Portland Brewing Company (Cervecería Costa Rica - FIFCO)

2730 NW 31st Avenue, Portland, USA 97210
Su: 12-9
M: 11-9
Tu-Th: 11-10
F: 11-11
Sa: 12-11

Associated place: Portland Brewing Taproom
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Elk Rock Bugling Bull Hefeweisen 4.08/24/2003Rate 2.51209
Elk Rock Six Point Porter -8/23/2003Rate 2.897
Elk Rock Velvet Antler Amber Ale 4.08/23/2003Rate 2.531128
Elk Rock Wapati IPA 5.56/29/2003Rate 2.93852
Fat Weasel Lager -10/11/2000Rate 2.669613
Fat Weasel Unfiltered Wheat Beer -6/16/2002Rate 2.881
Fire Station 5 Brush Fire Summer Ale -6/17/2006Rate 2.52511
Fire Station 5 Bunker Gear Winter Ale 6.510/11/2006Rate 2.816
Fire Station 5 Fire Boat Amber -9/9/2002Rate 2.651369
Fire Station 5 Fire Drill ESB -12/21/2003Rate 2.821322
Fire Station 5 Fire Hydrant Hefeweisen (alias) -4/17/2006
Fire Station 5 Golden Brigade Blonde Ale 4.05/21/2004Rate 2.5844
Fire Station 5 Hook & Ladder Hefeweisen 5.412/23/2002Rate 2.632661
Fire Station 5 Pike Pole Porter -8/14/2002Rate 2.88732
Fire Station 5 Steam Pumper IPA 6.59/17/2002Rate 2.9911135
Honu Beer -1/16/2004Rate 2.086
MacTarnahans Amber Ale (Macs Ale) 5.111/30/2000Rate 3.1567401
MacTarnahans Barrel Aged Ink Blot 6.312/4/2011Rate 2.871
MacTarnahans Blackwatch Cream Porter 5.34/28/2001Rate 3.3761457
MacTarnahans Bobby Dazzler Holiday Ale 6.56/6/2000Rate 3.273147
MacTarnahans Bourbon Barrel Aged Goose Bump -2/20/2012Rate 2.881
MacTarnahans Bourbon Cask Aged Blackwatch Cream Porter 6.08/7/2003Rate 3.7899165
MacTarnahans Full Bloom Craft Lager 6.37/8/2011Rate 3.048368
MacTarnahans Goose Bump 9.011/24/2009Rate 3.53976
MacTarnahans Gran Luxe Tripel Ale 9.36/27/2003Rate 3.458687
MacTarnahans Highlander Pale Ale 5.110/6/2001Rate 3.0440118
MacTarnahans Holy Moly -1/26/2012Rate 2.783
MacTarnahans Ink Blot Baltic Porter 7.58/19/2010Rate 3.222915
MacTarnahans Licorice Porter -7/20/2004Rate 3.144
MacTarnahans Lip Stinger 4.88/12/2009Rate 3.254136
MacTarnahans Mac Frost Winter Ale 6.011/16/2002Rate 3.3179134
MacTarnahans Noble Scot 6.58/18/2012Rate 3.268228
MacTarnahans Nutty Amber 5.26/4/2004Rate 3.071
MacTarnahans Oak-Aged IPA 6.05/6/2000Rate 3.3144290
MacTarnahans Oregon Honey Beer 4.84/2/2000Rate 2.465210
MacTarnahans Sling Shot Extra Pale Ale 6.23/24/2008Rate 3.053480
MacTarnahans Spine Tingler 8.54/2/2010Rate 3.3364137
MacTarnahans Summer Grifter India Pale Ale 6.24/23/2009Rate 3.335189
MacTarnahans Thunderhead Stout 6.09/6/2000Rate 3.266277
MacTarnahans Uncle Ottos Oktoberfest -5/22/2001Rate 3.219065
MacTarnahans Uncle Ottos Weiss Beer 5.02/9/2002Rate 3.168846
MacTarnahans Winter Humbug'r Ale 5.310/1/2009Rate 3.133466
MacTarnahans Zig Zag River Lager (alias) 5.12/14/2003
Metolius Brookie Pale Ale -11/15/2003Rate 2.972015
Metolius Cutthroat IPA -2/8/2006Rate 2.86610
Metolius Damsel Fly Blonde Ale 5.02/8/2006Rate 2.44624
Metolius Dolly Varden India Pale Ale -6/20/2007Rate 2.9671
Metolius Golden Stone Amber Ale -12/1/2003Rate 2.812245
Metolius Hares Ear Hefeweisen -5/15/2003Rate 2.56813
NorWester Blacksmith Porter -7/3/2001Rate 3.367
NorWester Dunkel Weizen 5.42/11/2003Rate 3.054824
NorWester HefeWeizen 5.39/6/2000Rate 2.732544
NorWester Honey Weizen -1/14/2001Rate 3.022
NorWester Mt. Angel Oktoberfest 3.51/8/2004Rate 2.82
