Old Yale Australian Black Gose 3.710/20/2016Rate 2.513
Old Yale BC Backyard Lager 5.011/28/2016Rate 2.952
Old Yale Boys to the Yard Milkshake IPA 5.33/30/2017Rate 2.464
Old Yale Chilliwack Blonde Ale (alias) 5.01/10/2003
Old Yale Cultus Lake Pilsner 5.011/28/2006Rate 2.564414
Old Yale D.O. Ale 5.05/30/2013Rate 3.298614
Old Yale Devilfish SMaSH IPA 5.511/23/2015Rate 3.081612
Old Yale Fresh Hop Double IPA 6.511/13/2016Rate 2.933
Old Yale Fresh Hop IPA 6.010/11/2015Rate 3.193
Old Yale Knotty Blonde 5.05/12/2015Rate 2.974632
Old Yale Moon Dance Mango Wheat 5.012/31/2014Rate 2.823816
Old Yale Off Trail Pale Ale 5.05/27/2016Rate 2.945
Old Yale Old Paddle Pilsner 5.05/27/2016Rate 2.873
Old Yale Outta Wack Mango Wheat (alias) 5.09/29/2013
Old Yale Pale Ale 5.251/10/2003Rate 3.286852
Old Yale Plum Porter Kettle Sour 6.03/28/2017Rate 2.975
Old Yale Sasquatch Stout 5.252/23/2005Rate 3.3458113
Old Yale Sasquatch Stout - Oak Aged 7.53/2/2015Rate 2.834
Old Yale Screaming Banshee Irish Cream Stout 7.511/30/2013Rate 3.162613
Old Yale Sergeants IPA 5.51/9/2003Rate 3.284793
Old Yale Vanishing Monk Wit 5.04/15/2015Rate 2.782212
Old Yale West Coast IPA (formerly: Afterburner) 6.07/9/2014Rate 3.426310
Old Yale Yeti White Stout 8.03/29/2016Rate 2.835

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