Newport Craft Brewing

293 JT Connell Rd, Newport, Rhode Island, USA 02840
Wed-Mon 12-5PM
closed on Tuesday
guided tours every working day: 3PM

Associated place: Coastal Extreme Brewing Company
Moved from Middletown, RI to Newport, RI in 2010.
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AntiVillain 8 Bit IPA 6.53/13/2016Rate 2.796
AntiVillain Cosmic Wheat 6.210/2/2015Rate 2.921
AntiVillain Golden Pumpkin Ale 5.510/2/2015Rate 2.832
Castle Hill Windward Weiss -10/30/2009Rate 2.932
Coastal Extreme Experimental Pale Ale 5.01/4/2017Rate 0
Coastal Extreme Unknown Variable 8.05/2/2016Rate 0
Newport Craft 1639 Pale Ale 5.47/24/2019Rate 2.952
Newport Craft Bushwick Pilsner 5.28/25/2019Rate 3.021
Newport Craft Comfortably Unaware 6.76/29/2018Rate 3.315
Newport Craft Fake Love 6.712/16/2018Rate 3.092
Newport Craft Frosty Stout 6.712/4/2018Rate 2.981
Newport Craft Iron Horse -8/17/2019Rate 3.142
Newport Craft Newport Stormy 9.09/26/2019Rate 3.061
Newport Craft Rhode Trip Ft. Vic Secret 6.37/12/2018Rate 3.385
Newport Craft RhodeRage 8.55/31/2018Rate 3.435
Newport Craft Watermelon Freez 4.18/25/2019Rate 3.041
Newport Storm - aRIstotle 9.011/15/2018Rate 2.961
Newport Storm 00 11.55/9/2001Rate 3.949828
Newport Storm 01 12.512/9/2001Rate 3.7191109
Newport Storm 02 1212/6/2002Rate 3.896110
Newport Storm 03 11.910/23/2003Rate 3.589108
Newport Storm 04 1410/23/2004Rate 3.118178
Newport Storm 05 11.711/7/2005Rate 3.5870131
Newport Storm 06 11.910/24/2006Rate 3.3735119
Newport Storm 07 10.811/4/2007Rate 3.3413112
Newport Storm 08 12.110/1/2008Rate 3.192263
Newport Storm 09 11.611/24/2009Rate 2.92834
Newport Storm 10 1212/12/2010Rate 3.414421
Newport Storm 11 11.711/8/2011Rate 3.468014
Newport Storm 12 117/16/2012Rate 3.569814
Newport Storm 13 121/21/2014Rate 3.523616
Newport Storm 14 112/1/2015Rate 3.174
Newport Storm 15 1111/28/2015Rate 3.325
Newport Storm 16 1112/13/2016Rate 3.333
Newport Storm 17 1110/6/2019Rate 3.191
Newport Storm 18 10.67/24/2019Rate 3.332
Newport Storm Angel's Envy 8.09/15/2013Rate 2.752
Newport Storm Cyclone Series Alyssa 7.911/30/2004Rate 2.81132
Newport Storm Cyclone Series Brent 8.24/16/2005Rate 3.064531
Newport Storm Cyclone Series Chloe 8.62/9/2006Rate 3.11324
Newport Storm Cyclone Series Derek 8.76/23/2006Rate 3.411336
Newport Storm Cyclone Series Elle 8.112/14/2006Rate 3.283623
Newport Storm Cyclone Series Frank 6.86/6/2007Rate 3.025830
Newport Storm Cyclone Series Gloria 7.39/28/2007Rate 3.267828
Newport Storm Cyclone Series Henry 7.63/21/2008Rate 2.92333
Newport Storm Cyclone Series Isabel 9.07/21/2008Rate 3.393717
Newport Storm Cyclone Series James 8.010/29/2008Rate 3.477722
Newport Storm Cyclone Series Kim 7.84/23/2009Rate 36430
Newport Storm Cyclone Series Luke 8.69/12/2009Rate 2.98528
Newport Storm Cyclone Series Mark 7.012/28/2009Rate 3.032223
