Musicon Mikrobryggeri

Brew Pub/Brewery
Penselstrøget 52, Roskilde, Denmark 4000
Mon: Closed
Tue: Closed
Wed 14.00-18.00
Thu: 14.00-20.00
Fri: 14.00-23.00
Sat: 12.00-23.00
Sun: 12.00-18.00

Associated place: Musicon Mikrobryggeri
Musicon Mikrobryggeri in Roskilde is a small but progressive brewery that goes both mainstream and works on the more special types of craft beer. the brewery opened in 2018 and is deeply rooted in the hometown of Roskilde, where the beer is produced and largely sold.
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Frisk 5.510/9/2019Rate 0
Musicon Blondie 6.66/25/2017Rate 2.963114
Musicon Brexit 5.010/26/2018Rate 2.974
Musicon Chancen 5.69/14/2018Rate 3.214
Musicon Danmark Dejligst 2017 5.06/25/2017Rate 2.91910
Musicon Den Danske Jens 4.89/14/2018Rate 3.25
Musicon Der Berliner (Blåbær) 3.87/6/2019Rate 3.092
Musicon Der Berliner (Hindbær) 3.89/26/2017Rate 3.091711
Musicon Der Berliner (Mango) 3.810/23/2018Rate 3.123
Musicon Djævel 8.04/20/2019Rate 3.137
Musicon Eksen 7.26/25/2017Rate 3.31916
Musicon Ella 3.94/27/2019Rate 2.961
Musicon Engel 4.59/16/2019Rate 3.021
Musicon Gamle Dreng 5.012/28/2018Rate 2.973
Musicon Godt Nytår 9.012/28/2018Rate 3.285
Musicon Hop Bock 7.04/20/2019Rate 3.038
Musicon Høvding 7.06/25/2017Rate 3.278
Musicon Iron Sky 146/13/2019Rate 3.123
Musicon Jokeren 5.010/5/2018Rate 3.26109
Musicon Lillebror 3.89/26/2017Rate 3.076
Musicon Mørk Øl 6.01/7/2019Rate 3.092
Musicon Primo 5.06/4/2018Rate 2.961
Musicon Rød løber 5.66/25/2017Rate 3.184212
Musicon Roskilde Weisse 5.412/28/2018Rate 2.851
Musicon Sankt Bruno 6.011/1/2018Rate 3.144811
Musicon Schwarzbart 9.06/25/2017Rate 3.492920
Musicon Sort Sol 4.89/14/2018Rate 3.215
Musicon Tumling 4.09/14/2018Rate 3.182
Musicon Tyrebryg 5.08/6/2019Rate 2.932
Pale Punk - Rabalder Bajer 5.02/1/2019Rate 0

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