Oakshire Brewing

1055 Madera St, Eugene, Oregon, USA 97402
Mon thru Thurs: 3 to 6 pm
Fri: 3 to 8 pm
Sat 12 noon to 6 pm

Associated place: Oakshire Brewing

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Cornucopia Frogs Wort -10/13/2007Rate 3.2459
Oakshire Kölsch #2 5.28/15/2016Rate 3.021
Oakshire 'Merica 4.76/28/2013Rate 2.841
Oakshire / Block 15 Cooperative Suds 6.96/8/2011Rate 3.043
Oakshire 12 Proof 6.06/3/2013Rate 2.93
Oakshire 25 7.57/28/2012Rate 3.245
Oakshire 26 7.27/16/2013Rate 3.083
Oakshire 6 (alias) -11/17/2012
Oakshire Amber 5.42/12/2007Rate 3.227962
Oakshire Ambient Noise 8.54/28/2011Rate 3.255
Oakshire Auslaufen Rauchbier 5.64/22/2013Rate 2.922
Oakshire Axe of Perun Baltic Porter 7.44/28/2011Rate 3.174
Oakshire Barleywine 10.112/14/2013Rate 3.556546
Oakshire Beer Revolution Anniversary Blend 102/11/2013Rate 3.073
Oakshire Beet Red IPA 7.34/12/2011Rate 2.771
Oakshire Bellatrix -1/22/2014Rate 0
Oakshire Belly of the Beast -9/27/2010Rate 3.245
Oakshire Biere de Mars 6.47/21/2013Rate 3.065
Oakshire Big Black Jack Chocolate Pumpkin Porter 7.510/19/2011Rate 3.69861
Oakshire Big Black Jack Chocolate Pumpkin Porter - Bourbon Barrel 7.511/7/2015Rate 3.364
Oakshire Bippy's Baltic Porter 7.010/14/2012Rate 3.454
Oakshire Bitter Rye-Valry 6.011/21/2012Rate 2.861
Oakshire Black Moon Rye-sin' 5.11/27/2013Rate 2.922
Oakshire Black Wolf Schwarzbier 4.84/28/2011Rate 2.871
Oakshire Blind Date 6.06/12/2011Rate 3.045
Oakshire Bottoms Up Pilsner -10/19/2011Rate 3.024
Oakshire Bourbon Barrel Barleywine (alias) -11/10/2010
Oakshire Bourbon Barrel IPA 9.09/30/2009Rate 2.861
Oakshire Bourbon Stout (alias) -11/19/2012
Oakshire Bout-A-Hundred 5.410/27/2013Rate 2.964
Oakshire Brandywine (alias) 9.57/22/2012
Oakshire Brewer's Reserve 6 Anniversary Ale 9.57/22/2012Rate 3.698719
Oakshire Brewers Reserve 7 Anniversary Ale -11/17/2013Rate 3.466112
Oakshire Brewers Reserve 9 Anniversary Ale 6.25/1/2016Rate 3.111
Oakshire Brewers' Reserve Framboise 6.56/11/2012Rate 3.35
Oakshire Brewers' Reserve Landtrust Lager 6.45/16/2012Rate 2.911
Oakshire Brewers' Reserve Skookumchuck Wild Ale 7.711/16/2011Rate 3.575725
Oakshire Brewers' Reserve Wild Evil -11/13/2011Rate 3.153
Oakshire Chillbo Baggins 5.010/21/2014Rate 2.772
Oakshire Citrafonix 6.38/8/2014Rate 3.316114
Oakshire Collabo Wabo 5.25/26/2012Rate 2.831
Oakshire Collaborative Evil 2009 -11/18/2009Rate 3.065
Oakshire Collaborative Evil 2010 -9/12/2010Rate 3.54514
Oakshire Collaborative Evil-er 9.02/11/2010Rate 3.132
Oakshire Conundrum 6.49/21/2009Rate 3.023
Oakshire Cranberry Berlinerweiss 3.61/3/2016Rate 3.063
