Props Back Alley 6.04/11/2015Rate 3.021
Props Belgian Blonde 4.26/28/2013Rate 32
Props Black Widow 7.22/2/2015Rate 3.112
Props Blonde Bomber Ale 5.512/9/2012Rate 2.838
Props Broken Prop 6.06/28/2013Rate 2.741
Props Flying Coffin IPA 6.57/18/2012Rate 3.111916
Props Four Kings Brown Ale 5.57/18/2012Rate 2.878
Props Ghost Rider Oatmeal Stout 4.94/26/2016Rate 2.932
Props Habanero Porter 6.41/31/2016Rate 3.061
Props Habanero Rye of the Tiger 7.61/20/2014Rate 2.932
Props Heinkel Hefe 4.84/26/2016Rate 2.982
Props Inara Strawberry Blonde 5.04/26/2016Rate 2.952
Props Jovie Christmas Ale 6.112/24/2013Rate 2.883
Props Light Ale 5.54/26/2016Rate 0
Props Lucky O'Neill Lager 5.62/2/2015Rate 2.813
Props Overlord Ale 4.25/26/2013Rate 2.823
Props Project el Jefe Hefeweizen 5.09/2/2015Rate 2.961
Props Prop Oil Porter 6.03/1/2013Rate 3.295
Props Pumpkin Bomb 7.512/5/2012Rate 3.214
Props Rye of the Tiger 8.53/1/2013Rate 3.034
Props Rye of the Tiger 2.0 8.06/28/2013Rate 2.693
Props Twin Prop 8.52/2/2015Rate 3.225

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