Other Half Brewing

Brewer rating: 100/100 4039 ratings
195 Centre Street, Brooklyn, New York, USA 11231
Associated place: Other Half Brewing Co.

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Other Half ! 8.34/19/2016Rate 3.434124
Other Half / 3 Stars Meek Millet (Table Version) 6.01/31/2017Rate 3.326
Other Half / 3 Stars Meek Millet - 12 Brettanomyces Strain Version 6.02/9/2017Rate 3.375
Other Half / 7venth Sun It’s Not You It’s Me 6.57/6/2015Rate 3.256
Other Half / 7venth Sun It’s Not You It’s Me with Lychee 6.57/4/2015Rate 3.457410
Other Half / Arizona Wilderness City Slickers 6.85/2/2016Rate 3.79728
Other Half / Arizona Wilderness Saloon Doors 7.64/23/2017Rate 3.38419
Other Half / Barrier Make It Rain 7.03/1/2016Rate 3.779812
Other Half / Barrier Throw Some Mo’ 8.23/1/2017Rate 3.728921
Other Half / Beavertown Telectroscopic 8.55/22/2016Rate 3.657918
Other Half / Birreria Maratona 6.51/31/2015Rate 2.993
Other Half / Bunker Boogie Board Stuntz 4.75/25/2015Rate 3.5410042
Other Half / Bunker Get Wheated 8.53/21/2016Rate 3.454310
Other Half / Bunker Maple Creamies 114/14/2017Rate 3.456
Other Half / Burial Diamond Mausoleum Cascadian Dark Ale 7.52/2/2016Rate 3.648824
Other Half / Cellarmaker All Dank Everything 8.35/22/2016Rate 3.718827
Other Half / Cloudwater Imaginary Greenscapes 8.04/21/2017Rate 3.89453
Other Half / Creature Comforts Grits ’N’ Greens 5.96/9/2016Rate 3.6610023
Other Half / Dry & Bitter Responsible Adult 4.811/20/2016Rate 3.579515
Other Half / Evil Twin Beat It Nerd! 6.6612/23/2014Rate 3.477815
Other Half / Finback Lime Green Galaxies 4.85/1/2016Rate 3.499913
Other Half / Half Acre Fully Frothed 8.311/20/2016Rate 3.819530
Other Half / Holy Mountain By And By 6.77/31/2016Rate 3.457015
Other Half / Industrial Arts Nummy Nug Nug 8.31/29/2017Rate 3.869724
Other Half / J Wakefield Cane Life (Bourbon + Cocoa + Cinnamon + Ancho) 121/8/2017Rate 3.57419
Other Half / J Wakefield Cane Life (Bourbon Barrel + Coffee + Coconut) 121/8/2017Rate 3.536
Other Half / J Wakefield Cane Life (Bourbon Barrel + Vanilla) 121/8/2017Rate 3.554012
Other Half / J Wakefield Cane Life (Bourbon Barrel) 121/8/2017Rate 3.398
Other Half / Kent Falls Crazy Talk 6.511/30/2016Rate 3.518110
Other Half / Kent Falls Real Talk 6.512/17/2016Rate 3.437
Other Half / LIC Beer Project Still Shinin’ 6.56/11/2017Rate 3.324
Other Half / Magic Rock Grape Conversate 6.910/10/2016Rate 2.96910
Other Half / Mikkeller Crooked Crops 7.45/19/2017Rate 3.215
Other Half / Mikkeller Crooked Crops - Double Dry Hopped 7.45/19/2017Rate 3.151
Other Half / Mission Dolores Greenbacks IPA 6.84/7/2015Rate 3.629216
Other Half / Monkish Blowin’ Up the Spot 10.211/30/2016Rate 3.779325
Other Half / Omnipollo / Tired Hands Debbie Downer 6.67/3/2016Rate 3.69118
