New England + Tippler’s ESB 5.94/30/2015Rate 3.131
New England Apricot Saison 4.11/7/2017Rate 3.091
New England Kooala Peppermint Gum XPA 5.55/4/2017Rate 2.871
New England The Little Sparrow Red Honey Rye Saison 5.63/27/2016Rate 3.041
New England The Smouldering Stump 5.55/27/2017Rate 3.231
New Englander Amber Lager 4.73/24/2016Rate 3.073
New Englander Big Red 7.28/27/2014Rate 2.911
New Englander Big Winter 8.68/1/2015Rate 3.091
New Englander Black Sheep Dark Wit Beer 4.83/17/2015Rate 2.861
New Englander Blonde Ale 4.212/15/2013Rate 2.784
New Englander Brown Ale 4.512/14/2013Rate 3.14510
New Englander Coffee Cannon Stout 6.26/6/2015Rate 3.162
New Englander Dark Ale 5.512/15/2013Rate 3.026
New Englander Dark Farmhouse 5.57/5/2014Rate 3.216
New Englander Farmhouse Ale 5.54/11/2015Rate 3.225
New Englander Frederick 5.411/11/2014Rate 2.771
New Englander Frederick India Black Hop Cannon 6.49/17/2016Rate 3.133
New Englander Frederick India Brown Ale Hop Cannon 6.87/26/2014Rate 3.466
New Englander Frederick India Red Ale Hop Cannon 6.94/25/2015Rate 3.091
New Englander Frederick Old Smoko 5.610/10/2015Rate 31
New Englander Golden Ale 4.27/19/2014Rate 2.925
New Englander Hefeweizen 5.03/24/2016Rate 3.041
New Englander Hop Cannon IPA 6.63/24/2016Rate 3.183
New Englander Minutemen IPA 6.54/29/2017Rate 3.264
New Englander Pale Ale 4.812/14/2013Rate 2.931710
New Englander Pumpkin Wit 4.89/17/2016Rate 3.061
New Englander Red Saison 5.63/24/2016Rate 3.072
New Englander The Bloom 3.53/26/2017Rate 31

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