Pennsylvania Brewing Company

Brewer rating: 89/100 2526 ratings
800 Vinial St., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA 15212

Associated place: Pennsylvania Brewing Company

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Foxburg Inn Silver Fox Red Amber -4/24/2002Rate 2.784
7 Springs Mountain Ale -1/14/2012Rate 2.682
B2 Black IPA -12/10/2013Rate 2.841
B2 Blonde Ale -6/21/2013Rate 2.741
B2 Brown Ale -2/16/2013Rate 2.893
B2 Oatmeal Stout -3/24/2014Rate 2.893
CommonWealth Press Ale 5.37/29/2014Rate 2.932
Crew Lager 4.43/5/2003Rate 2.818
Olde New York Lager -8/18/2014Rate 2.791
Penn / Church Brew / Hofbrauhaus Pittsburgh / The Brew Gentlemen Fakin’ the Funk 5.54/22/2013Rate 2.85413
Penn / East End / Arsenal Cider Cheeky Yinzer (British style IPA) 6.04/22/2012Rate 2.855
Penn / Fat Head’s Alpha Mandarin 7.55/2/2014Rate 2.783
Penn / Roundabout / Voodoo Old GUYSer 6.04/15/2015Rate 3.047
Penn 25th Anniversary (alias) -10/8/2011
Penn Allegheny Pale Ale 5.54/4/2010Rate 2.931737
Penn Alt er Ego 4.53/16/2008Rate 3.035
Penn American Pale Ale 5.54/7/2016Rate 2.873
Penn Berliner Weisse -5/9/2014Rate 3.384811
Penn Beyond All Porter 6.51/3/2017Rate 3.042
Penn Bleier’s Brew (alias) 4.811/28/2011
Penn Brick Biergarten IPA 7.06/6/2014Rate 2.91631
Penn Chocolate Cherry Meltdown Stout 5.52/16/2014Rate 3.082
Penn Chocolate Meltdown Stout 5.52/18/2011Rate 3.599260
Penn Cool River Kölsch 4.57/17/2012Rate 2.934914
Penn Dark 5.07/17/2000Rate 3.1482298
Penn Doppel Sticke 8.511/8/2014Rate 2.982
Penn Doppel Sticke (Barrel Aged) -12/10/2014Rate 2.841
Penn Dunkel Weisse 5.04/27/2013Rate 2.943
Penn Foggy Goggle Lager 4.03/15/2011Rate 2.673
Penn German Chocolate Cake Stout 6.52/14/2017Rate 3.142
Penn Ginger Beer 4.55/18/2014Rate 2.873422
Penn Gold 4.57/17/2000Rate 2.7334176
Penn Hot Ginger 5.07/14/2016Rate 3.052
Penn Imperial Pilsner 6.68/1/2011Rate 3.037615
Penn Kaiser Pils 4.56/5/2004Rate 3.1587113
Penn Maibock 6.05/11/2004Rate 2.96
Penn Märzen 5.55/13/2001Rate 3.0880102
Penn Mmmlaut 9.910/28/2016Rate 3.133
Penn New Moon 8.758/10/2016Rate 2.643
Penn Nut Roll Ale 5.011/27/2011Rate 3.298246
Penn Oktoberfest 5.57/17/2000Rate 3.0361186
Penn Overlook IPA 6.03/11/2012Rate 2.84520
Penn Penndemonium 7.54/23/2007Rate 3.0448122
Penn Pilsner 5.07/17/2000Rate 2.9269309
Penn Pumpkin Roll Ale 6.08/3/2013Rate 2.974134
Penn Punxsutawney Philsner -2/5/2016Rate 3.042
Penn Rods & Cones 6.05/30/2016Rate 2.744
Penn Rye IPA 6.112/13/2010Rate 3.144924
Penn St. Nikolaus Bock Bier 6.511/30/2001Rate 3.3191227
Penn St. Nikolaus Bock Bier Brewer’s Reserve 9.012/18/2007Rate 3.4686119
Penn Summer Ale 4.57/14/2016Rate 3.042
Penn Summer Berry Weisse 5.06/1/2011Rate 3.078220
Penn Tangerine Swirl 4.95/30/2016Rate 2.944811
Penn Weizen 5.257/17/2000Rate 3.2592324
Penn Weizenbock 8.53/24/2007Rate 3.377454
Penn/Allegheny City/Spring Hill/War Streets Mash Paddle vs Hipster 6.54/18/2016Rate 2.873
Pennsylvania B2 German Bock -7/22/2015Rate 2.961
Pennsylvania Harvest Rye PA (alias) -11/18/2011
Pennsylvania IPA 7.01/4/2017Rate 2.952
Rooney’s Lager 4.56/30/2013Rate 3.048812
Rooney’s Old Irish Style Ale 5.512/24/2011Rate 3.127939

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