Murray's / Brothers Burger USEB 6.87/27/2015Rate 0
Murray's / Frankie's Pizza Beer Monster BBQ 2015 8.010/26/2015Rate 3.041
Murray's / Frankie's The Beer Monster BBQ 8.010/20/2013Rate 0
Murray's / Pelican Dubbel Trubbel 7.2510/1/2015Rate 2.921
Murray's 1942 Collaboration Brew 5.211/21/2012Rate 2.812
Murray's Angry Man Brown Ale 6.48/25/2010Rate 3.539839
Murray's Angry Man Pale Ale 5.011/18/2011Rate 3.3671105
Murray's Anniversary Ale 1 1010/22/2006Rate 3.384419
Murray's Anniversary Ale 10 102/6/2016Rate 3.677
Murray's Anniversary Ale 11 103/12/2017Rate 3.111
Murray's Anniversary Ale 2 1012/1/2008Rate 3.496
Murray's Anniversary Ale 3 1012/13/2008Rate 3.577214
Murray's Anniversary Ale 4 1012/6/2009Rate 3.637918
Murray's Anniversary Ale 5 1012/21/2010Rate 3.678429
Murray's Anniversary Ale 6 152/12/2012Rate 3.363816
Murray's Anniversary Ale 7 1512/8/2012Rate 2.552
Murray's Anniversary Ale 8 101/4/2014Rate 3.34
Murray's Anniversary Ale 9 1012/6/2014Rate 3.67312
Murray's Aphrodite 6.511/28/2010Rate 2.892
Murray's Apple Shack Cider 4.82/15/2016Rate 2.976
Murray's Benny's Belgian Ale 6.55/12/2015Rate 3.041
Murray's Berliner Weisse Mango 3.53/28/2016Rate 3.021
Murray's Best Extra Porter 8.06/27/2008Rate 3.423436
Murray's Big Wednesday 6.111/25/2009Rate 3.264339
Murray's Black Bear 5.69/25/2015Rate 3.577713
Murray's Blood Moon IPA 5.52/4/2017Rate 3.213
Murray's Bob's Farmhouse Ale 9.05/19/2012Rate 3.085
Murray's Brown Town 7.06/18/2017Rate 3.352
Murray's Brutus 165/30/2015Rate 3.061
Murray's Caveman Smoked Belgian Dark Ale 6.28/21/2013Rate 2.822
Murray's Chocolate Easter Egg 4.54/3/2015Rate 2.881
Murray's Clarence 4.64/4/2015Rate 2.941
Murray's Coco Hops 5.07/9/2018Rate 2.963
Murray's Coffee Wild Thing 106/14/2016Rate 3.675411
Murray's Coromandel Ashes to Ashes Baltic Porter 6.512/5/2015Rate 3.091
Murray's Craft Wild thing Whisky 107/14/2018Rate 2.921
Murray's Dark Knight 4.51/6/2009Rate 3.335059
Murray's Doghouse IPA 5.24/5/2014Rate 3.174
Murray's East Coast Lager 4.83/12/2017Rate 2.86668
Murray's Easter Ale 5.65/7/2011Rate 2.856
Murray's Ed Session IPA 4.54/4/2015Rate 2.811
Murray's Elephant Head 6.011/25/2006Rate 3.33
Murray's Endless Summer 7.01/23/2010Rate 2.911
Murray's Fly By Night Schwarzbier 5.96/24/2016Rate 3.122
Murray's Frankie 7.06/17/2017Rate 3.162
Murray's Fred IPA 5.68/11/2014Rate 3.487646
Murray's Gardenia IIPA 8.56/9/2018Rate 3.445
Murray's Gary's Aussie Ale -10/27/2015Rate 3.072
Murray's Get Rich Or Die Ryeing 5.83/18/2016Rate 3.232
Murray's Ginny Hendrix 4.66/19/2018Rate 2.963
Murray's Grand Cru 8.88/1/2006Rate 3.346779
Murray's Heart Of Darkness 9.67/3/2010Rate 3.664982
Murray's Heart of Darkness Oak Aged 9.68/22/2011Rate 3.696736
Murray's Hell of the North 11.58/15/2013Rate 3.538514
