Poznan Brewery (Asahi)

Commercial Brewery
Brewer rating: 51/100 8 ratings
Szwajcarska 11 st., Poznan, Poland 61-285
Associated place: Lech
The state-owned brewery was built in Poznań between 1975 and 1980. It became privately owned in 1992 and took the name Lech Brewery. In 1999 SAB buys Lech and Tyskie breweries and forms Kompania Piwowarska. The brewery changes name to Poznań Brewery.
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Dog in the Fog 5.53/29/2005Rate 2.322071
Lech 10,5 4.710/8/2001Rate 2.599224
Lech Free 0.55/11/2006Rate 1.984561
Lech Ice Bloody Orange 2.04/8/2017Rate 34
Lech Ice Mojito 2.04/13/2016Rate 2.54939
Lech Ice Shandy 2.05/18/2014Rate 2.054432
Lech Lite 3.86/17/2006Rate 2.21119
Lech Lite Cascade 3.54/3/2017Rate 2.164
Lech Mocny 6.24/6/2002Rate 2.785842
Lech Pils 5.512/6/2001Rate 2.4220128
Lech Premium 5.210/20/2001Rate 2.199550
Lech Shandy 2.65/26/2012Rate 2.328525
Lech Shandy Dry Orange 2.65/16/2013Rate 2.116
Zlote Piwo Jasne 4.09/22/2001Rate 2.28

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