Old Flame Brewing Co.

Brewer rating: 82/100 136 ratings
135 Perry Street, Port Perry, Ontario, Canada L9L 1B8
Opening May 2014

Associated place: Old Flame Brewing Co.

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Old Flame / 5 Paddles / Manantler / Brewers Pantry Dark Knights of Durham 6.22/8/2016Rate 3.151
Old Flame All ’Ale’ the Ginger 5.31/29/2016Rate 31
Old Flame Black Willow 5.39/20/2015Rate 3.216
Old Flame Blonde 5.06/8/2014Rate 3.068915
Old Flame Bonny Brown Mild 3.98/1/2014Rate 3.186
Old Flame Brunette 4.86/8/2014Rate 3.329613
Old Flame Dirty Blonde 5.06/8/2014Rate 3.249110
Old Flame Gimme a Kiss 5.611/6/2014Rate 3.21919
Old Flame Hopposites Attract 5.57/3/2017Rate 2.981
Old Flame Peck On The Cheek 4.73/24/2015Rate 0
Old Flame Perry Loved Mary 6.36/8/2014Rate 3.334716
Old Flame Perry’s Chocolate Orange 5.02/24/2016Rate 3.022
Old Flame Port Perry Porter 5.912/11/2014Rate 3.234
Old Flame Psychedelic Sunday 3.97/3/2017Rate 2.961
Old Flame Red 5.16/8/2014Rate 3.189424
Old Flame Rusty 5.18/18/2014Rate 3.234
Old Flame Scary Mary 8.011/23/2015Rate 3.174
Old Flame She Left Me Blue 5.67/7/2015Rate 2.912
Old Flame Sweet Peaches 2: Hoppy Seconds 5.38/11/2015Rate 0
Old Flame The Bitter Ex 5.12/18/2015Rate 3.095
Old Flame Twisted Sister 5.43/24/2015Rate 0
Old Flame Vanilla Brunette 4.86/22/2014Rate 2.892
Old Flame Vanilla Brunette with Cinnamon 4.86/22/2014Rate 3.042
Old Flame Vanilla Porter 6.012/12/2014Rate 3.264
Old Flame Witchy Woman 5.39/26/2014Rate 3.264

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