Murray's Icon 2IPA 7.54/5/2006Rate 3.7187109
Murray's Imperial Stout (alias) -5/31/2007
Murray's Imperious 112/5/2011Rate 3.096
Murray's In Bloom IPA 6.05/30/2014Rate 2.863
Murray's Libertine French Ale 5.05/22/2012Rate 3.162611
Murray's Mango Wheat Beer 4.55/11/2016Rate 2.891
Murray's Melon Rouge 4.51/19/2016Rate 3.044
Murray's Moon Boy 4.51/6/2014Rate 2.944134
Murray's Night Demon 10.86/12/2015Rate 3.284713
Murray's Nirvana Pale Ale 4.54/5/2006Rate 3.47987
Murray's Oktoberfest 4.810/26/2010Rate 2.811
Murray's Paddington 106/4/2016Rate 3.232
Murray's Pasha Gulpa IPA 4.55/11/2016Rate 2.791
Murray's Pumpkin Ale 5.010/26/2010Rate 3.126710
Murray's Punch & Judy's 3.94/25/2010Rate 3.4710082
Murray's Punk Monk 7.512/21/2010Rate 3.478334
Murray's Retro Rocket Ale 2.85/7/2011Rate 3.159913
Murray's Rock Around The Clock 7.712/5/2011Rate 2.871
Murray's Ronny Dunkel 5.59/25/2015Rate 3.262
Murray's Rudeboy Pilsner 4.85/4/2008Rate 3.379765
Murray's Sackville Autumn Ale 3.93/6/2008Rate 3.151
Murray's Sarcastic Neighbour (D)Rye Wit 5.012/14/2015Rate 3.041
Murray's Sassy Blonde 4.511/25/2006Rate 3.074643
Murray's Sassy Blonder 5.27/19/2010Rate 3.123
Murray's Scratchley's Itch 4.54/30/2015Rate 2.862
Murray's Seasons in the Abyss 11.37/24/2012Rate 3.433222
Murray's Sebastian 4.57/2/2016Rate 2.941
Murray's Shawn's Fault 7.22/21/2010Rate 3.648940
Murray's Skully Red IPA 5.610/10/2015Rate 3.528017
Murray's SMaSH Equinox 7.07/4/2016Rate 3.041
Murray's Smashing Pumpkin Ale 5.211/1/2012Rate 2.932
Murray's Spartacus Imperial IPA 109/22/2010Rate 3.667849
Murray's Sunrise Wheat Beer 4.54/5/2006Rate 3.042
Murray's Sutton Hoo 5.210/9/2015Rate 3.041
Murray's Swinging Arm Dark Ale 4.54/5/2006Rate 3.094
Murray's The Kaiser German IPA 5.610/10/2015Rate 0
Murray's The Kaiser Oktoberfest Beer 5.610/10/2015Rate 3.092
Murray's The Natural 5.012/5/2011Rate 3.084
Murray's Thunderbolt 7.011/24/2015Rate 3.57915
Murray's Tinker's Curse Dry Irish Stout (Cask Version) 4.06/30/2012Rate 0
Murray's Vesuvius Premium Lager 7.17/3/2011Rate 3.145
Murray's Wandering Pelican IPA 8.57/27/2015Rate 3.122
Murray's Whale Ale 4.51/6/2009Rate 2.994586
Murray's Wild Thing Chocolate 106/10/2015Rate 3.757114
Murray's Wild Thing Imperial Stout 105/31/2007Rate 3.8889137
Murray's Wild Thing Vanilla 107/10/2017Rate 3.526
Murray's Wolfsberg German IPA 5.610/10/2015Rate 0
Murray's XPA 4.58/5/2018Rate 2.972
Murray's/The Crafty Pint Auld Bulgin' Boysterous Bicep 2013 107/11/2013Rate 3.818315
Murray's/The Crafty Pint Auld Bulgin' Boysterous Bicep 2014 107/24/2014Rate 3.757319
Murray’s Angry Fred 6.011/22/2017Rate 31
Murray's Anniversary Ale 12 109/29/2018Rate 0
Port Stephens Whale Ale (alias) 4.510/18/2010

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