Offshore Abel's Hill IDA 6.35/7/2011Rate 3.181612
Offshore Amber Ale 5.01/3/2004Rate 2.883261
Offshore Amity Island 4.38/28/2012Rate 2.811
Offshore Argus 9.010/14/2017Rate 0
Offshore Beach Road Nut Brown Ale 4.89/25/2007Rate 3.094616
Offshore Black Point Porter 6.010/14/2017Rate 0
Offshore Blue Lobster 8.877/10/2014Rate 2.862
Offshore Blueberry 4.27/3/2012Rate 2.741
Offshore Bryggjemann Paquette 7.511/10/2004Rate 3.222
Offshore Das Pils 4.710/14/2017Rate 0
Offshore East Chop Lighthouse Ale 4.26/13/2007Rate 3.147816
Offshore ESB (Extra Sensory Beer) -10/19/2009Rate 2.841
Offshore Fogcutter Breakfast Porter -5/28/2007Rate 3.372
Offshore Fond de Tiroir 7.51/31/2005Rate 1.583
Offshore Hop Goddess 6.97/18/2006Rate 3.37217
Offshore Hopps Farm Road Pale Ale 5.210/11/2010Rate 3.052
Offshore India Pale Ale 6.06/8/2004Rate 3.263770
Offshore Inkwell 106/25/2005Rate 3.466
Offshore Islandator Dopplebock 7.57/24/2006Rate 0
Offshore Kilt Lifter Reserve 8.06/25/2005Rate 2.972
Offshore Laughing Laird Scotch Ale 8.42/6/2003Rate 2.811
Offshore Lazy Frog IPA 7.06/2/2013Rate 3.142117
Offshore Maibock 7.26/29/2015Rate 3.063
Offshore Mann Hutte Hefeweizen 5.07/5/2012Rate 3.13
Offshore Menemsha Creek Pale Ale 5.07/27/2010Rate 3.113915
Offshore Merseyside Red Ale 7.510/14/2017Rate 0
Offshore Miss Behavin' 7.510/14/2017Rate 0
Offshore Octoberfest 6.010/11/2010Rate 2.791
Offshore Off Session 4.210/24/2016Rate 2.981
Offshore On Time Pale Ale 5.06/29/2009Rate 2.841
Offshore Organic E.S.B. 7.510/14/2017Rate 0
Offshore Rye Hop 4.65/29/2006Rate 3.323
Offshore Rye Knot? -11/7/2004Rate 3.063
Offshore Rye Pilsner 5.012/3/2004Rate 0
Offshore Saison 7.410/14/2017Rate 0
Offshore Shipwreck Barleywine 9.57/5/2012Rate 2.861
Offshore Steeprock Stout 4.67/22/2006Rate 3.357711
Offshore Stonewall Imperial IPA 8.511/19/2006Rate 3.225
Offshore Stonewall IPA (alias) 6.311/2/2004
Offshore Summer Hefeweizen 4.77/22/2006Rate 2.982
Offshore The Argus 10.57/10/2014Rate 2.811
Offshore The Islander Double IPA 8.08/28/2012Rate 3.266
Offshore Tripel 7.07/16/2006Rate 2.541
Offshore Wash-a-shore Wit 5.010/14/2017Rate 0
Offshore Wicked Pumpkin 6.6610/18/2014Rate 2.81

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