One Barrel Brewing Company

2001 Atwood Avenue, Madison, Wisconsin, USA
Tue & Wed: 4 to 11 pm
Thur & Fri: 4 pm to 1 am
Sat: 11 am to 1 am
Sun 11 am to 11 pm

Associated place: One Barrel Brewing Company

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One Barrel 1B-K4 (alias) 8.65/7/2013
One Barrel 3787 Belgian Tripel 7.210/28/2012Rate 0
One Barrel Ale 'Osaurus Old Ale 6.73/24/2013Rate 2.811
One Barrel Ale 'Osaurus Old Ale Aged with Whole Bean Rusty Dog Coffee and Cocoa 6.73/9/2014Rate 2.881
One Barrel Atwood XXXtra Pale Ale - Rose Hips, Cinnamon & Cardamon 6.25/6/2017Rate 2.862
One Barrel Banjo Cat Belgian Ale 125/8/2015Rate 3.133
One Barrel Barleywine! 8.212/3/2012Rate 2.912
One Barrel Barrel Aged #2 108/14/2014Rate 2.831
One Barrel Barrel Aged Bunyon 9.92/27/2015Rate 2.881
One Barrel Batch #100: Centennial Rye 9.58/8/2017Rate 0
One Barrel Beetlejuice³! 6.18/7/2013Rate 2.841
One Barrel Behemoth 107/6/2013Rate 3.46419
One Barrel Belgian Delight 8.92/15/2019Rate 3.041
One Barrel Berliner Weisse 3.511/26/2016Rate 3.13
One Barrel Big Bear Belgian Strong Ale 1010/4/2015Rate 3.167
One Barrel Bilbo Baggins Black IPA (alias) 6.210/28/2012
One Barrel Blue Machine -8/12/2014Rate 2.881
One Barrel Bogtrotter -5/30/2017Rate 3.021
One Barrel Brandywine Bridge 9.58/14/2014Rate 2.931
One Barrel Breakfast Beer Imperial Coffee Stout 8.512/28/2015Rate 3.316
One Barrel Breakfast Beer Oatmeal Stout 5.58/18/2012Rate 3.366012
One Barrel Brett Hop 10.85/30/2017Rate 3.021
One Barrel Bridezilla 5.011/6/2013Rate 3.092
One Barrel Brown Out 5.011/8/2017Rate 2.981
One Barrel Bunny Hop Pale Ale 4.912/31/2013Rate 3.182
One Barrel Care Bear Imperial Coffee Stout 8.03/24/2013Rate 3.336
One Barrel Carry My Bags Porter -2/9/2014Rate 0
One Barrel Chai Town Brown Ale 4.51/27/2013Rate 2.713
One Barrel Cool Runnings ESB 5.53/24/2013Rate 0
One Barrel Cortado Stout 8.35/4/2013Rate 2.962
One Barrel Dad Jokes 5.52/16/2019Rate 3.041
One Barrel Dawes Band Pale Ale 5.74/3/2013Rate 0
One Barrel Debut du Monde Wisconsin Tripel 7.68/10/2012Rate 2.811
One Barrel Decepti-Bock 4.07/7/2014Rate 2.812
One Barrel Don't Touch My Chandelier 5.58/8/2017Rate 0
One Barrel Dr. Bruce American IPA 6.712/31/2013Rate 0
One Barrel East Kent Brockman 6.02/16/2019Rate 3.021
One Barrel Easy Amber 5.512/22/2012Rate 2.892
One Barrel Emperor Penguin Imperial IPA 8.110/3/2012Rate 3.17
One Barrel Fairy Tail Ale 8.68/8/2017Rate 3.042
One Barrel Falcor Sour 6.012/31/2013Rate 0
One Barrel Falcor Sour with Blackberries -8/1/2014Rate 2.974
One Barrel Fanny Pack 6.53/6/2018Rate 3.075
One Barrel Flemish Giant 5.211/2/2013Rate 2.711
One Barrel Forward Madison FC Cherry Kölsch 4.86/26/2019Rate 3.041
One Barrel Galactic 6.212/31/2012Rate 3.053
One Barrel Gentry's Own Best Hard Cider 9.812/31/2013Rate 3.084
One Barrel Gentry's Own Best Hard Cider Raspberry 9.512/31/2013Rate 0
One Barrel Gentry's Own Best Dry Hard Cider 6.02/15/2019Rate 3.092
One Barrel Gentry's Own Rose Cider 5.010/8/2018Rate 3.092
One Barrel Greg Hall Raspberry Lambic 5.05/8/2015Rate 3.224
One Barrel Groundskeeper Willie 7.811/15/2013Rate 3.265
One Barrel Groundskeeper Willie - Barrel Aged 8.510/26/2016Rate 3.022
One Barrel Hodag Brown Ale 5.812/31/2013Rate 0
