Asheville Brewers Alliance Winter White Stout 8.285/15/2015Rate 3.344
Nantahala / Bhramari Cucumber and Vanilla Bean Blonde -3/12/2016Rate 3.191
Nantahala / Cigar City Two Regular Joes Kettle Sour 5.212/11/2015Rate 3.38
Nantahala 4 Foot Drop Pale Ale 4.01/26/2013Rate 3.367214
Nantahala 4 the Love of Hops 105/15/2014Rate 3.083
Nantahala 8 Foot Drop Double IPA 8.08/21/2012Rate 3.437
Nantahala Appalachian Trail Extra Pale Ale (ATX) 6.07/4/2011Rate 3.428422
Nantahala Barrel Aged Chocolate Covered Cherry Stout 9.06/5/2014Rate 3.488
Nantahala Belgian ATX 5.83/17/2012Rate 2.811
Nantahala Belgian Dirty Girl Golden Ale (alias) 8.512/22/2011
Nantahala Boat Ride Kolsch 5.410/24/2016Rate 3.021
Nantahala Bryson City Brown 3.86/11/2010Rate 3.327923
Nantahala Chocolate Covered Cherry Stout 7.012/22/2011Rate 3.69520
Nantahala Depot Street Summer Wheat (alias) 5.57/28/2010
Nantahala Devil's Courthouse 9.512/22/2011Rate 3.244514
Nantahala Dirty Girl Blonde 5.7511/12/2011Rate 34722
Nantahala Eddy Out Stout 5.7510/28/2009Rate 3.167
Nantahala Hellbender Hefeweizen 5.757/28/2010Rate 3.147
Nantahala Judaculla Barrel Aged Russian Imperial Stout 106/6/2015Rate 3.746911
Nantahala Judaculla Russian Imperial Stout 107/30/2015Rate 3.474
Nantahala Kephart Prong Pilsener 5.48/11/2017Rate 31
Nantahala Little Tennessee Logger 6.01/26/2013Rate 3.3710010
Nantahala Midnight Topher 5.84/6/2016Rate 3.131
Nantahala Nanny Gold 5.28/20/2010Rate 34
Nantahala Noon Day IPA 6.04/24/2010Rate 3.679567
Nantahala Oak Aged ATX 5.759/9/2013Rate 2.911
Nantahala Paddle Back Pale Ale -5/13/2012Rate 2.761
Nantahala Pale Ale 6.2510/28/2009Rate 3.158
Nantahala Patton's Run Porter 4.53/17/2012Rate 3.244210
Nantahala River Run Rye Pale Ale -4/28/2012Rate 2.92
Nantahala Rivers End Oktoberfest 6.79/25/2010Rate 34
Nantahala Springer Sunrise Session IPA 4.53/17/2012Rate 2.812
Nantahala Sticky Dog Stout 5.7512/22/2011Rate 3.356
Nantahala Trail Magic 13 Strawberry Rhubarb Sour 5.34/15/2017Rate 2.921
Nantahala Trail Magic Ale No. 1 (Barrel Aged Russian Imperial Stout) 103/8/2012Rate 3.777738
Nantahala Trail Magic Ale No. 10 (Tropical Abbey Ale w/ Plums) 136/6/2015Rate 2.995
Nantahala Trail Magic Ale No. 11 (Coriander & Lime Zest) -4/6/2016Rate 3.282
Nantahala Trail Magic Ale No. 14 (Torpedo Pilsner) 8.04/11/2017Rate 3.192
Nantahala Trail Magic Ale No. 15 (Belgian Stong Aged in Sherry Barrels) 1012/22/2016Rate 3.416
Nantahala Trail Magic Ale No. 16 (Tropical hopped Imperial IPA) 10.54/11/2017Rate 3.111
Nantahala Trail Magic Ale No. 2 (Lemongrass Imperial IPA) 9.06/4/2012Rate 2.954
Nantahala Trail Magic Ale No. 3 (Oak Belgian Golden Strong w/Elderberry) 9.01/27/2013Rate 3.12339
Nantahala Trail Magic Ale No. 4 Bourbon Barrel Russian Imperial Stout (alias) 107/1/2013
Nantahala Trail Magic Ale No. 5 (Honeysuckle Saison) 7.66/4/2013Rate 32
Nantahala Trail Magic Ale No. 6 (Rye Wine) 10.29/17/2014Rate 3.35
Nantahala Trail Magic Ale No. 7 (alias) 103/5/2014
Nantahala Trail Magic Ale No. 8 (Imperial Belgian Wit w/ blackberries) 8.06/4/2014Rate 3.333
Nantahala Trail Magic No. 9 (Barrel Aged American Barleywine) 137/4/2015Rate 3.124
Nantahala Trail Running 1 - American Stout -3/17/2012Rate 2.81
Nantahala Trail Running 2 - Robust Porter -3/17/2012Rate 2.811
Nantahala Up River Amber 5.510/9/2011Rate 3.095120
Nantahala/Jamie Kent - All American Mutt Ale 5.62/4/2017Rate 3.142

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