Bighorn 4.05/14/2002Rate 2.71
Boundary Road Bouncing Czech 5.212/2/2011Rate 2.976220
Boundary Road Brewer's Cut 18th Amendment 6.06/30/2012Rate 3.194220
Boundary Road Brewer's Cut Arabica Dabra Coffee Oatmeal Stout 6.57/18/2013Rate 3.041523
Boundary Road Brewer's Cut Ein Stein 5.37/26/2012Rate 2.723612
Boundary Road Brewer's Cut Festive Ale 5.512/20/2013Rate 2.812
Boundary Road Brewer's Cut Hoppelganger 7.08/8/2016Rate 3.261510
Boundary Road Brewer's Cut Red Baron 5.67/18/2012Rate 2.984418
Boundary Road Brewer's Cut Stolen Base 8.012/5/2012Rate 3.383036
Boundary Road Brewer's Cut Wheat Reaper 5.211/28/2012Rate 2.665
Boundary Road Chocolate Moose 4.55/18/2012Rate 2.56110
Boundary Road Flying Fortress 4.612/2/2011Rate 32124
Boundary Road Full Metal High Gravity Lager 6.09/16/2012Rate 2.363
Boundary Road Grizzly Beer -12/2/2011Rate 2.628
Boundary Road Honest Abe Bourbon Barrel Ale 5.53/25/2015Rate 2.741
Boundary Road Honesty Box Apple Cider 5.04/2/2013Rate 2.451
Boundary Road Honesty Box Select Apple Cider 7.05/28/2013Rate 2.947
Boundary Road Honesty Box Select Pear Cider 7.05/11/2013Rate 3.123
Boundary Road Jack the Sipper London Porter 5.67/18/2013Rate 3.031618
Boundary Road Lawn Ranger 5.012/2/2011Rate 2.524
Boundary Road Long Hop India Pale Lager 5.012/7/2018Rate 3.021
Boundary Road Mumbo Jumbo 5.25/18/2012Rate 2.7219
Boundary Road Rum Runner Spiced Rum Ale 5.511/10/2014Rate 2.534
Boundary Road Sticky Wicket 5.012/29/2012Rate 2.472
Boundary Road The Chosen One -12/2/2011Rate 2.432713
Boundary Road Thomas Edison Light Beer 2.41/16/2015Rate 2.844
Bowmans Golden Lager 5.06/20/2006Rate 2.184
Bowmans Pale Ale 4.56/12/2006Rate 2.223
Bowmans Pilsner 4.66/20/2006Rate 2.042
Brenner Original 4.01/24/2008Rate 2.2637
Bushmans Draught Beer 4.02/11/2008Rate 2.282
Camp Street Ale (alias) 4.01/20/2014
Camp Street Lager (alias) 4.01/20/2014
Cape Cyan Natural Blonde 4.62/15/2013Rate 2.373
Carlsberg (NZ) (alias) 5.012/2/2011
Celsius Freezing Point Pager 5.512/2/2011Rate 0
Cider by Maxx Crisp Apple 4.52/16/2012Rate 2.671
Cider by Maxx Fresh Pear 4.52/16/2012Rate 2.591
Cider House Cider Apple 6.01/24/2013Rate 0
Cider House Cider Pear 6.01/24/2013Rate 2.931
Fraser Briggs Premium Lager 4.72/15/2013Rate 2.412712
Haägen Blonde 4.79/7/2008Rate 2.45
Haägen Citrus 2.03/16/2015Rate 2.661
Haägen Low Carb Lager 4.02/11/2008Rate 2.355
Haägen Premium Gold 6.012/22/2003Rate 2.46
Haägen Premium Light 2.78/31/2002Rate 2.044311
Haägen Premium Malt Lager Beer 5.09/3/2001Rate 2.0645106
Haagen Real Ale 4.06/9/2010Rate 2.571
Haägen Strong 7.210/23/2014Rate 2.582
Independent Breweries (New Zealand) The Chosen One A 5.06/29/2011Rate 0
Independent Breweries (New Zealand) The Chosen One B 5.06/29/2011Rate 0
Independent Breweries (New Zealand) The Chosen One C 5.06/29/2011Rate 0
Independent Breweries NZ (Boundary Road) New Zealand Strong Lager 7.012/21/2017Rate 2.941
Kingfisher Premium Lager (NZ) (alias) -12/2/2011
Maxx Dry Premium Lager 5.08/10/2010Rate 1.6378
Maxx Blonde Premium Lager 4.68/10/2010Rate 2.294
Mt.Cook Draught 4.05/13/2013Rate 2.51
MX Dry 3.5 3.58/9/2014Rate 2.61
New Zealand Lager 5.02/4/2002Rate 2.225018
North of Nowhere Pale Ale 4.73/9/2018Rate 3.063
NZ Pure Lager 5.010/28/2009Rate 2.211037
NZ Pure Summer -12/2/2011Rate 2.62
Ranfurly Draught 4.05/14/2002Rate 1.92217
Ranfurly Frontier Lager 4.010/28/2012Rate 2.521
Ranfurly Station Pale Ale 4.010/29/2012Rate 2.521
Smith's Cider 4.71/24/2013Rate 0
Storm Premium Light 2.72/15/2013Rate 2.641
Storm Super Dry 5.02/15/2013Rate 2.483
The Resident Spike's IPA 6.07/11/2012Rate 2.977
The Resident Spike's Pilsner 5.27/11/2012Rate 2.785
The Resident Spike's Red Rye Ale 6.07/11/2012Rate 3.074610
Titan Premium Lager 4.75/19/2008Rate 2.12508
Tuborg (NZ) (alias) -12/2/2011
Viking Premium Draught 4.02/11/2008Rate 2.463
Wild Buck Ale 4.09/11/2012Rate 2.53713
Wild Buck Golden Lager 4.01/17/2014Rate 2.832
Wild Side Apple Scrumpy 7.07/27/2018Rate 2.851
Wild Side Cider Apple & Pomegranate 4.59/21/2016Rate 2.811
Wild Side Cider Blackberry & Plum 4.59/21/2016Rate 2.791
Wild Side Cider Feijoa & passionfruit 4.59/21/2016Rate 0
Wild Side Cider Kiwifruit & Mandarin 4.59/21/2016Rate 0
Wild Side Cider Strawberry & Lime 4.59/21/2016Rate 2.831
Wild Side Cider Wildberries 4.59/21/2016Rate 2.891

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