Other Half / Oxbow Town + Country 7.24/11/2015Rate 3.286
Other Half / RAR Greenprint 8.38/20/2016Rate 3.576213
Other Half / Speedwagon Surprise Me! 4.810/22/2016Rate 3.539210
Other Half / Stillwater / Proletariat Ultramagnetic 6.05/4/2014Rate 2.98712
Other Half / Stockholm Swedes In Heat 4.85/6/2017Rate 3.375
Other Half / Suarez Neighborhood Flock 5.38/7/2016Rate 3.548513
Other Half / The Answer Double Dribble 7.85/19/2017Rate 3.515
Other Half / The Answer No Lay Ups 8.06/2/2016Rate 3.789426
Other Half / The Answer Raining Threes 8.55/19/2017Rate 3.445
Other Half / The Veil Topical Depression 8.08/20/2016Rate 3.78721
Other Half / Threes Brewing Grand Scheme 9.03/8/2015Rate 3.074511
Other Half / Threes Tres Equis 5.511/7/2015Rate 3.123
Other Half / Tired Hands Oat Overdose 6.51/20/2016Rate 3.89931
Other Half / Transmitter Crystal Waves 4.86/9/2017Rate 3.145
Other Half / Trillium Like Whoa! 8.010/29/2016Rate 3.829523
Other Half / Trillium Street Green 7.011/7/2015Rate 3.789816
Other Half / Zagavor Space Soyez Sauce - Red Wine Cherry Vanilla 125/6/2017Rate 3.022
Other Half / Zagovor Space Soyez Sauce 125/6/2017Rate 3.162
Other Half / Zagovor Space Soyez Sauce - Ararat Birch Raspberries 122/17/2017Rate 3.514
Other Half / Zagovor Space Soyez Sauce - Red Wine Barrel 123/7/2017Rate 3.274
Other Half 007 8.56/2/2016Rate 3.375
Other Half 1st Anniversary 101/31/2015Rate 3.446
Other Half 2nd Anniversary 9.01/30/2016Rate 3.919829
Other Half 3rd Anniversary 101/28/2017Rate 49928
Other Half Ain’t Nothin’ Nice 6.22/27/2017Rate 3.659417
Other Half All Brett Everything 6.59/17/2015Rate 3.6919
Other Half All Citra Everything 8.53/28/2016Rate 3.889875
Other Half All Citra Everything - Double Dry Hopped 8.511/8/2016Rate 3.959857
Other Half All Green Everything Triple India Pale Ale 10.54/18/2014Rate 3.8897155
Other Half All I See Is Green 7.912/4/2014Rate 3.135
Other Half All That and Then Some 9.58/6/2015Rate 3.514917
Other Half All The Hip hops 9.46/20/2015Rate 3.566015
Other Half Always Bet On Green 8.08/13/2016Rate 3.55579
Other Half Amarillo 7.09/11/2015Rate 3.629325
Other Half Baby Diamonds 4.812/5/2015Rate 3.79924
Other Half Barrel Aged Imperial Stout 118/23/2014Rate 3.518
Other Half Boogie Board Stuntz 2 4.57/1/2016Rate 3.223
Other Half Boogie Board Stuntz 3 4.56/11/2017Rate 0
Other Half Brett Saison 6.53/9/2015Rate 3.474416
Other Half Brettarillo 6.23/25/2016Rate 3.393
Other Half Bretty Crocker 5.010/23/2015Rate 3.386820
Other Half Broccoli 7.910/10/2016Rate 3.688424
Other Half Broccoli - Double Dry Hopped 7.92/13/2017Rate 3.747
Other Half Cabbage 7.94/1/2017Rate 3.678112
Other Half Cabbage Double Dry Hopped 7.95/4/2017Rate 3.929831
Other Half Calypso Farmhouse Pale Ale 6.09/17/2015Rate 3.197
