Parish / Spindletap DDH Operation Juice Drop 6.510/25/2018Rate 3.534
Parish / The Answer Our Cake Is a Lie 10.51/5/2019Rate 3.524
Parish 4XDH Envie 5.54/7/2017Rate 3.416
Parish Abbey Reserve 115/17/2018Rate 3.061
Parish Attacus Atlas 9.012/11/2017Rate 3.636
Parish Biere Amber -3/4/2010Rate 3.151
Parish Bloom 6.511/26/2016Rate 3.649012
Parish Canebrake 4.93/4/2010Rate 3.054980
Parish Coconut Vanilla Export Stout -10/4/2015Rate 3.111
Parish DDH Bloom 6.75/27/2018Rate 3.313
Parish DDH Ghost in the Machine 8.512/16/2017Rate 3.979915
Parish Double Dry Hopped Envie - Blood Orange 5.512/11/2017Rate 3.131
Parish Double Dry Hopped Envie - El Dorado 5.57/17/2017Rate 3.091
Parish Double Dry Hopped Envie - Mosaic 5.56/16/2017Rate 3.568
Parish Double Dry Hopped Galaxy Envie 5.511/25/2016Rate 3.549310
Parish Dr Hoptagon 7.510/2/2013Rate 3.516320
Parish Envie Pale Ale 5.53/4/2010Rate 3.549363
Parish Farmhouse IPA 7.55/15/2013Rate 3.629315
Parish Flora Genesis 3.82/20/2017Rate 2.932
Parish Ghost In The Machine 8.53/12/2014Rate 3.859765
Parish Grand Reserve 103/4/2010Rate 3.597118
Parish Grand Reserve (Bourbon Barrel) 125/31/2016Rate 3.386
Parish Imperial Reserve 121/23/2015Rate 3.42219
Parish Jameson Barrel Aged Reve 109/29/2018Rate 3.191
Parish L'autre Femme IPA -3/4/2010Rate 0
Parish Maple Shade 145/31/2017Rate 3.243
Parish Neopolitan Stout 6.010/7/2015Rate 3.193
Parish Nova Vert -11/5/2017Rate 3.425810
Parish Opus Vert -5/14/2016Rate 3.669411
Parish Primeaux Pilsner -3/4/2010Rate 0
Parish Pumpkin Patch -3/4/2010Rate 0
Parish Pure Tropics 7.012/7/2017Rate 3.262
Parish Rêve Coffee Stout 6.65/31/2016Rate 3.869919
Parish Rêve Coffee Stout - Toasted Coconut 7.01/5/2019Rate 3.171
Parish Runaway Gem 7.99/29/2018Rate 3.150
Parish Sérendipité 8.05/31/2016Rate 3.316
Parish Sips - Harmonic Greenhouse 4.59/29/2018Rate 3.061
Parish Sips - Mango 7.02/16/2018Rate 3.061
Parish Sips - Raspberry 7.02/16/2018Rate 3.192
Parish Sips - Red Currant, Dragon Fruit, & Coconut 4.511/18/2018Rate 3.111
Parish Sips - Tangerine & Pink Salt 4.09/29/2018Rate 3.041
Parish Sips Peach Mango Strawberry 4.58/28/2018Rate 3.191
Parish South Coast 5.03/11/2014Rate 3.268416
Parish Strawberry Canebrake 4.92/20/2017Rate 3.158
Parish The Fuzz 5.05/31/2016Rate 3.053

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