New Day Craft Mead & Cider

1102 Prospect Street, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA 46203-1935
Tues through Thurs: 2 to 9 pm
Fri 2 pm to 10 pm
Sat: 12 noon to 10 pm
Sun 12 noon to 6 pm

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New Day Armenian Gold 8.010/7/2011Rate 2.91
New Day Bourbon Barrel Aged Johnny Chapman 125/26/2017Rate 3.131
New Day Breakfast Magpie 8.01/26/2012Rate 3.767080
New Day Cardamom Breakfast Magpie 8.06/30/2017Rate 3.111
New Day Day Ride 4.08/14/2014Rate 3.045
New Day Dry Blueberry Honey Wine 125/30/2007Rate 3.165811
New Day Dry Hard Cider 7.08/31/2008Rate 2.884
New Day Dry Mead 125/30/2007Rate 2.892710
New Day Dry Peach Honey Wine 125/30/2007Rate 3.048
New Day Dry Red Raspberry Honey Wine 125/30/2007Rate 3.148
New Day Free Thinker -4/30/2012Rate 2.982
New Day Ginger Hibiscus Mead Spritzer 4.55/25/2019Rate 3.122
New Day Gold Rush 6.07/22/2011Rate 3.369115
New Day Imperial Breakfast Magpie 103/14/2013Rate 3.799567
New Day Johnny Chapman 6.07/22/2011Rate 3.217528
New Day Johnny Chapman - Barrel Aged 7.08/13/2013Rate 3.182
New Day Lavender Lemonade 6.012/5/2017Rate 3.191
New Day Live Currant 6.05/25/2012Rate 3.588823
New Day Paulding Light 6.05/13/2013Rate 3.42739
New Day ReThinker 6.010/19/2011Rate 3.427320
New Day Sap Sucker 6.09/14/2011Rate 3.255
New Day Semi-Dry Mead 125/30/2007Rate 3.14529
New Day Semi-Sweet Black Raspberry Honey Wine 13.810/31/2008Rate 3.418813
New Day Semi-Sweet Plum Honey Wine 14.58/31/2008Rate 3.2649
New Day She's Crafty 6.03/25/2017Rate 3.212
New Day Shelby Blue Ribbon 6.04/28/2013Rate 3.518335
New Day Shelby Blue Ribbon - 8th Day Distillery Gin Botanical (alias) 11.58/11/2017
New Day Shelby Blue Ribbon - Gin Barrel Aged 11.57/30/2015Rate 3.346112
New Day Snap Dragon 8.05/25/2012Rate 3.114711
New Day Snap Dragon - Barrel Aged 8.010/2/2013Rate 3.054
New Day South Cider 6.07/22/2011Rate 3.166532
New Day Sparkling Blueberry Honey Wine 127/22/2011Rate 0
New Day Swift Currant -10/19/2011Rate 0
New Day Three Eyed Magpie 20.56/19/2019Rate 3.151
New Day Tom Thumb 6.07/22/2011Rate 3.368
New Day Vanilla Breakfast Magpie 8.06/29/2017Rate 3.44
New Day Washington's Folly 6.07/22/2011Rate 3.58034
New Day Washington's Folly - Barrel Aged 8.012/27/2013Rate 2.871

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