Moonchild Brewing

(Not In Production)
Moonchild Brewing Co, 2 Church Gate, Petrockstow, Devon, England EX20 3HL
First noted mid 2016. Previously known as Stargazer Brewing but with no Ratebeer presence. In 2018 the Brewery closed. And it’s goodbye from Moonchild! It’s with mixed feelings that we’re letting you know that Moonchild Brewing Co. in it’s current form will be no longer in a few weeks time. Circumstances have changed here in our household (for the best!), but these changes also made us realise we need to be closer to family. We’ll be leaving beautiful Devon, and with that comes the closure of the brewery. It has honestly been a blast, many friends were made and lots of nice beer was drunk. Thanks to everyone for enjoying our beer and for being so nice to us.
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