Neon Raptor Brewing Co.

Unit 14 Avenue A, Sneinton Market, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England NG1 1DT
Thu-Fri 16-22
Sat 12-22
Sun 12-20

Associated place: Neon Raptor Tap
First noted in 2016. Understood to brew at Black Hole. 2018 Black Hole moved to Derbyshire now unknown where Neon Raptor is brewed. In 2018 the Brewery was moved to Nottinghamshire to a permanent home.
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Neon Raptor / Loka Polly The Law of Duality 8.011/12/2018Rate 3.648
Neon Raptor / Staggeringly Good They Do Move In Herds 8.012/14/2018Rate 3.819512
Neon Raptor Alone In Tokyo 6.612/14/2018Rate 3.565015
Neon Raptor Atlas Crash 5.95/30/2018Rate 0
Neon Raptor Blowfish 4.33/8/2018Rate 3.267
Neon Raptor Captain Babel 7.03/8/2018Rate 3.448
Neon Raptor Chaos and Earthquakes 6.81/14/2019Rate 3.59579
Neon Raptor Critically Endangered 1111/9/2018Rate 3.676611
Neon Raptor Cube Farm 6.89/7/2018Rate 3.647415
Neon Raptor Dune Hunter 6.81/14/2019Rate 3.585610
Neon Raptor Endangered (2018) 6.611/9/2018Rate 3.343
Neon Raptor Evil Unicorns 6.33/15/2019Rate 3.58010
Neon Raptor Explosions in the Sky 6.012/14/2018Rate 3.282
Neon Raptor Extinct 1312/14/2018Rate 3.277
Neon Raptor Fly the Nest 4.08/25/2018Rate 3.193
Neon Raptor Ghost Twins 6.83/26/2018Rate 3.456614
Neon Raptor Hello Operator v2 4.24/25/2018Rate 3.15
Neon Raptor I Am Romulus 8.24/14/2019Rate 3.123
Neon Raptor Instant Street 4.23/14/2018Rate 3.194
Neon Raptor Island Party 4.35/30/2018Rate 3.397
Neon Raptor Laser Guided 4.85/30/2018Rate 2.961
Neon Raptor Moon Dust 1312/14/2018Rate 2.964
Neon Raptor Moon Rocks 1111/1/2018Rate 3.695619
Neon Raptor Mountain Moves 8.02/12/2019Rate 3.789220
Neon Raptor Naruto Whirlpools 4.011/12/2018Rate 3.518
Neon Raptor Naughty Luggage 6.87/8/2017Rate 3.544714
Neon Raptor Never Forget Your Amethyst 9.23/11/2018Rate 3.19512
Neon Raptor New Construction Options 8.03/26/2018Rate 3.54617
Neon Raptor Paper Heart 4.211/4/2018Rate 2.981
Neon Raptor Pinball Holiday 3.85/15/2018Rate 2.961
Neon Raptor Red Berry Fury 3.08/16/2018Rate 3.346
Neon Raptor Retrace the Steps 6.75/30/2018Rate 3.443313
Neon Raptor Somewhere I Belong 6.85/25/2017Rate 3.58711
Neon Raptor Star Play 4.02/12/2019Rate 3.59014
Neon Raptor Sunburnt Disco 4.38/29/2018Rate 3.052
Neon Raptor The Yard 6.88/11/2018Rate 3.34211
Neon Raptor Total Eclipse 7.43/15/2019Rate 3.729510
Neon Raptor Trails and Ways 5.49/16/2018Rate 3.576
Neon Raptor Very Naughty Luggage 8.23/17/2018Rate 3.474210
Neon Raptor Won’t You Reconsider 8.08/5/2018Rate 3.524813
Neon Raptor Zozobra 5.01/14/2019Rate 3.193
Neon Raptor Behold a Pale Horse
Brewed at Black Hole
4.36/11/2017Rate 31
Neon Raptor Delta Echo One
Brewed at Black Hole
4.38/18/2017Rate 3.122
Neon Raptor Don't Forget Your Amethyst
Brewed at Black Hole
7.04/19/2017Rate 3.384
Neon Raptor Drawbridge
Brewed at Black Hole
7.19/29/2016Rate 2.981
Neon Raptor Endangered
Brewed at Black Hole
6.67/31/2016Rate 3.335019
Neon Raptor Happy Harpoon
Brewed at Black Hole
6.47/4/2016Rate 3.164
Neon Raptor Hello Operator
Brewed at Black Hole
5.42/11/2017Rate 31
Neon Raptor Linear Sunrise
Brewed at Black Hole
5.37/31/2016Rate 2.954
Neon Raptor Raging Harpoon
Brewed at Black Hole
8.27/20/2016Rate 3.085
Neon Raptor Resonance
Brewed at Black Hole
4.210/2/2016Rate 0
Neon Raptor Tyrannosaurheist Rext
Brewed at Black Hole
8.69/23/2017Rate 3.192

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