Other Half Calypso Pale Ale (alias) -9/1/2015
Other Half Canni’Baal 4.91/17/2015Rate 3.497822
Other Half Cascade IPA 7.09/26/2015Rate 3.518115
Other Half Centennial IPA 7.14/9/2015Rate 3.548510
Other Half Cheddar 7.94/6/2017Rate 3.627320
Other Half Cheddar - Double Dry Hopped 7.95/6/2017Rate 3.567
Other Half Cheddar Broccoli - Double Dry Hopped 7.94/10/2017Rate 3.335
Other Half Chesterfield Dreams 3.512/24/2015Rate 3.37
Other Half Chinook IPA 7.02/6/2016Rate 3.438
Other Half Citra + Motueka 8.52/22/2017Rate 3.515
Other Half Citra / Equinox 8.511/1/2016Rate 3.372
Other Half Citra IPA 6.86/1/2014Rate 3.89949
Other Half Citra IPA With Medusa Hops (alias) 6.86/23/2014
Other Half Comet 5.58/11/2015Rate 3.417
Other Half Cool Summer, Bro! 5.08/17/2014Rate 3.338913
Other Half Cream Get the Honey 6.26/18/2017Rate 3.322
Other Half Crush It! Galaxy 4.58/16/2016Rate 3.448
Other Half Crush It! Mosaic 4.812/1/2016Rate 3.324
Other Half Crush It! Motueka 4.45/7/2016Rate 3.34
Other Half Crush It! Wai-iti 4.36/2/2016Rate 3.144
Other Half Dancing Green Diamonds 9.12/12/2017Rate 3.384
Other Half Daydream In Green 8.13/18/2017Rate 3.829543
Other Half Daydream In Green Double Dry Hopped 8.16/14/2017Rate 3.151
Other Half Double Dry Hopped Dream in Green 6.26/13/2017Rate 3.322
Other Half Double Mosaic Daydream 8.35/6/2017Rate 3.718
Other Half Double Mosaic Dream 8.53/22/2016Rate 3.949868
Other Half Double Mosaic Dream - Double Dry Hopped 8.59/25/2016Rate 3.949863
Other Half Doug Cascadian Dark Ale 7.21/24/2014Rate 3.679136
Other Half Dream In Green 6.24/10/2017Rate 3.759865
Other Half El Dorado IPA 7.010/24/2015Rate 3.578917
Other Half Emerald Cities 8.32/3/2017Rate 3.395
Other Half Equinox IPA 7.23/22/2015Rate 3.599122
Other Half Equinox Topaz 8.59/20/2016Rate 3.364
Other Half ESB 5.710/29/2014Rate 3.156716
Other Half Experimental 06300 Stout 6.911/1/2014Rate 3.024
Other Half Falsa Noctis 6.09/28/2014Rate 3.436716
Other Half Falsa Noctis - Wine Barrel 6.22/23/2015Rate 3.528315
Other Half First Gold 5.53/14/2014Rate 3.248
Other Half Flavor Particles 7.43/27/2015Rate 3.467
Other Half Flowerzzz Farmhouse Ale 6.05/23/2016Rate 3.467214
Other Half Fooodre Jooose #1: What Even Though? 6.58/22/2015Rate 3.284112
Other Half Fooodre Jooose #2: Silent Judgement 6.09/25/2015Rate 3.346
Other Half Forever Ever 4.72/23/2015Rate 3.569585
Other Half Forever Green Session IPA 4.710/11/2014Rate 3.376113
Other Half Forever Simcoe 8.510/9/2016Rate 3.799422
Other Half Forever Simcoe - Double Dry Hopped 8.512/24/2016Rate 3.959942
Other Half Forgot About Drie 6.47/21/2016Rate 3.575711
Other Half G is for Green 8.54/13/2015Rate 3.698613
Other Half Galaxy IPA 7.06/13/2014Rate 3.578930
Other Half Get Busy Livin’ 135/6/2017Rate 3.212
