North Cotswold Brewery

North Cotswold Brewery, Unit 17, Ditchford Farm, Stretton on Fosse, Warwickshire, England GL56 9RD
Shop: Mon-Fri 10:00-16:00
Sat 10:00-13:00
Sun closed. Tours by arrangement.

Commenced brewing in Spring 1999.
Note: Although the postal address is Moreton-in-Marsh, which is in Gloucestershire, the brewery is actually located in Warwickshire.

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North Cotswold Arctic Global Warming 159/3/2007Rate 3.045
North Cotswold Autumn Ale 4.311/2/2007Rate 2.811
North Cotswold Black Jack 6.06/12/2019Rate 3.021
North Cotswold Blitzen 6.03/25/2008Rate 2.776
North Cotswold Cappuchino Stout 5.03/16/2010Rate 2.892
North Cotswold Cockles of Your Heart 4.33/25/2007Rate 3.031
North Cotswold Cotswold Best 4.01/5/2012Rate 2.893212
North Cotswold Ditchford Ale 5.38/18/2007Rate 2.913
North Cotswold Donkeys Ale 5.03/21/2008Rate 2.241
North Cotswold Fosseway Flanker 3.810/21/2015Rate 2.921
North Cotswold Genesis 4.01/31/2004Rate 2.935
North Cotswold Green Man 4.03/22/2019Rate 3.194
North Cotswold Green Pig 3.82/3/2011Rate 2.752
North Cotswold Happy Apple Cider (alias) 6.02/25/2007
North Cotswold Heriot-Watt University Brewing Society Festival Ale 3.83/22/2019Rate 3.054
North Cotswold Honey Stout 5.04/19/2007Rate 2.732
North Cotswold Hop To The Right 4.55/9/2010Rate 2.771
North Cotswold Hung Drawn 'n' Portered 5.03/18/2005Rate 3.314840
North Cotswold Isambard Kingdom Brown Ale 4.04/24/2006Rate 2.942
North Cotswold Jumping Jack 3.94/28/2017Rate 2.955
North Cotswold Jumping Jack Flash 3.89/5/2017Rate 2.986
North Cotswold Mayfair Mild 4.19/4/2005Rate 2.923410
North Cotswold Monarch IPA 109/11/2006Rate 3.333218
North Cotswold Monarch Millenium 8.812/9/2017Rate 3.021
North Cotswold Moreton Mild 3.85/3/2015Rate 3.257821
North Cotswold Nettle Ale 4.65/1/2006Rate 3.186
North Cotswold Oyster Stout 5.09/2/2012Rate 2.61
North Cotswold Pig Brook 3.82/6/2006Rate 2.832911
North Cotswold Shagweaver 4.52/23/2008Rate 2.954232
North Cotswold Shagweaver XL 5.48/27/2019Rate 2.961
North Cotswold Sheeptown 4.25/10/2009Rate 2.831
North Cotswold Smoked Maple Porter 5.01/16/2007Rate 2.738
North Cotswold Sorachi 3.89/12/2010Rate 2.853
North Cotswold Spring in Your Step 4.06/17/2010Rate 2.72
North Cotswold Stour Stout 5.05/7/2005Rate 2.934
North Cotswold Stretton Striker 3.87/23/2018Rate 2.921
North Cotswold Summer Solstice 4.56/23/2007Rate 2.732314
North Cotswold Tumbling Jack 4.810/21/2017Rate 2.891
North Cotswold Vanilla Bumble Beer 4.512/1/2006Rate 2.682416
North Cotswold Windrush Ale 3.612/2/2012Rate 2.974616
North Cotswold Winter Solstice 4.512/10/2005Rate 3.06449
Shakespeare The Bard's Best 4.26/11/2016Rate 3.249613
Shakespeare The Macbeth 4.85/5/2016Rate 2.97299
Shakespeare The Othello 5.06/19/2016Rate 3.276911
Shakespeare The Tempest 5.23/24/2017Rate 2.937
Yubberton Goldie
Brewed by/for Yubberton Brewing
4.05/5/2015Rate 3.014
Yubberton Yawnie (aka Cotswold Brown)
Brewed by/for Yubberton Brewing
4.42/9/2014Rate 3.055
Yubberton YPA
Brewed by/for Yubberton Brewing
4.06/12/2015Rate 31
Yubberton Yubby
Brewed by/for Yubberton Brewing
3.82/9/2014Rate 3.026

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