New South Amber Lager 5.010/27/2018Rate 0
New South Big Wooly Mammoth 10.55/17/2018Rate 3.283
New South Blend #12 -3/2/2010Rate 2.852
New South Bliss 8.56/12/2015Rate 3.252
New South Bourbon Barrel Lily The Great 11.59/23/2016Rate 3.261
New South Bourbon Barrel Oktoberfest -1/16/2014Rate 31
New South Bourbon Barrel Porter 6.23/7/2011Rate 2.852
New South Bourbon Barrel Stout -10/5/2013Rate 2.931
New South Bourbon Barrel-Aged Black Star (2019 - Buffalo Trace Bourbon Barrel Aged) 126/22/2019Rate 3.472
New South Cooper River Red -5/14/2014Rate 2.964
New South Dark Star Porter 6.21/3/2005Rate 3.122516
New South Dirty Myrtle 8.96/11/2017Rate 3.357
New South Dry Hopped Dark Star Porter 6.21/20/2014Rate 2.981
New South Dry Hopped Lager 4.52/25/2013Rate 2.82
New South Estimated IPA 5.07/2/2019Rate 3.151
New South Imperial ESB 8.54/18/2008Rate 3.283
New South IPA 6.212/30/2003Rate 2.97849
New South Irish Stout -2/25/2012Rate 2.841
New South Java the Nut 4.810/27/2018Rate 3.223
New South Lager 5.010/2/2005Rate 2.634513
New South Lily the Great 11.32/18/2013Rate 3.35167
New South Mango My Tango 4.810/27/2018Rate 0
New South Mr. Tangerine Man 4.810/27/2018Rate 0
New South Nut Brown Ale 4.26/22/2004Rate 2.73935
New South Octoberfest 6.110/4/2004Rate 2.88409
New South Pale Ale -8/14/2003Rate 2.84348
New South Pineapple Express 4.810/27/2018Rate 0
New South Red Ale -9/13/2013Rate 3.237
New South Redrum 5.85/23/2014Rate 3.111
New South Rum Barrel Lily the Great 10.57/22/2018Rate 3.041
New South So Dirty 8.96/22/2019Rate 3.131
New South So-Cal Session 4.810/27/2018Rate 0
New South Stout -10/5/2013Rate 3.14
New South Summer Session -8/7/2014Rate 3.176
New South Waccamaw Red Ale 5.86/22/2019Rate 3.041
New South Whiskey Barrel Winter Ale -3/2/2010Rate 2.862
New South White Ale 4.69/24/2004Rate 2.661165
T-Bonz Cooper River Red -12/16/2003Rate 2.841018
T-Bonz Irish Stout -5/1/2006Rate 2.691
T-Bonz Low Country Light Lager -1/29/2003Rate 2.53919
T-Bonz Market Street Wheat -1/29/2003Rate 2.34912
T-Bonz Nut Brown Ale -1/24/2005Rate 2.63916
T-Bonz Phils Pale Ale -5/1/2006Rate 2.85
T-Bonz Porter -5/1/2006Rate 2.471
T-Bonz Raspberry Wheat -1/29/2003Rate 2.546
T-Bonz Winterfest -1/29/2003Rate 2.877

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