Moonraker / Alvarado Electric Lettuce 8.54/22/2017Rate 3.819512
Moonraker / Pure Project Delusions of Clouds 8.46/21/2017Rate 3.54610
Moonraker All Hops on Deck 9.05/25/2016Rate 3.458
Moonraker Alpha Tide 8.41/31/2017Rate 3.388
Moonraker Atomic Betty 8.58/25/2017Rate 3.64
Moonraker Barrel Aged Black Sail 9.59/19/2017Rate 0
Moonraker Barrel Aged Captain Angus 118/21/2017Rate 3.252
Moonraker Barrel Aged Wicked Whisper 11.59/19/2017Rate 3.191
Moonraker Benevolent Overlord 10.59/19/2017Rate 3.322
Moonraker Bilge Rat 6.75/25/2016Rate 3.245
Moonraker Black Sail 7.311/13/2016Rate 3.212
Moonraker Blueberry Mosaic Milkshake 7.011/14/2017Rate 3.232
Moonraker Bob's Your Uncle 5.610/11/2017Rate 3.273
Moonraker Bone Frog 5.811/13/2016Rate 3.111
Moonraker Boruca Diablo 8.59/2/2017Rate 3.494
Moonraker Captain Angus 10.11/31/2017Rate 3.33
Moonraker Chain Shot IPA 7.24/27/2016Rate 3.668
Moonraker Citra Crush 6.02/20/2017Rate 3.698
Moonraker Citra Double Crush 8.04/22/2017Rate 3.728
Moonraker Dank Plank 7.29/11/2016Rate 3.363
Moonraker Dankster's Labrewtory 7.16/21/2017Rate 3.262
Moonraker Diloris 7.13/25/2017Rate 3.373
Moonraker DOJO 8.48/23/2016Rate 3.939821
Moonraker Equinox Crush 6.03/25/2017Rate 3.111
Moonraker Equinox Double Crush 8.15/31/2017Rate 3.191
Moonraker Extremis 10.18/23/2016Rate 3.494515
Moonraker Fiddler's Green 8.53/5/2016Rate 0
Moonraker Galaxy Crush 6.02/20/2017Rate 3.232
Moonraker Galaxy Double Crush 8.09/24/2017Rate 3.393
Moonraker Ghost Ship Pale Ale 5.85/25/2016Rate 3.487
Moonraker Goofy Foot 6.96/21/2017Rate 3.171
Moonraker Halcyon's Cry 6.23/25/2017Rate 3.061
Moonraker Haze Phaze 6.810/18/2017Rate 3.614
Moonraker Hazy Duz It 8.511/7/2017Rate 3.565
Moonraker Hazy Rider 7.010/25/2017Rate 3.211
Moonraker Hermit 7.011/19/2017Rate 0
Moonraker Hoplexity 5.08/23/2017Rate 3.234
Moonraker Hopped Lucidity 6.81/30/2017Rate 3.384
Moonraker Jingle Crush 6.011/25/2017Rate 3.211
Moonraker Jungle Crush 6.04/22/2017Rate 3.576
Moonraker Jungle Double Crush 8.57/5/2017Rate 3.434
Moonraker Knot Shot 7.11/30/2017Rate 3.556
Moonraker La Belle Vie 6.611/9/2016Rate 3.234
Moonraker Lead Albatross 5.88/23/2016Rate 3.174
Moonraker Loral Compass 5.69/19/2017Rate 3.091
Moonraker Low Viz 107/23/2017Rate 3.313
Moonraker Lupulin Dreams 8.09/5/2017Rate 3.151
Moonraker Miss Conduct 5.47/21/2016Rate 3.185
Moonraker Mosaic Crush 6.01/10/2017Rate 3.759913
Moonraker Mt. Dankmore 6.510/2/2017Rate 3.212
Moonraker Nelson Crush 6.011/25/2017Rate 3.282
Moonraker Outrigger 6.91/24/2017Rate 3.434
Moonraker Scarlett Johopsson 6.56/1/2017Rate 3.122
Moonraker Seahorses Foreva 4.59/19/2017Rate 3.131
Moonraker Simcoe Crush 6.01/17/2017Rate 3.444
Moonraker Simcoe Double Crush 8.05/9/2017Rate 3.32
Moonraker Sling Jaw 7.310/28/2016Rate 3.8910015
Moonraker The Hermit 6.910/31/2017Rate 3.282
Moonraker The Hermit (Yojo Part Deux) 6.211/11/2016Rate 3.819911
Moonraker The Holy Hermit 8.51/11/2017Rate 3.799415
Moonraker Thunder Tiger 4.36/21/2017Rate 3.142
Moonraker Trumpkin Head 8.311/7/2016Rate 32
Moonraker Vagrant Gypsy 7.68/4/2016Rate 3.35
Moonraker Vesper's Nine 5.58/23/2016Rate 3.417
Moonraker Vesper's Nine - Vanilla 5.511/13/2016Rate 3.151
Moonraker Weird Boy 6.510/25/2017Rate 3.151
Moonraker Wicked Whisper 101/17/2017Rate 3.415
Moonraker Wye Knot 7.07/14/2017Rate 3.182
Moonraker Yojo 6.95/20/2016Rate 3.9610027
Moonraker Yojo 33 1/3 6.33/6/2017Rate 3.738
Moonraker Yojo 66 1/6 8.04/22/2017Rate 3.616
Moonraker Zamboni Haze 8.05/29/2017Rate 3.787
Moonraker Zulu Haze 6.81/14/2017Rate 3.829915

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