Brewer rating: 65/100 458 ratings
Unit 2, Buildng 64, Historic Dockyard, Main Gate R, Chatham, Kent, England ME4 4TE
Founded 1995

Founded as the Flagship brewery in 1995 by Andrew Purcell after being made redundant from his post as a local government officer. The brewery is in Chatham Dockyard where Nelsonís flagship, Victory, was built. Was taken over after liquidation in 2003, and renamed Nelson. Was bought by Piers Macdonald in July 2006. Cask and bottle conditioned. Distribution East Kent. Likely outlet: Man of Kent, Rochester.
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Gemstone Amethyst
Brewed by/for Gemstone
4.210/12/2014Rate 2.724
Gemstone Diamond IPA
Brewed by/for Gemstone
5.012/17/2014Rate 2.81
Gemstone Emerald
Brewed by/for Gemstone
4.34/29/2015Rate 32
Gemstone Sapphire Blonde
Brewed by/for Gemstone
4.010/19/2014Rate 2.82
Gemstone Topaz Best
Brewed by/for Gemstone
3.810/2/2015Rate 2.943
Nelson 1805 5.58/12/2005Rate 2.664
Nelson Aden Ale 5.112/6/2007Rate 2.961
Nelson Admiral 3.88/16/2003Rate 2.798
Nelson Admiral IPA 4.011/5/2015Rate 2.932
Nelson Admiral Pumpkin 4.811/24/2007Rate 3.034
Nelson Armed Forces Ale 4.66/27/2009Rate 2.741
Nelson Baggywrinkle 4.52/8/2010Rate 2.796
Nelson Birthday Boy 4.07/4/2009Rate 2.61
Nelson Black Jack 5.42/1/2011Rate 2.896
Nelson Blue Anchor Ale 4.39/28/2013Rate 2.841
Nelson Buccaneer Bunny 4.24/28/2014Rate 2.831
Nelson Cat O Nine Tails 4.01/9/2008Rate 2.885
Nelson Christmas Blood 6.112/17/2007Rate 2.962
Nelson Colossus 4.34/12/2015Rate 2.81
Nelson Crows Nest 4.85/4/2003Rate 2.384
Nelson Cutlass 4.08/16/2012Rate 2.715
Nelson Defiance 3.75/18/2012Rate 2.731
Nelson Dogwatch Stout 4.512/9/2006Rate 2.85916
Nelson Dover Patrol 5.53/7/2006Rate 3.067
Nelson Dragonís Revenge 4.39/17/2012Rate 2.19211
Nelson England Expects 4.27/25/2005Rate 2.774
Nelson Friggin in the Riggin 4.78/3/2003Rate 2.73533
Nelson Friggin Yuletide 5.512/30/2005Rate 2.841
Nelson Futtock 5.22/7/2004Rate 2.612
Nelson Golden Galleon 4.34/13/2009Rate 34
Nelson Green Horn 4.010/4/2013Rate 2.543
Nelson Hardyís Kiss 4.24/4/2003Rate 2.846
Nelson Helmsman 3.54/11/2010Rate 2.555
Nelson HMS Kent Ale 3.83/23/2004Rate 2.771
Nelson Hoppit Ale 4.65/25/2003Rate 2.691
Nelson Jack Knife 4.15/10/2009Rate 2.618
Nelson Jamminí Jack 4.310/17/2009Rate 2.788
Nelson Jingle Ale 3.81/2/2004Rate 2.862
Nelson Just Ale 4.410/16/2004Rate 2.731
Nelson Land of Hops & Glory 3.94/27/2007Rate 2.841
Nelson Loose Cannon 4.42/12/2007Rate 2.781816
Nelson Master Mate 3.77/9/2007Rate 2.917
Nelson Midshipman Mild 4.02/7/2011Rate 3.165925
Nelson Moby Dick 4.412/13/2003Rate 3.063
Nelson Moonraker 4.01/21/2011Rate 2.641
Nelson Moore The Merrier 4.07/25/2010Rate 2.762
Nelson Mutineerís Revenge 5.06/5/2009Rate 2.741
Nelson Nelsons Blood 6.05/9/2000Rate 2.912225
Nelson Nelsons Blood Extra 7.12/16/2004Rate 2.973
Nelson Nelsons IPA 4.83/25/2008Rate 2.723
Nelson No. 23 Spring Ale 4.45/10/2009Rate 2.792
Nelson Old Sea Dog Stout 5.52/7/2004Rate 2.662
Nelson Pathfinder Ale 4.53/12/2015Rate 2.641
Nelson Pieces of Eight 3.89/6/2006Rate 2.65829
Nelson Powder Monkey 4.48/18/2003Rate 2.842730
Nelson Press Gang 4.310/10/2008Rate 2.977
Nelson Prime Meridian of the World 4.01/19/2013Rate 2.62711
Nelson Pursers Pudding Ale 4.012/29/2011Rate 2.861
Nelson Pursers Pussy 5.13/12/2008Rate 2.84626
Nelson Raging Storm 5.01/25/2012Rate 2.841
Nelson Revenge 4.03/30/2013Rate 2.985
Nelson Robbieís Rum Porter 4.910/30/2010Rate 2.892
Nelson Rochester Bitter 3.77/13/2004Rate 2.985
Nelson Santaís Salvo 4.512/13/2006Rate 2.95
Nelson Shipwrecked 5.05/4/2003Rate 2.79129
Nelson Shiver Mí Timbers 4.94/2/2005Rate 2.795
Nelson Sirius 4.02/21/2015Rate 2.771
Nelson Spanker 4.24/28/2003Rate 2.691210
Nelson Spinnaker 4.010/16/2011Rate 0
Nelson Spring Pride 4.44/9/2004Rate 2.895
Nelson Swashbuckler 4.54/26/2009Rate 2.932
Nelson Sweeps Ale 4.37/24/2010Rate 2.771
Nelson Task Force 25 5.54/14/2007Rate 3.082
Nelson Temeraire 4.07/1/2015Rate 2.941
Nelson Thunderer 4.21/21/2012Rate 2.446
Nelson Trafalgar Bitter 4.14/28/2003Rate 3.026215
Nelson Vengeance 4.86/26/2010Rate 2.782111
Nelson Victory Mild 3.55/4/2003Rate 2.698
Noddy Boffinís Brew - The Golden Dustman 4.410/10/2009Rate 2.632

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