People's / Byway Ekual Pale Collaboration Ale 6.38/7/2018Rate 3.061
People's 2nd Anniversa-rye -2/13/2012Rate 2.861
People's Aberrant Amber 5.58/21/2010Rate 3.116
People's Agent Oats 5.21/25/2013Rate 2.882
People's Alt Ready to Go! 5.36/6/2015Rate 3.074
People's Amazon Princess IPA 6.51/30/2011Rate 3.45519
People's American Amber -1/15/2010Rate 2.872
People's American IPA -1/2/2010Rate 2.93
People's Ardelle 2010 6.01/30/2011Rate 0
People's Ardelle 2013 1012/5/2015Rate 3.021
People's Ardelle 2014 9.212/5/2015Rate 2.941
People's Ardelle 2015 10.712/5/2015Rate 3.021
People's Ardelle 2016 10.412/10/2016Rate 0
People's Ardelle Christmas Ale 2013 (Bourbon Barrel) 102/15/2014Rate 3.042
People's Ardelle's Summer Break Extra Pale 5.28/26/2012Rate 2.841
People's Black Rhyno 9.82/21/2016Rate 3.282
People's Bourbon Barrel Mound Builder IPA 6.57/31/2010Rate 2.791
People's Bourbon Barrel Notorius BIP 6.56/4/2016Rate 3.021
People's Bourbon Barrel Rauch 5.612/26/2012Rate 3.135
People's Captain Black Strap Stout 9.04/30/2012Rate 3.417
People's Crown Brown 4.110/1/2011Rate 0
People's Farmer's Daughter Wheat 4.22/28/2011Rate 2.833426
People's German Pilsner -1/15/2010Rate 2.854
People's Gourdon Pumpkin Ale 6.310/29/2014Rate 3.163
People's Grabthar the War Hammer Stout 8.010/5/2014Rate 3.192
People's Green Ghost White IPA 6.28/6/2014Rate 0
People's Hoodlum Pale Ale 5.24/30/2012Rate 2.763
People's Hopkilla IPA 8.511/16/2010Rate 3.434014
People's Horse Pils 7.06/6/2015Rate 2.982
People's Knucks Rye Malt Liquor 8.07/14/2014Rate 2.92
People's Layflatter Lager 3.211/16/2010Rate 2.71
People's Local Farmer (Hoosier Hop Farm) Harvest Ale -10/5/2014Rate 2.842
People's Maltster -7/21/2010Rate 2.922
People's Manahan's Black Lager 6.07/12/2012Rate 2.892
People's Mighty Maris Strong Ale -10/5/2014Rate 3.033
People's Milk Money Coco Stout 5.01/30/2016Rate 3.122
People's Mound Builder IPA 6.57/9/2010Rate 3.436360
People's Moundbuilder IPA (alias) 6.512/30/2015
People's Mr. Brown 7.05/10/2010Rate 3.479537
People's Munechner Rauchbier 5.58/4/2015Rate 2.792
People's Newman's Bitter 5.44/30/2012Rate 2.872
People's Nine Irish Ale 4.36/3/2014Rate 2.955
People's Notorious BIP (or B.I.P.) 6.57/12/2012Rate 3.475016
People's Ol' Tavern Beer 4.56/6/2015Rate 2.998
People's Phantom Assassin 6.24/12/2015Rate 3.165
People's Pilgrim Porter 4.512/31/2009Rate 3.044
People's Pilsner 4.22/14/2011Rate 2.684128
People's Procrastinator German Style Lager 7.51/29/2014Rate 3.2479
People's Rauch Bier 6.512/5/2015Rate 3.041
People's ReplicAle 2011 (aka Theadore Mack) Stout 8.11/30/2011Rate 2.871
People's Rhu the Barbarian 8.04/12/2015Rate 3.174
People's Rhu the Barbarian - Barrel Aged 8.08/4/2015Rate 0
People's Rover Irish Stout 5.35/17/2013Rate 3.094
People's Sgt Bravo Pale Ale 4.88/4/2013Rate 2.956
People's Space Cowboy 9.01/27/2013Rate 3.363017
People's St. Boniface Germanfest Lager 6.09/20/2014Rate 3.329613
People's Suzie Short Schwarz -8/6/2014Rate 2.993
People's The Abbot 8.24/13/2014Rate 3.343
People's Trent 4.78/29/2015Rate 2.891
People's/NewAlbania Collaboration Republic of New Albania (alias) 5.210/5/2014
People’s Boiler Gold 5.09/28/2017Rate 3.163
People’s Grapefruit Mound Builder 6.512/2/2017Rate 2.941
People’s Rail Jumper 6.09/28/2017Rate 2.981

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