Oakshire Daily Dose Summer Ale 4.98/10/2011Rate 2.881
Oakshire De Hop-pho 7.85/14/2013Rate 3.094
Oakshire Dia De Los Rojos 6.711/2/2012Rate 2.852
Oakshire Doggerland Baltic Porter 7.82/17/2017Rate 3.617
Oakshire Domaine de Lane (aka French Farmhouse Ale) 6.43/21/2012Rate 2.871
Oakshire Down by the River 5.01/3/2016Rate 3.33
Oakshire Drop Bear IPA 7.311/12/2015Rate 3.436314
Oakshire Duck Billed Platypus -4/12/2010Rate 3.183
Oakshire Easy on the Rye 5.312/20/2014Rate 2.911
Oakshire Existential Pumpkin Saison 5.710/27/2013Rate 3.092
Oakshire Fairly Special Bitter 5.17/9/2013Rate 0
Oakshire Feats of Strength 7.612/13/2012Rate 0
Oakshire Flanders Framboise 6.89/12/2014Rate 3.163
Oakshire Frederic C Noir 5.910/23/2015Rate 3.373
Oakshire Frederic's Lost Arm Saison 5.55/5/2011Rate 3.567
Oakshire Free Your Soul - Especial 12.511/22/2015Rate 3.474
Oakshire Free Your Soul (Bourbon Barrel Aged Russian Imperial Stout) 12.55/4/2015Rate 3.575
Oakshire Frog's Wort Pale 5.81/3/2016Rate 3.091
Oakshire Fruit Farm 7.27/30/2017Rate 3.091
Oakshire Funk d'Farmhouse -10/29/2013Rate 3.534814
Oakshire Galaxy IPA 7.510/27/2013Rate 2.972
Oakshire Gin Barrel Aged Blackberry Imperial Stout 9.57/6/2012Rate 3.012
Oakshire Glen's Hop Vice Imperial IPA 2010 9.16/11/2009Rate 3.286
Oakshire Glen's Hop Vice Imperial IPA 2011 8.85/5/2011Rate 3.278
Oakshire Glen's Hop Vice Imperial IPA 2012 9.34/5/2015Rate 2.911
Oakshire Glen's Hop Vice Imperial IPA 2013 9.86/13/2013Rate 0
Oakshire Glen's Hop Vice Imperial IPA 2014 10.26/26/2014Rate 3.184
Oakshire Glen's Hop Vice Imperial IPA 2015 9.56/26/2015Rate 3.151
Oakshire Glen's Hop Vice Imperial IPA 2016 10.27/29/2016Rate 3.091
Oakshire Goatshed Coffee IPA 6.87/30/2012Rate 3.247
Oakshire Gose the Elder 4.26/4/2013Rate 2.791
Oakshire Gose to 11 4.04/12/2015Rate 3.122016
Oakshire Great Caesar's Gose 4.66/28/2014Rate 2.872
Oakshire Harvest Ale 6.59/17/2010Rate 3.177017
Oakshire Harvest Fresh Hop -10/16/2009Rate 2.952
Oakshire Heart Shaped Box 6.84/28/2011Rate 3.488410
Oakshire Heavenly Oraz Burton 9.01/28/2014Rate 3.62489
Oakshire Hellshire I 1011/10/2010Rate 3.637973
Oakshire Hellshire II 10.57/4/2011Rate 3.26939
Oakshire Hellshire III 8.6911/24/2012Rate 3.68525
Oakshire Hellshire IV 10.31/22/2014Rate 3.68727
Oakshire Hellshire V 8.34/25/2015Rate 3.689315
Oakshire Hellshire VI 125/1/2016Rate 3.767316
Oakshire Hellshire VII 13.756/16/2017Rate 3.5339
Oakshire Henry the 12th 6.03/20/2013Rate 0
Oakshire Hermanne 6.68/31/2014Rate 3.45
Oakshire Hibernator Doppelbock 7.712/19/2010Rate 2.831
Oakshire Hindsight ESB 5.86/11/2009Rate 2.922
