Brewer rating: 78/100 227 ratings
Unit 11, Bradley Hall Trading Estate, Standish, Wigan, Greater Manchester, England WN6 0XQ
Places associated: Prospect Brewery, Wigan Central (Prospect)
Commenced Aug 2007 at Wigan Road, Standish. During 2010 they moved to the current address.
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Prospect Big Adventure 5.58/28/2008Rate 2.731
Prospect Big Brew / Ditch and Salty’s 4.19/14/2008Rate 2.854
Prospect Big John 4.89/6/2010Rate 3.244212
Prospect Blinding Light 4.212/10/2009Rate 2.974914
Prospect Cascade Blonde 4.16/20/2015Rate 3.073
Prospect Clementine 5.02/13/2008Rate 2.933015
Prospect Diamond IPA 6.02/10/2012Rate 2.91
Prospect Dragon Ale 4.410/24/2010Rate 2.731
Prospect Dynamild 5.210/24/2010Rate 3.137
Prospect Egoli 3.88/11/2010Rate 2.915
Prospect Ellseys 80th Anniversary Brew 4.810/14/2012Rate 2.811
Prospect Fan-tastic 4.64/26/2014Rate 2.81
Prospect Giants Hall 4.19/5/2008Rate 2.747
Prospect Ginger Stinger 4.45/9/2016Rate 3.074
Prospect Gold Rush 4.59/22/2007Rate 3.118022
Prospect Golden Prospects 3.85/25/2012Rate 3.223
Prospect Honey IPA 5.41/19/2017Rate 0
Prospect Hopper / Hop Vine 4.011/19/2011Rate 3.135
Prospect Meteo-rye-tedry 3.79/9/2014Rate 0
Prospect Nutty Slack 3.95/31/2008Rate 3.38938
Prospect One Twenty 4.08/13/2010Rate 2.712
Prospect Open Cask Bitter 3.611/2/2009Rate 2.811
Prospect Ore Some 3.89/19/2009Rate 2.972
Prospect Panned Out 4.03/21/2011Rate 2.712
Prospect Pickaxe 5.09/2/2008Rate 3.132914
Prospect Pioneer 4.010/26/2007Rate 3.159211
Prospect Preccy 4.04/22/2015Rate 3.021
Prospect Project Venus Venus Gold 3.82/10/2012Rate 2.844
Prospect Prosperity #1 4.24/7/2016Rate 2.921
Prospect Prosperity #2 4.92/26/2016Rate 2.921
Prospect Saloon 5.210/2/2012Rate 2.941
Prospect Silver Cascade 4.12/1/2008Rate 2.853
Prospect Silver Tally 3.710/28/2007Rate 2.94025
Prospect Smithfield Special II 5.27/22/2009Rate 2.694
Prospect Whatever! 3.810/29/2011Rate 3.16829
Prospect Winter Spice 3.52/6/2014Rate 2.952

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