One Barrel Honeypot 8.48/24/2012Rate 0
One Barrel Hootenanny 5.612/31/2013Rate 2.982
One Barrel Hop on Pop Imperial IPA 8.01/19/2013Rate 2.962
One Barrel Hopticity Jones IPA 6.53/24/2013Rate 3.298
One Barrel Hypercolor 6.07/18/2018Rate 3.095
One Barrel Iced Barleywine 123/24/2013Rate 0
One Barrel Iron Lady ESB 4.711/26/2016Rate 3.022
One Barrel Jimbo 9.05/15/2013Rate 3.054
One Barrel Katy Perry 5.55/8/2015Rate 3.123
One Barrel Leisure Swing 5.46/5/2018Rate 31
One Barrel Lupulinology -5/30/2017Rate 3.021
One Barrel Mad Rollin' Dolls Pale Ale 5.712/31/2013Rate 0
One Barrel Mighty Rye -5/30/2017Rate 31
One Barrel Obama's White House Honey Ale 5.810/3/2012Rate 2.660
One Barrel Olbrich Oktoberfest 5.910/18/2018Rate 3.021
One Barrel One Tun American Pale Ale 5.83/24/2013Rate 0
One Barrel Panthro 7.07/7/2014Rate 0
One Barrel Panthro - Bourbon Barrel Aged 8.02/4/2015Rate 2.791
One Barrel Party Guy Honey ESB 5.33/24/2013Rate 0
One Barrel Paul Bunyan 8.33/2/2014Rate 3.074
One Barrel Pele Pale Ale 5.57/7/2014Rate 0
One Barrel Pepper Czar 9.62/16/2019Rate 3.021
One Barrel Pirate Steve's Pale Ale 5.912/31/2013Rate 0
One Barrel PK -8/4/2018Rate 2.941
One Barrel Proletariat Farmhouse Ale 5.93/24/2013Rate 2.92
One Barrel Puckered App-Hole 5.512/20/2018Rate 0
One Barrel Pumpkin Patch 5.411/15/2013Rate 2.81
One Barrel Reynard The Fox 6.57/7/2014Rate 2.981
One Barrel Russian Imperial Stout w/Lactobacillus, Oak, and Tart Cherries 9.512/31/2013Rate 0
One Barrel Saison Shandy 4.08/24/2012Rate 0
One Barrel Sarsaparilla 6.55/8/2015Rate 3.122
One Barrel Sayonara Saison 7.22/18/2019Rate 3.021
One Barrel Schenk Down Street (Don't Touch My Chandelier) -11/23/2016Rate 3.131
One Barrel Scottish Breakfast 8.15/6/2017Rate 3.122
One Barrel Sixteenth Irish 4.811/26/2016Rate 3.061
One Barrel Sour Apple Ale 6.011/8/2017Rate 2.952
One Barrel Sour Power 6.511/26/2016Rate 3.061
One Barrel Spring Break 5.03/21/2019Rate 3.073
One Barrel Strong Ale #2 107/7/2012Rate 3.273313
One Barrel Strong Ale #3 8.512/31/2013Rate 0
One Barrel Sullivan's Irish Red 5.51/19/2013Rate 2.822
One Barrel Summer of American Pale Ale 5.810/28/2012Rate 0
One Barrel Sweet Action Cream Ale 5.212/31/2013Rate 0
One Barrel The Black 8.02/16/2019Rate 3.041
One Barrel The Commuter w/Raspberries 4.812/31/2013Rate 0
One Barrel The Nothing -11/26/2014Rate 3.022
One Barrel Three-Putt Sweet Stout 5.712/31/2013Rate 0
One Barrel Tiny Giant 6.11/17/2017Rate 3.277
One Barrel Tres Equis 6.311/8/2017Rate 3.061
One Barrel Trinity -6/19/2017Rate 3.091
One Barrel Up North Wisconsin Lager 5.06/11/2019Rate 3.111
One Barrel WHEx Imperial IPA 9.012/31/2013Rate 0
One Barrel Wild Red 6.58/8/2017Rate 3.091
One Barrel Wonderland Holiday Ale 9.23/24/2013Rate 0
One Barrel Wrenclaw Red Ale 6.02/9/2014Rate 2.762
One Barrel Ya Gatova Russian Imperial Stout 9.34/3/2013Rate 3.162
One Barrel Yeti 123/2/2014Rate 2.92
One Barrel 5th Element 6.54/28/2016Rate 3.132011
One Barrel Banjo Cat India Black Ale 6.23/13/2016Rate 3.475332
One Barrel Copper Stag Amber Alt 5.310/4/2016Rate 3.013612
One Barrel Penguin Pale Ale 5.77/7/2012Rate 3.315933
One Barrel The Commuter 4.87/7/2012Rate 3.076329

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