Oakshire Hippie Town Brown -4/26/2010Rate 3.027
Oakshire Hop Off the Press 5.311/2/2011Rate 2.881
Oakshire Hopollo 7 7.04/25/2015Rate 3.375023
Oakshire Hot Cakes Brunch Ale 8.41/3/2016Rate 3.111
Oakshire Ill-Tempered Gnome Winter Ale 6.812/30/2008Rate 3.419078
Oakshire Imperial Heart Shaped Box 1210/29/2017Rate 3.021
Oakshire Imperial Overcast Espresso Stout 9.04/28/2011Rate 3.331411
Oakshire Imperial Overcast Espresso Stout - Bourbon Barrel (alias) 9.07/3/2011
Oakshire Inception Ale 6.07/4/2011Rate 3.165
Oakshire KLCC Collaboration Pale Ale 2011 4.04/12/2011Rate 32
Oakshire KLCC Contribution Porter 2012 5.43/7/2013Rate 2.931
Oakshire KLCC Maple Lager 5.03/13/2016Rate 3.111
Oakshire Kölsch 5.23/20/2013Rate 0
Oakshire La Ferme 7.85/2/2010Rate 3.084
Oakshire La Tarantola 5.32/11/2016Rate 3.041
Oakshire Lardo Lager 5.56/22/2015Rate 3.133
Oakshire Leftorium 6.72/11/2016Rate 3.091
Oakshire Lil' Smoky Smoked Porter 3.29/3/2011Rate 3.073
Oakshire Lime Kolsch 5.27/21/2016Rate 3.162
Oakshire Line Dry Rye Ale 5.56/11/2009Rate 3.37865
Oakshire Line Dry Rye IPA 6.39/2/2015Rate 3.273814
Oakshire Locavore Wet Hop American Pale Ale 5.710/1/2010Rate 2.973
Oakshire LPA (Laughing Planet Ale) -4/12/2011Rate 2.861
Oakshire Mad Sun 7.05/14/2013Rate 0
Oakshire Mexacali Mocha 5.86/13/2013Rate 2.962
Oakshire Milky Way Chocolate Milk Stout 6.611/21/2012Rate 0
Oakshire Mountain Rose Gruit 7.04/28/2011Rate 2.972
Oakshire Mud Puddle Porter 6.36/28/2010Rate 3.026
Oakshire Mud Puddle Porter - Espresso Aged 6.310/7/2010Rate 2.741
Oakshire Ned's Noggin Smokin' Blonde Ale 5.712/22/2011Rate 2.831
Oakshire Novemberfest 5.84/28/2011Rate 0
Oakshire O'Dark:30 Cascadian Dark Ale 6.32/11/2010Rate 3.5676111
Oakshire Off-Piste Pale Ale 5.52/21/2012Rate 2.943
Oakshire Ol' 2 Planker 8.511/9/2012Rate 0
Oakshire Orange Mocha Frappé 5.85/18/2015Rate 3.061
Oakshire Oude Bes -12/2/2014Rate 2.952
Oakshire Over the Moon Chocolate Milk Stout 6.05/16/2015Rate 3.231
Oakshire Overcast Espresso Stout 5.811/28/2007Rate 3.7297283
Oakshire Pale 01210 5.71/25/2013Rate 0
Oakshire Patriot Porter 6.54/14/2011Rate 2.91
Oakshire Peach Reunification 4.510/8/2014Rate 2.631
Oakshire Pearl Red PNW Red Ale 6.110/19/2012Rate 0
Oakshire Perfect Storm Imperial IPA 106/26/2007Rate 3.7188106
Oakshire Pinky Tuscadero 6.23/3/2014Rate 2.791
Oakshire Pinot Aged Collaborative Evil 2009 -10/21/2010Rate 3.198
Oakshire Pinot Aged Duck Billed Platypus -6/13/2011Rate 3.015
Oakshire Pinot Barrel-Aged Strong Ale (alias) -6/17/2010
Oakshire Prestidigation 7.012/6/2014Rate 3.154
Oakshire Ratsel Red Wheat Ale -4/28/2011Rate 2.871