Newport Storm Cyclone Series Neo 7.05/11/2010Rate 3.144824
Newport Storm Cyclone Series Ophelia 5.99/1/2010Rate 2.764913
Newport Storm Cyclone Series Peter 7.51/26/2011Rate 2.937
Newport Storm Cyclone Series Quinn 7.05/23/2011Rate 2.61223
Newport Storm Cyclone Series Ryan 8.09/9/2011Rate 3.368710
Newport Storm Cyclone Series Sabrina 7.110/30/2011Rate 2.6779
Newport Storm Cyclone Series Tim 6.34/15/2012Rate 2.781212
Newport Storm Cyclone Series Ursula 6.18/22/2012Rate 2.935
Newport Storm Cyclone Series Vlad 9.010/31/2012Rate 3.533610
Newport Storm Cyclone Series Will 8.03/25/2013Rate 3.22339
Newport Storm Cyclone Series Xavier 7.07/23/2013Rate 2.98513
Newport Storm Cyclone Series Yoko 6.911/22/2013Rate 3.264714
Newport Storm Cyclone Series Zach 10.14/17/2014Rate 3.523413
Newport Storm Experimental Steam Beer 5.210/30/2004Rate 3.015
Newport Storm Hurricane Amber Ale 5.22/9/2001Rate 2.9134227
Newport Storm India Point Ale 6.59/9/2012Rate 3.233486
Newport Storm InfeRIority complex 7.02/9/2016Rate 3.116
Newport Storm InfRIngement 1010/10/2014Rate 3.391817
Newport Storm Lefty Stout -4/17/2007Rate 35
Newport Storm Locale 7.010/28/2016Rate 3.061
Newport Storm Mass HysteRIa 8.010/25/2014Rate 3.335
Newport Storm Oktoberfest Marzen Lager 5.610/28/2016Rate 2.751
Newport Storm Oxford Lager -8/21/2005Rate 2.661
Newport Storm Pacific IPA 6.512/5/2018Rate 31
Newport Storm Pilsner 4.810/26/2014Rate 2.976
Newport Storm R. I. P.umpkin 6.74/19/2014Rate 3.29829
Newport Storm Red Dawn 9.011/22/2015Rate 3.157
Newport Storm Regenschauer Oktoberfest 5.510/11/2001Rate 3.015565
Newport Storm Rhode Island Blueberry 4.56/23/2006Rate 2.94397
Newport Storm Rhode Sodah 4.99/7/2016Rate 3.22398
Newport Storm Rhode Trip Ft. Citra 6.34/8/2018Rate 3.273
Newport Storm Rhode Trip ft. Galaxy 6.310/29/2017Rate 3.345
Newport Storm Rhode Trip Ft. Mosaic 6.34/8/2018Rate 3.283
Newport Storm RIèzes 129/6/2015Rate 3.197
Newport Storm Rye of the Storm Double Rye IPA 8.04/23/2015Rate 3.163
Newport Storm Saison -2/24/2007Rate 3.32
Newport Storm Smoke RIng 7.05/24/2016Rate 2.912
Newport Storm Smoked Porter 6.12/1/2015Rate 3.165
Newport Storm Sour Puss 5.65/31/2015Rate 3.282111
Newport Storm Spring Ale (Irish Red) 5.06/10/2002Rate 3.158292
Newport Storm Summer Ale (Maelstrom IPA) 6.16/10/2002Rate 3.1733109
Newport Storm Summer Hefeweizen 4.56/2/2012Rate 3.168026
Newport Storm The Sheriff of Rock RIdge 126/18/2015Rate 3.158
Newport Storm Unknown Variable 8.05/10/2016Rate 3.097
Newport Storm Wham! Bam! Van Damme 8.02/1/2015Rate 3.044
Newport Storm Winter Ale (Blizzard Porter) 5.611/6/2001Rate 3.236123
Red Parrot Ale -9/18/2011Rate 2.811
Third Rail Field 2 Farmhouse Ale
Brewed by/for Third Rail Beer
6.18/7/2014Rate 3.426319

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