Dog Tag Legacy Lager
Brewed by/for Dog Tag Brewing
5.010/14/2016Rate 2.968138
Colt 45 Blast Raspberry Watermelon 123/18/2016 U  0
Colt 45 Cherry Bomb 8.012/26/2017Rate 0
Pabst Blue Ribbon (Sweden) (alias) -9/24/2012
Pabst Blue Ribbon Extra 6.53/14/2019Rate 2.859615
Pabst Blue Ribbon Hard Coffee 5.07/2/2019Rate 2.797
Rainier Radler -5/11/2018Rate 2.745
Schlitz Brass Bull Peach 8.26/11/2017Rate 2.811
Schlitz Brass Bull Pineapple 8.26/11/2017Rate 2.791
Small Town Not Your Father's French Toast 109/29/2017Rate 3.131
Small Town Not Your Mom's Iced Tea 5.23/23/2017Rate 2.571415
Strohs Bohemian Style Pilsner
Brewed at Brew Detroit
5.58/20/2016Rate 3.017812
Champale Golden 5.45/8/2006Rate 1.712339
Colt 45 8% 8.010/29/2005Rate 1.72151
Colt 45 Pile Driver 5.91/2/2017Rate 2.86
Falstaff -9/7/2000Rate 2.166047
Heilemans Old Style Cooler by the Lake 4.23/3/2018Rate 2.757
Heilemans Old Style Oktoberfest 6.48/3/2016Rate 3.279332
Olympia Genuine Draft 4.788/16/2003Rate 2.188
Pabst Old Tankard Ale 5.812/29/2015Rate 3.1246121
Red Bull Strong Beer 7.19/25/2001Rate 1.581437
Schlitz (Canada) 6.05/1/2016Rate 2.842
Small Town Not Your Father's Mountain Ale 5.04/14/2017Rate 2.562133
Small Town Not Your Father's Root Beer (10.7%) 10.710/24/2014Rate 3.449496
Small Town Not Your Father's Root Beer (19.5%) 19.52/27/2015Rate 3.469516
Small Town Not Your Father’s Fruit Punch 5.03/31/2018Rate 2.672814
Small Town Not Your Fathers Root Beer (5.9%) 5.911/4/2014Rate 3.2174467
Small Town Not Your Moms Apple Pie 5.510/17/2015Rate 2.994942
Small Town Not Your Moms Strawberry Rhubarb Pie 5.910/17/2015Rate 2.652731
St. Ides Blue 1410/2/2018Rate 2.621
St. Ides Green 1410/2/2018Rate 2.61
St. Ides Special Brew - Berry 6.04/22/2001Rate 1.773055
St. Ides Special Brew - Kiwi-Strawberry 6.02/20/2005Rate 2.167425
St. Ides Special Brew - Mixed Fruit 6.03/2/2001Rate 1.883964
St. Ides Special Brew - Passion 6.01/16/2001Rate 1.944544
Ballantine Brewers Gold Ale 5.510/31/2016Rate 3.015
Ballantine Burton Ale 11.312/7/2015Rate 3.688656
Ballantine India Pale Ale 7.28/21/2014Rate 3.5384154
Champale Extra Dry
Brewed at Lion Brewery
5.45/3/2012Rate 2.014916
Champale Pink
Brewed at Lion Brewery
5.45/3/2012Rate 1.924210
McSorleys Ale
Brewed at Lion Brewery
3.91/28/2001Rate 2.617171
McSorleys Black and Tan
Brewed at Lion Brewery
-6/12/2000Rate 2.55286
McSorleys Irish Black Lager
Brewed at Lion Brewery
5.52/11/2009Rate 2.9836227
McSorleys Irish Pale Ale
Brewed at Lion Brewery
5.53/8/2009Rate 2.711175
McSorleys Irish Style Lager
Brewed at Lion Brewery
-5/29/2002Rate 2.689334
Piels Light
Brewed at Lion Brewery
4.491/20/2002Rate 1.721724
Ballantine XXX Ale 4.859/13/2000Rate 2.171240
Big Bear 7.59/8/2001Rate 1.43661
Black Label 11-11 Malt Liquor 5.911/21/2002Rate 1.44827
Blatz 4.893/17/2001Rate 1.8118216
Blatz Light 3.53/27/2001Rate 1.832340
Boh Ice 5.82/21/2002Rate 2.14630
Colt 45 5.612/5/2000Rate 1.5211644
Colt 45 7% 7.010/29/2005Rate 1.742647
Colt 45 Double Malt 5.615/6/2001Rate 1.793287
Colt 45 High Gravity 8.512/29/2009Rate 2.16069
Colt Ice 5.99/8/2001Rate 1.61719
Coqui 900 6.012/31/2002Rate 1.94420
Country Club Malt Liquor 5.862/20/2002Rate 1.6517125
General Brown Derby Lager -6/11/2001Rate 2.262
General Generic Beer -6/11/2001Rate 1.07024
Goebel -1/15/2002Rate 1.66832
Heidelberg -11/5/2002Rate 2.27748
Heidelberg Light -5/18/2003Rate 2.673
Heileman's Special Export -7/14/2001Rate 1.818121
Heileman's Special Export Light 4.44/23/2002Rate 2.094621