Other Half Golden Spelt 4.37/29/2015Rate 3.477414
Other Half Grand Cru 8.012/19/2014Rate 3.292913
Other Half Green Diamonds Imperial IPA 9.112/11/2013Rate 3.7288139
Other Half Green Down to the Socks 7.91/19/2017Rate 3.789334
Other Half Green Down To The Socks - Double Dry Hopped 7.95/6/2017Rate 3.557
Other Half Green is for G’s 11.59/11/2015Rate 3.557
Other Half Hop Showers 7.42/24/2014Rate 3.899131
Other Half Hop Showers - Double Dry Hopped 7.44/8/2017Rate 3.779841
Other Half Hop’deded 8.812/5/2014Rate 3.555716
Other Half Hopped In Full 4.610/23/2015Rate 3.253
Other Half Hudson Valley 7.811/7/2015Rate 3.212
Other Half Hup! Hup! Hup! 5.56/4/2014Rate 3.549422
Other Half Imperial Stout 112/11/2014Rate 3.216
Other Half In Absentia Luci 1012/20/2014Rate 3.614523
Other Half In Absentia Luci - Bourbon Barrel with Vanilla 1112/24/2016Rate 3.262
Other Half In Absentia Luci - American Whiskey Barrel 1012/29/2014Rate 3.112
Other Half In Absentia Luci - Bourbon Barrel with Coconut, Vanilla and Cardamom 111/12/2017Rate 3.294
Other Half In Absentia Luci - Bourbon Barrel with Coffee, Hazelnut, Cocoa Nibs 111/12/2017Rate 3.223
Other Half In Absentia Luci - Bourbon Barrel with Coffee, Vanilla, and Cocoa 112/16/2017Rate 0
Other Half In Absentia Luci - Malt Whiskey Barrel 1012/29/2014Rate 3.244
Other Half In Absentia Luci - Red Wine Barrel 1012/29/2014Rate 3.634913
Other Half In Absentia Luci - Rum Barrel 1012/29/2014Rate 3.717
Other Half In Absentia Luci - Rye and Bourbon Barrel 1112/17/2016Rate 3.354
Other Half In Absentia Luci - Rye Whiskey Barrel 1012/29/2014Rate 3.092
Other Half Indian Ladder Farms Stout 6.512/26/2014Rate 3.218
Other Half IPA 6.912/11/2013Rate 3.69179
Other Half IPA #2 6.55/1/2017Rate 3.041
Other Half IPA #3 6.53/19/2017Rate 3.252
Other Half Jarrylo 6.010/25/2015Rate 3.285
Other Half Jimmy 5.04/11/2015Rate 3.448
Other Half Kerstperiode 1012/5/2014Rate 3.328413
Other Half Kerstperiode - Rum Barrel 102/23/2015Rate 3.276
Other Half Koksijde 12 8.08/17/2014Rate 3.158
Other Half Laatste Ronde 6.04/26/2014Rate 3.387116
Other Half Laatste Ronde (Whiskey Barrel) 7.58/29/2014Rate 2.973
Other Half Lembeek 86 5.93/17/2014Rate 2.878
Other Half Magic Green Nuggets 9.33/12/2016Rate 3.688333
Other Half Maple Sap 7.55/23/2015Rate 3.223
Other Half Meek Millet -7/16/2016Rate 3.276
Other Half Microgreen 4.07/1/2015Rate 3.498711
Other Half Midnight Showers 7.42/7/2016Rate 3.245
Other Half Mosaic 7.05/10/2015Rate 3.9610047
Other Half Mosaic + Motueka 8.54/19/2016Rate 3.799413
Other Half Mosaic is President 6.23/10/2016Rate 3.54859
Other Half Motueka + Galaxy 8.57/3/2016Rate 3.799428
Other Half Motueka Pale Ale 5.61/23/2014Rate 3.387714
Other Half Mylar Bags 8.89/6/2016Rate 3.889732
