Ole Slewfoot Brett-Wood 6.311/4/2011Rate 2.831
Ole Slewfoot Cabarrus Gold 3.68/1/2012Rate 3.123
Ole Slewfoot Citraville 3.911/27/2011Rate 3.213420
Ole Slewfoot Crooked Smile 6.911/9/2011Rate 3.165
Ole Slewfoot Devil's Dream 5.02/13/2010Rate 2.932915
Ole Slewfoot EBA 5.312/25/2011Rate 3.027
Ole Slewfoot Fox on the Run 4.82/13/2010Rate 3.124818
Ole Slewfoot Friend of the Devil 7.72/6/2011Rate 3.042120
Ole Slewfoot January 8th 4.22/12/2010Rate 2.651717
Ole Slewfoot Little Bear 3.72/22/2013Rate 3.175
Ole Slewfoot Orange Blossom Special 4.47/21/2009Rate 2.751823
Ole Slewfoot Prince of Peace 6.92/6/2011Rate 3.227519
Ole Slewfoot Red Wing Flemish Style Red Ale 5.12/6/2011Rate 3.161614
Ole Slewfoot White Dove 3.97/7/2010Rate 2.868
Shackleton Centenary Bitter
Brewed by/for Shackleton
3.76/23/2014Rate 3.033
Shackleton Endurance
Brewed by/for Shackleton
4.86/23/2014Rate 3.163
Shackleton The Boss
Brewed by/for Shackleton
5.06/23/2014Rate 31

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