate 2.972
Mission Dark Seas Imperial Stout 9.811/13/2011Rate 3.8687507
Mission Dark Seas Imperial Stout - Bourbon Barrel 11.2512/17/2013Rate 3.746835
Mission Dark Seas Imperial Stout - Brandy Barrel 1111/12/2014Rate 2.881
Mission Dark Seas Imperial Stout - Espresso 9.85/20/2015Rate 3.685
Mission Dark Seas Imperial Stout - Oak Chips 9.84/18/2012Rate 2.91
Mission Denali IPA 5.27/7/2017Rate 3.063
Mission Diablo 5.012/17/2013Rate 3.142
Mission Double Dry Hopped Session IPA 5.911/9/2015Rate 3.112
Mission Dunkel Breaking My Heart 5.12/19/2018Rate 3.072
Mission Dunkelweizen 5.44/29/2013Rate 3.26
Mission East Village Blonde 4.812/31/2016Rate 2.891
Mission El Conquistador Extra Pale Ale 4.85/26/2013Rate 3.2247152
Mission El Conquistador Session IPA 4.53/6/2015Rate 3.1428125
Mission ESB 5.82/19/2018Rate 3.042
Mission Expedition Stout 6.86/30/2016Rate 3.091
Mission Falconer's Flight IPA 6.812/31/2016Rate 3.112
Mission Falconer's Flight Session IPA 4.56/21/2015Rate 3.041
Mission Fresh Hop Pale 6.011/25/2017Rate 2.941
Mission Golden Milk Stout 4.259/30/2016Rate 3.142
Mission Grapefruit IPA 6.811/9/2015Rate 3.151
Mission Grapefruit Shipwrecked 9.211/9/2015Rate 3.061
Mission Guava IPA 6.212/7/2017Rate 3.227
Mission Hard Root Beer 7.54/6/2015Rate 3.125544
Mission Hefeweizen 5.31/28/2008Rate 3.0451147
Mission Hefeweizen - Cacao & Coconut 5.311/9/2015Rate 2.891
Mission Helles -12/22/2007Rate 3.19511
Mission Holiday Ale 8.612/17/2013Rate 3.498131
Mission Hop Burst Series Batch #1 5.04/14/2017Rate 3.042
Mission Hop Burst Series Batch #3 5.03/22/2017Rate 31
Mission Hop Hop Hooray IPA 5.97/25/2018Rate 3.142
Mission Hoppy Pilsner 5.04/13/2017Rate 2.961
Mission Horchata Porter 6.011/25/2017Rate 3.042
Mission I Love Lamp 6.39/11/2018Rate 3.091
Mission Imperial Alt Ale 8.2512/22/2008Rate 3.038
Mission Imperial Wheat w/ Blood Orange 8.09/7/2016Rate 3.021
Mission IPA 6.812/22/2007Rate 3.4978466
Mission Kia Ora NZ IPA 5.72/19/2018Rate 3.164
Mission Kolsch (alias) 5.05/17/2008
Mission Late To the Fest 5.012/31/2016Rate 2.851
Mission Light Lager (alias) -12/22/2007
Mission Maibock -5/30/2009Rate 35
Mission Maiden Voyage 6.54/25/2015Rate 3.091819
Mission Malleus 8.61/16/2015Rate 3.354
Mission Mandarin IPA 5.08/2/2017Rate 3.243
Mission Mango El Conquistador 4.85/8/2016Rate 3.021
Mission Milk Stout 4.34/18/2014Rate 3.153
Mission Mocha Milk Stout 5.27/25/2018Rate 31
Mission Mosaic & Idaho IPA 7.06/1/2017Rate 3.184
Mission Oatmeal Porter 6.112/31/2016Rate 32
Mission OG IPA 5.99/11/2018Rate 3.111
Mission Pale Ale -3/16/2008Rate 2.925
Mission Passionfruit Gose 5.012/31/2016Rate 3.396014
Mission Peanut Butter Dark Seas Imperial Stout 9.812/23/2016Rate 3.46269
Mission Pils 5.05/9/2012Rate 3.189018
Mission Pineapple Hefeweizen 5.311/9/2015Rate 2.961
Mission Pirate Bru-T 7.29/11/2018Rate 3.131
Mission Plunder IPA 7.010/23/2014Rate 3.446722
Mission Porter (alias) 6.011/12/2014
Mission Queen Tangerine 6.72/19/2018Rate 3.092
Mission Raspberry Wheat 5.27/15/2014Rate 3.16611
Mission Red Alert 4.59/11/2018Rate 2.851
Mission Robust Cherry Porter 6.112/17/2013Rate 3.163
Mission Robust Porter 6.42/17/2016Rate 3.041
Mission Robust Porter - Rye Whiskey Soaked Oak Chips & Toasted Coconut 6.111/10/2013Rate 2.951
Mission Rye for an Eye Session IPA 5.19/12/2018Rate 3.111
Mission Rye-Ghteous IPA 7.012/31/2016Rate 3.193
Mission Sauv-Blanc Dry Hopped Saison 6.41/30/2018Rate 3.073
Mission Schwarzbier 5.012/31/2016Rate 32
Mission Shipwrecked - Whole Flower Columbus Hops (alias) 9.01/15/2014
Mission Shipwrecked Double IPA 9.252/22/2010Rate 3.5348585
Mission Small Batch IIPA 8.02/19/2018Rate 3.092
Mission Small Batch IPA 7.15/7/2016Rate 3.041
Mission So Peche and So Cream 5.31/30/2018Rate 2.941
Mission Sorachi Ace 7.06/4/2017Rate 3.234
Mission SOS 8.61/30/2018Rate 3.133
Mission Spiced Amber 5.011/9/2015Rate 2.961
Mission Stout -12/22/2007Rate 3.32
Mission Taste of the Glory 4.012/31/2016Rate 3.091
Mission Tominator 9.511/12/2014Rate 2.82
Mission Trippel 9.253/22/2010Rate 3.085
Mission Tropical Sour 4.74/14/2017Rate 3.052
Mission Vienna Lager 5.52/28/2008Rate 2.974
Mission Women On A Mission 5.64/14/2019Rate 2.941
Mission Workday IPA 7.011/22/2014Rate 2.871
Mission WTFT 5.31/30/2018Rate 3.073
Mission Zythos IPA 6.79/15/2013Rate 3.093
Pacific Drift Amber Ale 5.75/17/2016Rate 2.956
Pacific Drift India Pale Ale 5.95/16/2016Rate 2.927

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