NorWester Oregon Pale Ale 5.57/4/2001Rate 3.244817
NorWester Raspberry Weizen 5.37/10/2001Rate 3.066220
NorWester Smith Rock Bock 7.38/3/2001Rate 3.268012
NorWester White Forest Ale 5.510/9/2001Rate 2.955
Oregon Honey Beer (alias) 4.81/30/2002
Portland Black Vinyl Lager 4.810/6/2019Rate 3.041
Portland Brewing Benchmark Old Ale 9.97/29/2000Rate 3.7294150
Portland Brewing Blooming Brilliant 5.77/27/2017Rate 2.851
Portland Brewing Haystack Black Porter -10/9/2000Rate 3.357132
Portland Brewing Hefeweizen -6/6/2000Rate 2.972
Portland Brewing Icicle Creek Winter Ale -11/3/2001Rate 2.916
Portland Brewing Imperial Mac's 9.06/16/2014Rate 2.91
Portland Brewing Ink & Roses IPA 6.54/28/2018Rate 2.976
Portland Brewing IPA 6.51/30/2013Rate 3.121943
Portland Brewing Kornhausers Oast -11/15/2003Rate 2.914
Portland Brewing Let It Rain 3.812/30/2016Rate 2.961
Portland Brewing MacTarnahan's Amber Ale (alias) 5.11/30/2013
Portland Brewing Malarkeys Wild Irish Style Ale -6/1/2006Rate 2.932
Portland Brewing Noble Scot (alias) 6.59/12/2013
Portland Brewing Original Portland Ale -2/3/2003Rate 2.911342
Portland Brewing Oyster Stout 5.81/30/2013Rate 3.041
Portland Brewing Porter 6.08/26/2016Rate 3.041
Portland Brewing Raise the Roost 6.21/29/2016Rate 3.16
Portland Brewing Rico Sauvie 6.511/15/2015Rate 2.921
Portland Brewing Rose Hip Gold 6.01/26/2013Rate 3.27620
Portland Brewing Royal Anne 7.811/15/2013Rate 3.13210
Portland Brewing Sling Shot Extra Pale Ale 6.27/3/2015Rate 2.941
Portland Brewing Son of Nevermore 7.56/16/2014Rate 2.91
Portland Brewing Strawberry Rhubarb Blonde Ale 5.67/27/2017Rate 3.092
Portland Brewing Summer S.M.A.S.H. Pale Ale 5.64/8/2015Rate 3.295718
Portland Brewing Tart Me Up! 4.47/27/2018Rate 3.142
Portland Brewing Velvet Majesty 5.59/16/2015Rate 0
Portland Brewing WheatBerry Brew -7/9/2000Rate 2.84
Portland Brewing Zig Zag River Lager 5.14/28/2001Rate 3.189448
Portland Brewing/ Double Mountain Subcontinental IPA 7.08/5/2016Rate 3.191
Portland Gin Barrel-Aged Spine Tingler 1211/17/2016Rate 3.182
Portland Hipster Viking 5.47/26/2019Rate 3.111
Portland New Way IPA 6.814/8/2018Rate 2.961
Portland Pale Ale -9/20/2000Rate 2.921535
Portland Raspberry Oregon Honey Beer 4.87/25/2014Rate 2.982
Portland Super S.M.A.S.H. 7.07/23/2015Rate 3.111
Portland Unipiper IPA 6.23/2/2019Rate 2.993
Pyramid Schonz 4.811/2/2014Rate 3.336
Saxer Bock 7.28/30/2000Rate 3.49767
Saxer Dark Bock 7.29/20/2000Rate 3.489828
Saxer Dark Lager 4.59/20/2000Rate 3.248
Saxer JackFrost Winter Doppelbock 8.01/9/2001Rate 3.285576
Saxer Lemon Lager -10/14/2000Rate 2.21862
Saxer Liberator Doppelbock -12/25/2003Rate 0
Saxer Pilsner -10/31/2001Rate 3.199618
Saxer Public Lager 4.59/20/2000Rate 3.195
Saxer Summer Lager 5.07/22/2003Rate 3.31979
Saxer Three Finger Jack Amber -12/16/2003Rate 2.836
Saxer Three Finger Jack Roasted Red Hefedunkel -1/16/2001Rate 3.177411
Saxer Three Finger Jack Stout -10/14/2000Rate 3.314811
The Governator Ale 5.21/6/2004Rate 2.882082
Two Palms High Desert Hefeweisen -9/29/2004Rate 2.143
Two Palms Oasis Amber Ale -7/14/2004Rate 2.274
Two Palms Parched Pale Ale -1/4/2007Rate 2.562
Two Palms Sand Dune IPA -8/18/2004Rate 2.55113

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