New Brew (aka Plan B Brewing Company)

Commercial Brewery
Unit 10a Audley Avenue Enterprise Estate, Newport, Shropshire, England TF10 7DW
BOTTLES: 9-5 Monday to Friday BAR: Thursday 5:30-7:30/Friday 1-8

Trading under 'New Brew'. The Brewery was started in 2016 in Newport (Shropshire), and currently is operating with a 10BBL Brewhouse. They are producing and packaging a vast range of new and exciting beers to the West Midlands Pub Trade, as well as there own Tap House and Bottle Shop.
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New Brew APA 4.15/22/2017Rate 2.762
New Brew Boscobel Bitter 4.811/14/2017Rate 3.162
New Brew Double Hop 4.111/29/2018Rate 3.111
New Brew Milky Stout 4.511/14/2017Rate 31
New Brew New Alchemist 4.14/21/2018Rate 3.054
New Brew New India 6.05/21/2017Rate 3.072
New Brew New Sense 4.410/19/2018Rate 0
New Brew New Session IPA 4.011/20/2017Rate 2.954
New Brew Newport Pale Ale (NPA) 4.412/29/2016Rate 2.993
New Brew New-Tun 5.011/20/2017Rate 3.021
New Brew No.10 4.12/12/2019Rate 3.041
New Brew No.11 4.712/16/2018Rate 3.131
New Brew No.12 4.12/12/2019Rate 3.041
New Brew Nova Gold 3.84/24/2017Rate 2.941
New Brew Plotters Pale 5.011/20/2017Rate 0
New Brew Santa's New Helper 4.412/6/2018Rate 3.131
New Brew SES Hoppy 4.112/29/2016Rate 0
New Brew Steam Stout 4.411/20/2017Rate 3.02159
New Brew Woodlands Maple Ale 4.06/11/2017Rate 2.831
New Brew Zombie Blood 4.511/20/2017Rate 0

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