Our Brewing Company

Brewer rating: 86/100 97 ratings
76 E. 8th St., Holland, Michigan, USA 49423
Friday - Saturday: Noon

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Our Apricot Grayskull 3.58/19/2016Rate 31
Our Brewing A Stout Called Love Buzz 6.511/2/2012Rate 0
Our Brewing Andes Mint Milk Stout 7.811/6/2013Rate 3.47699
Our Brewing Apricot Wheat 5.210/28/2015Rate 0
Our Brewing As You Like It Porter 6.110/28/2015Rate 3.091
Our Brewing Barrel Aged Pilsner Wine 117/31/2014Rate 2.712
Our Brewing Berit’s Blonde Ale 5.110/28/2015Rate 0
Our Brewing Blazing Trails 6.05/20/2014Rate 2.671
Our Brewing Blessed Kettle Abbey Ale 8.011/2/2012Rate 0
Our Brewing Blue Wheat 5.23/15/2013Rate 2.811
Our Brewing Broken Promise 7.05/20/2014Rate 2.771
Our Brewing Bus Free D.R. IPA 7.04/18/2016Rate 0
Our Brewing By the Sour of Grayskull 2.59/4/2015Rate 3.041
Our Brewing Careless Whisper IPA 7.56/7/2015Rate 3.023
Our Brewing Centennial Park IPA 5.73/15/2013Rate 2.811
Our Brewing Cherry Grayskull 4.09/4/2015Rate 3.041
Our Brewing Cherry/Lemon GF IPA 6.08/2/2016Rate 3.021
Our Brewing Circus Peanut Belgian Strong Ale 1010/28/2015Rate 0
Our Brewing Coconut Battle Axe 9.08/2/2016Rate 3.041
Our Brewing Coconut Cream Pie 7.012/6/2014Rate 2.691
Our Brewing Coconut Porter 6.510/30/2015Rate 3.021
Our Brewing Cows with Guns 11.76/7/2015Rate 2.851
Our Brewing Cursed Kettle Quadruppel 106/7/2014Rate 3.352
Our Brewing DA Beer 4.06/7/2015Rate 2.831
Our Brewing Daybreak American Amber Ale 7.310/28/2015Rate 0
Our Brewing Dry County Nitro Stout 4.57/11/2014Rate 2.81
Our Brewing Dungeon Master Black IPA 6.83/15/2013Rate 3.183
Our Brewing Dutchtown Brown 7.610/28/2015Rate 0
Our Brewing Easy E Mild Ale 4.08/2/2016Rate 3.021
Our Brewing Extreme Coffee Stout 6.010/28/2015Rate 0
Our Brewing Flight of the Flacon IPA 6.310/28/2015Rate 0
Our Brewing Foreign Market Pale Ale 6.011/2/2012Rate 3.063
Our Brewing Fresh Apple Cider 7.010/28/2015Rate 0
Our Brewing Fresh Hop Pale 6.410/28/2015Rate 0
Our Brewing Ginger Beard 8.06/6/2015Rate 2.751
Our Brewing Ginger Honey EPA 6.85/20/2014Rate 2.831
Our Brewing Glazed Donut Ale 6.310/28/2015Rate 0
Our Brewing Gluten-Free IPA 6.03/15/2013Rate 2.812
Our Brewing Gourdeous Maximus 109/4/2015Rate 3.041
Our Brewing Guava Saison 6.07/31/2014Rate 2.791
Our Brewing Half Cab Farmhouse 6.76/22/2015Rate 3.021
Our Brewing Half Cab Saison 6.76/22/2015Rate 31
Our Brewing Handlebar Rider Imperial IPA 1011/11/2014Rate 2.911
Our Brewing Harvest Ale 6.010/28/2015Rate 0
Our Brewing Hopped Boombox Wheat 6.08/2/2016Rate 2.961
Our Brewing Low Life Lager 4.812/6/2014Rate 2.641
Our Brewing Marta’s Farmhouse 5.53/15/2013Rate 2.881
Our Brewing Megalodon Barley Wine 12.56/7/2015Rate 3.13
Our Brewing Mosey Session IPA 4.55/16/2015Rate 2.952
Our Brewing Our ESB 4.79/7/2014Rate 3.162
Our Brewing PB Toast Wheat -4/18/2016Rate 2.941
Our Brewing Peachy Keen Cream Ale 5.29/8/2014Rate 0
Our Brewing Peanut Butter Cocoa Stout 7.53/15/2013Rate 2.952
Our Brewing Peanut Butter Molasses Porter 7.012/6/2014Rate 2.81
Our Brewing Pickle Tickle IPA 7.012/6/2014Rate 2.791
Our Brewing Pineapple Cider 6.85/16/2015Rate 3.052
Our Brewing Pumpkin Pie Milk Stout 8.011/6/2013Rate 2.831
Our Brewing Ron Burgundy? 8.06/6/2015Rate 3.091
Our Brewing Rye Mo Be There 7.08/2/2016Rate 3.021
Our Brewing Saint Celiac’s Gluten-Free Tripel 10.210/28/2015Rate 0
Our Brewing Sasquatch on Coconuts 106/6/2015Rate 3.091
Our Brewing Shark Style IPA 5.05/20/2014Rate 2.81
Our Brewing SMASH Eldorado IPA 5.05/20/2014Rate 2.911
Our Brewing Snake Mountain 166/6/2015Rate 3.182
Our Brewing Son of a Beech 6.06/22/2015Rate 3.021
Our Brewing Sour Mash Oud Bruin 8.07/11/2014Rate 2.811
Our Brewing Sour Mash Red 8.012/6/2014Rate 2.772
Our Brewing Stickiest of the Icky IPA 6.56/7/2015Rate 31
Our Brewing Study Buddy 7.510/30/2015Rate 3.061
Our Brewing Sweet Wheat 5.23/15/2013Rate 2.831
Our Brewing The American Exchange Student 5.610/28/2015Rate 0
Our Brewing The Belgian Exchange Student 5.610/28/2015Rate 0
Our Brewing Toasted Coconut Porter 6.57/28/2013Rate 35
Our Brewing Toasted Gold Cider 6.910/28/2015Rate 0
Our Brewing Tobacconist Porter 6.06/6/2015Rate 3.415
Our Brewing Toffee Coffee Stout 7.010/28/2015Rate 0
Our Brewing Willow Wheat 6.06/7/2015Rate 2.891
Our Brewing Wooden Shoe 7.06/6/2015Rate 3.042
Our Brown Supreme 1012/8/2016Rate 3.211
Our Bus Life DRIPA 9.09/20/2016Rate 2.981
Our C3P Oat 5.66/5/2016Rate 3.111
Our C3P Oat (Concord Grape IPA) -5/4/2016Rate 3.021
Our Re-Animator Russian Imperial Stout 114/29/2016Rate 3.111

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