Navigation / Castle Rock / Magpie Banoffee 4.37/29/2017Rate 3.021
Navigation American Saviour (aka NavBrew American Saviour) 5.25/20/2015Rate 3.167
Navigation Apus 5.51/11/2014Rate 3.268819
Navigation Arctic Blast 4.04/5/2014Rate 2.842
Navigation Back of the Net 4.57/23/2014Rate 32
Navigation Black IPA 4.85/26/2017Rate 0
Navigation Britannia 3.810/14/2014Rate 2.994910
Navigation Charles Henry Strange IPA 5.510/26/2015Rate 31
Navigation Citratus Ale 3.97/26/2017Rate 34
Navigation Classic IPA 5.25/23/2012Rate 3.268813
Navigation Columbus 4.410/14/2014Rate 2.954
Navigation Eclipse 4.411/4/2014Rate 3.25449
Navigation English Rebel 4.55/20/2015Rate 0
Navigation Ghost Rider 4.52/22/2015Rate 2.982
Navigation Golden 4.35/23/2012Rate 3.09869
Navigation Golden Anchor 4.38/17/2015Rate 2.846
Navigation Ice Breaker 4.03/12/2014Rate 2.94418
Navigation Last Knight 4.54/18/2015Rate 2.982
Navigation Love is the Law 4.07/4/2016Rate 0
Navigation Lynx 4.04/3/2013Rate 2.731
Navigation Mayflower 3.66/3/2014Rate 3.086
Navigation New Dawn Pale 3.911/7/2014Rate 3.057
Navigation Oast House 4.79/15/2014Rate 2.812
Navigation Pale Ale 3.95/23/2012Rate 2.934715
Navigation Patriot 3.86/24/2017Rate 2.941
Navigation Pints of Peace 4.812/28/2012Rate 3.023
Navigation Rebel 4.25/26/2017Rate 3.021
Navigation Santa's Blotto 4.312/25/2014Rate 3.072
Navigation Sour Diesel IPA 4.49/23/2017Rate 31
Navigation Splendor 4.37/23/2017Rate 2.981
Navigation Stout 4.45/23/2012Rate 3.12349
Navigation Three Sheets 4.28/17/2014Rate 2.81
Navigation Tight Head 4.12/17/2014Rate 2.914
Navigation Traditional 3.85/23/2012Rate 2.876
Navigation Triton 3.71/7/2015Rate 2.762
Navigation Twisted Genius (aka NavBrew Twisted Genius) 4.56/3/2014Rate 2.964
Navigation Ursa Major 4.012/14/2012Rate 2.761
Navigation Viceroy IPA 5.210/24/2014Rate 2.958
Navigation Wise Guy 4.011/4/2014Rate 2.995511

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