Old Bear

Brewer rating: 61/100 185 ratings
Unit 1 Aireworth Mills, Aireworth Road. , Keighley, West Yorkshire, England BD21 4DH
Brewery commenced in 1992 at The Old White Bear in Keighley. Moved to Unit 4b, Atlas Works in 2005. In 2010 moved on to Unit 1 Airworth Mills, Keighley. In 2014 the Brewery was bought by Bridgehouse Brewery, currently beers sold as seperate.
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Kelda Ale
Brewed by/for Kelda
3.83/29/2009Rate 2.881
Kelda Gold
Brewed by/for Kelda
4.02/14/2010Rate 2.863
Kelda Mild
Brewed by/for Kelda
3.612/6/2009Rate 2.794
Old Bear Airedale 3.97/10/2013Rate 2.813
Old Bear All Hallows 4.810/30/2007Rate 3.151
Old Bear Beamsley Beacon 4.58/28/2007Rate 2.881
Old Bear Bear Skin 4.312/8/2008Rate 2.792
Old Bear Bearly Mild 3.54/25/2008Rate 3.071
Old Bear Bears AAZ 3.87/31/2009Rate 2.841
Old Bear Black Maria 4.21/24/2006Rate 3.357228
Old Bear Bruin 3.55/25/2006Rate 3.14579
Old Bear Christmas Pudding 4.612/14/2008Rate 2.915
Old Bear Duke Of Bronte Capstan FS 12.57/25/2007Rate 2.79117
Old Bear Enchanter 4.412/5/2013Rate 2.852
Old Bear Estivator 3.85/23/2006Rate 2.793414
Old Bear Goldilocks 4.51/11/2006Rate 2.843726
Old Bear Great Bear 3.92/25/2011Rate 2.94312
Old Bear Hibernator 5.03/15/2004Rate 2.861711
Old Bear Honey Ginger 4.82/25/2008Rate 3.071
Old Bear Honey Pot 4.63/15/2004Rate 2.59148
Old Bear In The Red 4.48/10/2007Rate 2.717
Old Bear Jingle Bears 4.55/10/2010Rate 2.682
Old Bear Mad March Bear 3.75/21/2010Rate 2.791
Old Bear Old Tyke 6.02/9/2009Rate 2.712
Old Bear Original 3.83/15/2004Rate 2.746
Old Bear Pit Fall 4.27/29/2007Rate 2.841
Old Bear Resurrection 4.44/17/2010Rate 2.762
Old Bear Solmonath 4.12/22/2009Rate 2.974
Old Bear Spectacled Bear 4.39/15/2009Rate 2.822
Old Bear Spot Light 4.28/17/2011Rate 2.791
Old Bear Sun Bear 4.29/29/2013Rate 2.791
Old Bear XX XII 3.98/4/2012Rate 2.862
Old Bear Yorkshire Ale 4.28/3/2009Rate 3.048

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