Other Half Mylar Bags - Double Dry Hopped 8.512/31/2016Rate 3.889728
Other Half Nelson IPA 6.911/4/2014Rate 3.759839
Other Half Nelson Sauvin + Motueka 8.59/12/2016Rate 3.688313
Other Half Nice Life 8.510/7/2014Rate 3.555727
Other Half Not My Jam 9.33/9/2015Rate 3.385
Other Half Oat Junkie 6.57/19/2015Rate 3.467513
Other Half Other Southern 8.510/12/2016Rate 3.444110
Other Half Passiflora 4.511/7/2015Rate 3.245
Other Half Peachwood Aged 4.51/16/2016Rate 3.43515
Other Half Pig Beach 4.37/19/2016Rate 3.363
Other Half Red Hook Crit 4.65/16/2016Rate 3.092
Other Half Riwaka 6.55/27/2017Rate 3.56
Other Half Short, Dark & Wired 7.412/15/2016Rate 3.669712
Other Half Short, Dark, & Handsome 7.411/4/2014Rate 3.689730
Other Half Simcoe / Galaxy 8.52/20/2017Rate 3.58638
Other Half Simcoe / Wai-iti 8.58/28/2016Rate 3.535115
Other Half Simcoe IPA 7.211/21/2015Rate 3.669428
Other Half Small Green Everything 5.07/18/2014Rate 3.769936
Other Half Small Green Everything - Double Dry Hopped 4.83/18/2017Rate 3.619715
Other Half Smokescreens & Oil Slicks 111/15/2015Rate 3.716318
Other Half Southern Hopalistic - Double Dry Hopped 7.44/7/2017Rate 3.679512
Other Half Southern Passion + J17 8.59/12/2016Rate 3.647716
Other Half Southernhopalistic 7.59/6/2014Rate 3.649427
Other Half Space Diamonds 8.58/28/2016Rate 3.879727
Other Half Space Diamonds - Double Dry Hopped 8.51/20/2017Rate 3.889720
Other Half Stacks on Stacks 8.52/14/2016Rate 3.789433
Other Half Stacks on Stacks - Double Dry Hopped 8.512/31/2016Rate 3.89420
Other Half Still G.R.E.E.N 6.67/19/2015Rate 3.589618
Other Half Stupid Wild 4.91/31/2015Rate 3.317
Other Half Styrian Farmhouse 5.56/20/2015Rate 3.324421
Other Half Subterranean Rotation 6.64/6/2017Rate 3.679516
Other Half Sunrise at the Oasis 6.89/6/2016Rate 3.184
Other Half Sunset at the Oasis 6.88/12/2016Rate 3.088
Other Half Suparillo 8.51/5/2016Rate 3.678243
Other Half Suparillo - Double Dry Hopped 8.512/31/2016Rate 3.749047
Other Half Super Nugget 7.112/26/2015Rate 3.599412
Other Half Superfun! 4.27/18/2014Rate 3.659845
Other Half Topaz 6.211/28/2015Rate 3.58114
Other Half True Green 7.94/14/2017Rate 3.314
Other Half Veldrijden Love 7.84/10/2014Rate 3.385322
Other Half Veldrijden Love - Chardonnay Barrel 7.88/29/2014Rate 3.477333
Other Half Waimea / Mosaic DIPA 8.54/25/2016Rate 3.627319
Other Half We’ve Been Out There in Orbit 1211/28/2015Rate 3.674931
Other Half We’ve Been Out There In Orbit - Bourbon barrel 1212/9/2016Rate 3.232
Other Half We’ve Been Out There In Orbit - Rum barrel 121/14/2017Rate 3.171
Other Half Wheat Wine 126/13/2014Rate 3.373814
Other Half / Stillwater Rockstar Farmer 4.58/13/2015Rate 3.579784
Other Half Beer Table Table Beer 5.15/15/2016Rate 3.548414

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