Old Bakery Beer Company

Brew Pub/Brewery
400 Landmarks Blvd., Alton, Illinois, USA 62002
Tu-Th: 11-10
F: 11-Midnight
Sa: Noon-Midnight
Su: Noon-7

Associated place: Old Bakery Beer Company

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Old Bakery 2nd Anniversary Imperial Stout 9.23/15/2017Rate 3.333
Old Bakery 3RD Anniversarator 9.04/7/2018Rate 3.423
Old Bakery 4th Anniversary Rum Barrel Aged Belgian Quad 9.06/6/2019Rate 3.131
Old Bakery A Town Brown 5.310/20/2016Rate 3.034
Old Bakery Amarillo Smash 5.812/16/2017Rate 3.182
Old Bakery Anniversary Barleywine 8.73/17/2016Rate 3.344
Old Bakery Anniversary Deconstructed Tank 8.73/17/2016Rate 3.061
Old Bakery Belgian Pale Ale -5/5/2018Rate 3.091
Old Bakery Biere de Garde -12/22/2015Rate 31
Old Bakery Bourbon Barrel Double Stout 6.85/19/2017Rate 3.122
Old Bakery Cab Aged Imperial Stout 9.23/15/2017Rate 3.252
Old Bakery California Common 4.711/4/2017Rate 3.212
Old Bakery Centennial White IPA 5.96/9/2017Rate 3.285
Old Bakery Cerveza Com Lima -4/15/2017Rate 3.077
Old Bakery Citrus Wheat 4.33/20/2015Rate 3.379216
Old Bakery Coffee Series Cat Cafe 5.711/13/2018Rate 3.253
Old Bakery Dark Mild 4.41/24/2015Rate 3.276
Old Bakery Dark Mild Aged On Birch Bark 4.43/3/2017Rate 2.961
Old Bakery Digital Native 6.34/7/2018Rate 3.24349
Old Bakery Double Stout 6.82/27/2015Rate 3.364
Old Bakery Double Stout With Chipotle And Cocoa Nibs 6.88/7/2015Rate 3.212
Old Bakery English Breakfast 5.08/6/2015Rate 3.375
Old Bakery English Pale Ale 4.01/24/2015Rate 3.388
Old Bakery Extra Special Pub Ale 5.612/22/2015Rate 3.257
Old Bakery Farmhouse 66 6.68/8/2019Rate 3.041
Old Bakery Gentle Giant 8.04/25/2015Rate 3.149
Old Bakery Golden Oat 4.72/14/2015Rate 3.246
Old Bakery Golden Oat Aged On Birch Bark 4.73/3/2017Rate 3.021
Old Bakery Golden Red Bud 4.75/6/2017Rate 3.091
Old Bakery Grapefruit Session IPA 4.59/1/2016Rate 3.223
Old Bakery Hairy Mountain Stout 6.310/17/2018Rate 3.43
Old Bakery Hazelnut Light Roast 5.010/6/2017Rate 3.091
Old Bakery Hazelnut Porter 5.610/6/2017Rate 3.061
Old Bakery Hibiscus Extra Tart 4.510/17/2018Rate 3.021
Old Bakery Hibiscus Tart 4.65/21/2016Rate 3.047
Old Bakery Hibiscus Tart Dry Hopped El Dorado 4.58/12/2018Rate 3.041
Old Bakery Hop Rocker 4.78/23/2015Rate 3.122
Old Bakery Imperial Stout 9.03/15/2017Rate 3.252
Old Bakery India Brown Ale 5.61/24/2015Rate 3.415
Old Bakery India Red Ale 5.52/24/2017Rate 31
Old Bakery Ivanhoe Pale Lager 5.14/2/2015Rate 2.993
Old Bakery Kind Of Blueberry 4.86/4/2019Rate 3.072
Old Bakery Light Roast 5.011/4/2017Rate 3.325
Old Bakery Maevas Blend Coffee Brown 4.22/6/2015Rate 3.133
Old Bakery Magnum Pale Ale 4.51/24/2015Rate 3.286
Old Bakery Midwest Red Ale 5.23/14/2015Rate 3.185
Old Bakery Moka Java Milk Stout 4.13/11/2016Rate 3.44
Old Bakery North End IPA 5.71/15/2016Rate 3.354716
Old Bakery Oktoberfest 5.49/20/2015Rate 3.236
Old Bakery On the Double 6.51/25/2019Rate 3.061
Old Bakery Perle Pils 5.15/27/2016Rate 3.212
Old Bakery Porter 5.81/24/2015Rate 3.69620
Old Bakery Pour Over Coffee IPA 5.83/13/2018Rate 3.125
Old Bakery Pumpkin Spice Coffee Sschwarzbier -12/23/2018Rate 3.061
Old Bakery Rosemary IPA (alias) 5.910/17/2018
Old Bakery Rye Bock 6.53/14/2015Rate 3.247
Old Bakery Rye Pale Ale 4.91/24/2015Rate 2.963
Old Bakery Saison 6.08/12/2018Rate 3.162
Old Bakery Scottish Ale 5.28/12/2017Rate 3.283
Old Bakery Session IPA 4.74/16/2015Rate 3.214
Old Bakery Single Source Coffee Lager 4.57/4/2015Rate 3.45949
Old Bakery Skim Juicy 5.510/17/2018Rate 3.122
Old Bakery Super Pils 5.411/4/2017Rate 3.286
Old Bakery Sweet Potato Chai 5.810/31/2015Rate 3.335
Old Bakery Tannenbaum 5.910/28/2018Rate 3.245
Old Bakery The Observer 5.37/31/2015Rate 3.344
Old Bakery Timor Coffee Red Ale -7/14/2016Rate 3.223
Old Bakery Triple Berry Double Stout 6.84/24/2015Rate 3.212
Old Bakery Wheat IPA 6.32/14/2015Rate 3.155
Old Bakery Yellow Beer 5.22/14/2015Rate 3.224

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