Heilemans Classic Draft Style Beer 3.28/15/2003Rate 2.193
Heilemans Old Style 5.04/23/2001Rate 1.9533443
Heilemans Old Style Genuine Draft 4.759/8/2001Rate 2.467918
Heilemans Old Style Kraeusened Lager 4.721/15/2009Rate 2.378139
Heilemans Old Style Kraeusened Light 4.191/30/2009Rate 1.983911
Heilemans Old Style L.A. Gold 2.1612/9/2003Rate 2.276
Heilemans Old Style Light 4.199/8/2001Rate 1.711283
Ice Man 5.69/8/2001Rate 2.869511
Jacob Best Ice 6.06/25/2001Rate 1.25119
Jacob Best Premium Light Beer -11/13/2001Rate 1.832121
Jacob Best Premium Pilsner -11/13/2001Rate 1.661720
Kingsbury 0.458/2/2003Rate 1.661410
Lone Star 4.659/6/2000Rate 1.7917676
Lone Star Light 3.881/22/2002Rate 1.55492
Lone Star Natural Bock -12/13/2001Rate 2.23142
National Bohemian 4.5210/27/2001Rate 2.0845208
National Bohemian Crab Shack Shandy 4.23/6/2018Rate 2.859510
National Bohemian Day Beer 3.87/30/2019Rate 2.791
Old Milwaukee 4.64/29/2000Rate 1.42753
Old Milwaukee Black 9.010/29/2005Rate 2.026
Old Milwaukee Dry 5.95/2/2001Rate 1.65724
Old Milwaukee Ice 5.96/1/2000Rate 1.372122
Old Milwaukee Light 3.96/9/2001Rate 1.42226
Old Milwaukee Low Carb -11/1/2004Rate 2.163
Old Milwaukee NA 0.46/1/2002Rate 1.4287
Old Milwaukee X Dry 7.511/18/2004Rate 2.012
Olympia 4.86/4/2000Rate 1.8522311
Olympia Dark -12/10/2002Rate 2.596
Olympia Gold Light 3.210/26/2002Rate 1.52518
Olympia Ice 6.01/30/2005Rate 2.135113
Pabst Blue Ribbon 5.05/31/2000Rate 1.84222386
Pabst Blue Ribbon Easy 3.810/7/2018Rate 2.699323
Pabst Blue Ribbon Light 4.39/8/2001Rate 1.534135
Pabst Extra Light 2.510/10/2002Rate 1.42219
Pabst Genuine Draft -9/8/2001Rate 1.741336
Pabst Genuine Draft Light -9/8/2001Rate 1.923311
Pabst Ice 6.09/8/2001Rate 1.36336
Pabst NA 0.58/17/2003Rate 1.18134
Pearl -12/11/2000Rate 1.791774
Pearl Light 2.163/1/2002Rate 1.55547
Piels -8/1/2002Rate 1.58578
Primo Island Lager 4.69/23/2008Rate 2.3172136
Rainier 4.61/7/2002Rate 1.9734233
Rainier Ale 7.31/31/2002Rate 2.055092
Rainier Dry 5.91/6/2002Rate 1.913025
Rainier Ice 5.69/12/2002Rate 1.78299
Rainier Light 4.28/15/2002Rate 2.037
Rainier PCT 4.59/13/2018Rate 2.882
Schaefer 4.44/7/2001Rate 1.647242
Schaefer Light -4/9/2001Rate 1.51494
Schlitz 4.68/7/2001Rate 1.7917538
Schlitz Bull Ice 8.211/4/2001Rate 1.661994
Schlitz Classic 1960s Formula 4.77/16/2007Rate 2.6592187
Schlitz Genuine Gold 5.02/15/2002Rate 1.5435
Schlitz High Gravity VSL 8.512/29/2007Rate 2.0654135
Schlitz Ice -5/22/2001Rate 1.41247
Schlitz Light -1/6/2003Rate 1.822116
Schlitz Malt Liquor OML 5.96/18/2000Rate 1.447353
Schlitz Red Bull XL Malt Liquor 5.99/8/2001Rate 1.47892
Schmidt Beer 4.412/24/2001Rate 1.689176
Schmidts Ice 5.94/22/2002Rate 1.993821
Schmidts Light -10/13/2002Rate 1.65817
Silver Thunder 5.89/8/2001Rate 1.61638
St. Ides High Gravity Malt Liquor 8.23/17/2001Rate 1.6416197
St. Ides Premium Malt Liquor 5.911/18/2000Rate 1.32290
Stag Beer 5.28/26/2001Rate 2.1449113
Stag Ice 5.95/10/2012Rate 2.515
Strohs 4.66/4/2000Rate 1.8321406
Strohs Bohemian Style 5.01/7/2002Rate 2.318
Strohs Dark Beer 4.42/15/2002Rate 3.179112
Strohs Light 3.0511/14/2001Rate 1.781782
Strohs Super Strong 8.011/6/2001Rate 2.152
Milwaukee Brewing Old Tankard Ale -9/22/2005Rate 2.978
Rainier / Reuben's r & R Pils 6.03/17/2017Rate 3.35969
Rainier Pale Mountain Ale 5.36/14/2016Rate 3.184314
Old Milwaukee Ice (Canada) (alias) 5.58/30/2015
Pabst Blue Ribbon Dry 5.97/13/2007Rate 1.882526

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