Paddys Pub and Brewery (Australia)

Brew Pub/Brewery
Brewer rating: 71/100 150 ratings
268 Parramatta Rd, Flemington, Australia 2129
Associated place: Paddys Pub and Brewery

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Paddys Amber Ale -12/10/2003Rate 2.466
Paddys American Pale Ale 5.312/10/2003Rate 3.478510
Paddys Baltic Porter 9.06/17/2008Rate 3.052
Paddys Black Ale 5.812/17/2004Rate 2.893
Paddys Brewers Delight -4/27/2004Rate 3.126
Paddys Chocolate Porter 5.012/11/2003Rate 3.123319
Paddys Christmas Pudding Ale 7.712/29/2005Rate 3.082
Paddys Dry Stout -1/6/2006Rate 3.473
Paddys Dunkel Dark Lager 4.72/13/2013Rate 0
Paddys ESB 5.812/19/2007Rate 2.884
Paddys Export Stout 7.53/26/2006Rate 3.213
Paddys General Sherman Pale Ale 5.08/18/2013Rate 2.871
Paddys Ginger Beer 4.74/11/2013Rate 2.913
Paddys IPA 6.512/4/2007Rate 2.934
Paddys Ly-Chee 5.012/19/2007Rate 2.862
Paddys Narfa -3/14/2005Rate 2.691
Paddys Old Regret Dark Ale 5.812/15/2010Rate 2.841
Paddys Pale Ale 4.61/27/2007Rate 3.025411
Paddys Pilsner 4.512/11/2003Rate 3.017722
Paddys Porter -1/6/2016Rate 31
Paddys Rye -3/8/2008Rate 2.881
Paddys Scottish Ale 6.512/10/2003Rate 2.945
Paddys Stout -12/10/2003Rate 3.188
Paddys Strong Ale -2/6/2006Rate 3.234
Paddys Strong Scottish Ale 7.56/17/2008Rate 2.72
Paddys Summer Ale -3/14/2005Rate 3.132
Paddys Summer Lager -5/11/2008Rate 2.593
Paddys The Dark Horse 5.812/24/2009Rate 2.731
Paddys Unleaded 2.91/6/2006Rate 2.567
Paddys Wheat Beer -12/11/2003Rate 2.917313

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