Powder Keg Brewing Company

Brew Pub/Brewery
Brewer rating: 97/100 80 ratings
101 2nd Avenue, Niwot, Colorado, USA 80544
Sunday 12-8pm
Monday-Wednesday 2-9pm
Thursday-Sat 2-10pm

Associated place: Powder Keg Brewing Company

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Powder Keg Center of the Earth 6.35/22/2015Rate 3.022
Powder Keg Chai Guy 5.811/25/2015Rate 3.142
Powder Keg Chene Cerise 7.210/13/2014Rate 0
Powder Keg Conquistador 5.49/23/2014Rate 2.841
Powder Keg Cucumber Patch 4.25/22/2015Rate 0
Powder Keg Dream Stealer 5.85/8/2015Rate 3.111
Powder Keg Dunde ESB 5.49/23/2014Rate 2.831
Powder Keg Eastern Horizons 7.210/11/2014Rate 2.81
Powder Keg Fruitful Union -6/2/2016Rate 3.65
Powder Keg Haystack Hopback 5.49/23/2014Rate 2.872
Powder Keg Hemispheres 7.16/9/2014Rate 3.14
Powder Keg Hibis-Kiss Farmhouse Ale 4.16/10/2014Rate 0
Powder Keg Insomnium 12.85/8/2015Rate 3.475
Powder Keg Intergalactic Double IPA 8.55/26/2016Rate 3.252
Powder Keg Juicy Double IPA 8.25/28/2016Rate 3.041
Powder Keg Lettre Rouge 6.73/30/2015Rate 3.56538
Powder Keg Mimosa 5.16/10/2014Rate 0
Powder Keg Moonlit Shadows 12.85/22/2015Rate 0
Powder Keg Old Town Wheat 4.75/22/2015Rate 0
Powder Keg Original Sin 4.57/19/2014Rate 2.841
Powder Keg Palisade Reserve 2017 6.05/27/2017Rate 3.372
Powder Keg Palisade Reunion -2/5/2016Rate 3.577
Powder Keg Première Blanc 6.010/7/2014Rate 3.094
Powder Keg Pride of Palisade -1/30/2015Rate 3.246
Powder Keg Quartet 7.87/9/2016Rate 3.394
Powder Keg Rubus Strigosus 6.86/9/2014Rate 3.183
Powder Keg Seize One Saison 4.77/19/2014Rate 3.095
Powder Keg Skeeter Wheat 5.19/23/2014Rate 2.841
Powder Keg Steam Steed IPA 5.97/19/2014Rate 3.215
Powder Keg Synorgasmia 8.05/22/2015Rate 0
Powder Keg Telegraph - Coconut 14.15/27/2017Rate 2.912
Powder Keg Totes McOats 5.87/19/2014Rate 2.912
Powder Keg Twilight Rendezvous -7/18/2017Rate 3.111
Powder Keg Volksbier Helles 4.710/11/2014Rate 2.761
Powder Keg Welterweight 4.85/28/2016Rate 3.021

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