Commercial Brewery
Brewer rating: 89/100 975 ratings
Falcon Brewery, Kewaigue, Douglas, Isle of Man IM2 1QG
Places associated: Bear & Billet (Okellís), Fly In The Loaf (Okells), Thomas Rigbyís (Okells), Prospect Hotel (Okellís), Lady of Mann (Okells), Bridge on the Quay (Okellís), Terminus Tavern (Okellís), Queens Hotel (Okells), Saddle Inn (Okellís), British Hotel (Okellís)
Founded 1874
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Okells 1907 6.18/2/2013Rate 3.385535
Okells Aile 4.85/14/2006Rate 3.4580165
Okells Alt 5.04/16/2010Rate 3.146622
Okells Autumn Dawn 4.28/21/2002Rate 2.812521
Okells Bitter 3.78/20/2002Rate 3.18154
Okells Captains Pride 3.77/18/2008Rate 2.841
Okells Castletown Ale 4.08/12/2007Rate 2.832510
Okells Cooil Pils 4.98/20/2002Rate 2.171
Okells Dr Okells Eastern Spice 4.53/26/2008Rate 3.047317
Okells Dr Okells IPA (Cask) 4.58/20/2002Rate 3.168961
Okells Elixir 6.52/24/2007Rate 2.921
Okells Gorley Doo 5.010/4/2015Rate 3.091
Okells Honda Blade Brew 4.27/1/2006Rate 2.824
Okells IPA (Bottled) 4.57/24/2004Rate 3.2195156
Okells Jiarg 4.74/15/2009Rate 3.147431
Okells Jough 3.711/13/2012Rate 2.793
Okells Maclir (Bottle) 4.412/17/2002Rate 2.9448137
Okells Maclir (Cask) 4.47/20/2003Rate 2.965140
Okells Mild 3.48/16/2001Rate 2.67536
Okells MPA (Manx Pale Ale) 3.61/17/2013Rate 3.349620
Okells Olaf 3.91/17/2013Rate 3.238214
Okells Olde Skipper 4.58/8/2004Rate 2.975711
Okells Premium Steam Beer 5.04/24/2012Rate 3.044523
Okells Saison 4.59/30/2011Rate 3.152326
Okells Smooth 3.74/12/2006Rate 2.875
Okells SMPA / Special Manx Pale Ale 4.68/12/2014Rate 3.117414
Okells Spring Ram 4.28/8/2003Rate 2.946
Okells St Nick 4.58/8/2004Rate 2.81017
Okells Steam 5.07/6/2015Rate 2.751
Okells Summer Storm 4.28/16/2001Rate 2.957336
Okells Traditional Porter 4.81/26/2011Rate 3.171
Okells Triskelion Tropical IPA 5.010/20/2016Rate 3.142
Okells TT 100 (Blade Brew) 4.26/17/2007Rate 2.541
Okells XXX 3.44/24/2006Rate 2.482

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