Oakshire Recall This? -11/19/2012Rate 33
Oakshire Reclamation Lager 5.56/24/2012Rate 3.348
Oakshire Red Wiggler 6.04/28/2011Rate 0
Oakshire Reunification 4.49/9/2014Rate 2.874
Oakshire Revolutionale Dry Hopped Pale Ale 5.410/3/2012Rate 0
Oakshire Ride Your Bike Double Red Ale 8.66/27/2014Rate 3.449714
Oakshire Roble's Red -10/2/2011Rate 2.952
Oakshire Roja Redux IRA 6.510/7/2011Rate 2.861
Oakshire Rooster & Gnome 6.811/13/2012Rate 0
Oakshire Rootstalk Gold -9/26/2011Rate 0
Oakshire Rouge Belgian Red Rye 6.110/27/2013Rate 2.81
Oakshire Saison Debutante 4.55/24/2014Rate 2.861
Oakshire Sasquatch Stonge Ale 9.36/11/2009Rate 0
Oakshire Save The Bee 5.05/16/2016Rate 3.348
Oakshire Save the Farmhouse 4.08/11/2012Rate 3.054
Oakshire Scofflaw Pilsner 4.811/10/2013Rate 2.842
Oakshire Smokin' Bagpipes Scottish Ale 7.02/1/2010Rate 2.872
Oakshire Smokin' Doobel 6.510/19/2012Rate 0
Oakshire Smokin' Hell 6.610/1/2010Rate 3.14
Oakshire Smokin' Hell (2014) 4.75/10/2014Rate 3.26
Oakshire Spring Forth Extra Pale Ale 5.83/7/2013Rate 0
Oakshire Stone Free Raspberry Cranberry Ginger 5.16/17/2015Rate 3.475
Oakshire Strawberry Farm 5.27/2/2013Rate 0
Oakshire Stream Oregon Common Ale 5.64/5/2013Rate 0
Oakshire Subtext Organic PNW Red Ale 6.77/8/2010Rate 3.023
Oakshire Summer Feet 4.27/22/2013Rate 0
Oakshire Sun Made Blackberry Berliner Weisse 4.010/15/2017Rate 3.061
Oakshire Sun Made Cucumber Berliner Weisse 4.49/12/2015Rate 3.497426
Oakshire Sun Made Raspberry Berliner Weiss 4.02/28/2017Rate 3.296
Oakshire The Kilted Badger 5.94/28/2011Rate 2.91
Oakshire The Missing Link 7.25/5/2011Rate 3.032
Oakshire The Nutcracker 8.012/4/2011Rate 3.022
Oakshire Three Hearted Strong Pale Ale 6.51/5/2011Rate 2.931
Oakshire Toad & Squirrel Dry Irish Stout 5.14/28/2011Rate 2.861
Oakshire Triple Bottom Line -7/9/2011Rate 2.81
Oakshire Triune Fresh Hop Pale 6.09/20/2011Rate 2.962
Oakshire Two-Wheeler IPA 6.63/25/2010Rate 2.934
Oakshire Unterstutz KLCC Hefeweizen 4.74/9/2014Rate 2.852
Oakshire vanilla oak barleywine 10.48/20/2016Rate 3.041
Oakshire Very Ill-Tempered Gnome Winter Ale 9.512/2/2009Rate 3.496513
Oakshire Very Ill-Tempered Gnome Winter Ale - Pinot Aged 10.56/17/2010Rate 3.056
Oakshire VI Especial 125/6/2016Rate 3.211
Oakshire Watershed IPA 6.710/30/2007Rate 3.5888222
Oakshire Welcome to WA Brouwer's Blend Double IPA -9/9/2011Rate 3.093
Oakshire Whack & Unwrap 4.26/10/2012Rate 2.871
Oakshire Wheat Ale 5.08/27/2008Rate 2.845
Oakshire Willamette Dammit 4.91/16/2011Rate 2.881
Oakshire Zwarte Nacht 8.54/26/2012Rate 3.017

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