Northgate Brewing

Brewer rating: 94/100 179 ratings
783 Harding Street NE, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA 55418
Wed & Thur: 4 to 10 pm
Fri: 3 to 12 am
Sat: 12 to 12 am
Sun: 12 to 8 pm

Associated place: Northgate Brewing

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Northgate / 612 Murphy’s Storm Dunk-Ale (alias) 4.87/20/2016
Northgate 1st Anniversary Fiddle Smasher (alias) 8.01/27/2014
Northgate Achievement Unlocked #2 5.65/21/2016Rate 3.022
Northgate Achievement Unlocked Level 3: Brexit 7.37/23/2016Rate 3.061
Northgate Barley Wine - Bourbon Barrel 10.42/24/2017Rate 3.357
Northgate Bitter Fool IPA 7.38/19/2016Rate 2.973
Northgate Bliss Summer Ale 5.55/27/2013Rate 2.844
Northgate California Common 5.76/25/2016Rate 2.981
Northgate Canoe Country Cream Ale 5.511/16/2016Rate 2.964
Northgate Doppelnator 8.48/23/2015Rate 3.183
Northgate Doppelnator: Barrel Aged (alias) 8.49/16/2015
Northgate English IPA (alias) 4.27/10/2013
Northgate ESB 4.91/25/2013Rate 32
Northgate Fiddle Smasher Wee Heavy Scotch Ale 8.04/2/2015Rate 3.244010
Northgate Get Together IPA -11/22/2014Rate 3.117
Northgate Golden Smash English IPA 6.810/17/2014Rate 2.912
Northgate Golden Smash with Citra Hops 6.29/23/2014Rate 2.841
Northgate Here’s Your Fraking Double IPA 8.14/2/2015Rate 3.135
Northgate Imperial Red 8.32/6/2016Rate 3.162
Northgate Last Batch Wheat 4.010/11/2014Rate 2.81
Northgate Lavender ESB 6.89/26/2013Rate 0
Northgate Little Pilgrim IPA 4.27/13/2013Rate 2.946
Northgate Maggie’s Leap 4.81/25/2013Rate 3.466922
Northgate Mid-City Lager 4.86/25/2016Rate 3.022
Northgate OGW 4.91/25/2013Rate 0
Northgate Old Ale 8.02/14/2015Rate 0
Northgate Old Ale - Bourbon Barrel Aged 9.22/28/2015Rate 3.528012
Northgate Old Ale - French Oak 8.04/24/2015Rate 2.981
Northgate Parapet ESB 5.67/6/2014Rate 3.228313
Northgate Parapet ESB On Orange 5.67/23/2014Rate 0
Northgate Pub Ale 4.26/23/2015Rate 2.981
Northgate Publican Ale 5.410/16/2015Rate 2.981
Northgate Pumpion 8.09/26/2013Rate 3.184
Northgate Pumpion on Northeast Neighborhood Cherries 6.09/16/2015Rate 0
Northgate Pumpion on Vanilla Beans 6.09/23/2014Rate 2.871
Northgate Red Headed Piper Irish Red Ale 4.57/23/2014Rate 3.036
Northgate Russian Imperial Stout 7.22/14/2015Rate 3.23810
Northgate Russian Imperial Stout - Bourbon Barrel Aged 12.19/17/2016Rate 3.387
Northgate Stock Ale 7.02/20/2015Rate 2.963
Northgate Stronghold Robust Porter 6.01/31/2015Rate 3.327
Northgate Stronghold Robust Porter - Bourbon Barrel Aged 9.011/13/2015Rate 3.142
Northgate Stronghold Robust Porter - Cherry 6.012/6/2015Rate 3.091
Northgate Stronghold Robust Porter - Coffee Infused 6.04/2/2015Rate 0
Northgate This Was A Triumph 6.82/28/2016Rate 0
Northgate Twice Told DIPA 9.21/30/2016Rate 3.333
Northgate Wall’s End 4.81/25/2013Rate 3.226420
Northgate Winter Soldier 6.011/9/2014Rate 2.892
Northgate Winter Warmer 7.71/25/2013Rate 0
Tuned Chocolate Cherry Porter
Brewed by/for Tuned Beer Company
5.82/7/2014Rate 2.898

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