Dainton Manhattan Ale 6.912/31/2014Rate 2.913
Dilettante Idle Saison
Brewed by/for Dilettante Beer Co.
4.512/25/2014Rate 2.92
Dilettante Robots Vs Dinosaurs Robust Porter
Brewed by/for Dilettante Beer Co.
6.711/30/2015Rate 0
Dilettante Two Foot Tex IPA
Brewed by/for Dilettante Beer Co.
7.012/24/2014Rate 3.192
Edge Ashes to Mashes
Brewed by/for Edge
7.89/21/2013Rate 3.23214
Red Duck / Napoleone Braggot 9.910/30/2016Rate 3.022
Red Duck / Napoleone Gose 3.511/10/2016Rate 2.921
Red Duck / Napoleone Grodziskie 3.411/8/2016Rate 31
Red Duck / Napoleone Gruit 3.711/19/2016Rate 2.981
Red Duck / Napoleone Sahti 5.69/9/2016Rate 3.072
Red Duck / Napoleone Steinbier 6.010/16/2016Rate 2.792
Red Duck + Croucher Limited Release Hakuna Matata Red Ale 5.87/31/2015Rate 3.123
Red Duck + Funk Estate Limited Release Tangerine Funk Duck Abbaye Ale 6.07/31/2015Rate 2.993
Red Duck + Kissmeyer Beers Hop Bach Symphony No#1 9.87/31/2012Rate 3.086
Red Duck + Kissmeyer Beers Rebellion 7.010/9/2012Rate 34
Red Duck + Kissmeyer Gnaume 6.29/16/2012Rate 3.468811
Red Duck + Stillwater Limited Release Cactus Lambic Saison Farmhouse Ale 7.34/27/2015Rate 3.44
Red Duck 1851 4.711/1/2013Rate 2.91399
Red Duck Amber Ale 4.811/19/2005Rate 2.873232
Red Duck Amon-Ra 8.25/11/2016Rate 3.131
Red Duck Aztec 7.312/20/2014Rate 3.214
Red Duck Barrel Aged Burton 5.41/20/2015Rate 2.861
Red Duck Belgian Vanilla Porter 6.57/16/2011Rate 3.234715
Red Duck Bell Hop 5.811/14/2012Rate 3.13010
Red Duck Bengal 7.06/23/2009Rate 3.365144
Red Duck Black Bengal 6.95/21/2013Rate 3.497
Red Duck Blue Monday 7.88/22/2013Rate 3.195
Red Duck Bobcat 7.512/29/2013Rate 3.436315
Red Duck Boppel Duck 7.11/5/2014Rate 2.922
Red Duck Bumble Bee 5.65/21/2012Rate 3.15
Red Duck Canute the Gruit 4.47/15/2011Rate 3.1488
Red Duck Cousin iTi 5.75/19/2016Rate 3.061
Red Duck Double Dragon 8.22/1/2016Rate 2.981
Red Duck Dr. F 10.16/25/2015Rate 3.072
Red Duck Dude, Where's My Cherry? 4.13/6/2013Rate 3.125
Red Duck Gruiter 6.89/6/2012Rate 2.974311
Red Duck Gruitest 6.39/23/2013Rate 2.664
Red Duck Herr Duckshund's Munich Lager 4.62/13/2017Rate 2.961
Red Duck Hodor 111/21/2016Rate 2.732
Red Duck Honey and Pearls 4.44/30/2016Rate 3.041
Red Duck Hop Shark 5.44/29/2014Rate 3.093211
Red Duck Hop Shark Hammerhead IPA 6.810/8/2016Rate 3.041
Red Duck Hoppy Amber 5.611/11/2011Rate 3.248920
Red Duck Igor 107/2/2014Rate 3.478
Red Duck K2 3.25/24/2012Rate 2.3229
Red Duck Kolsch Bright Ale 3.42/26/2014Rate 2.842
Red Duck La Foret 6.09/19/2015Rate 3.162
Red Duck Lapin 5.42/19/2015Rate 3.016
Red Duck Licky 5.89/5/2013Rate 3.128
Red Duck Limited Release 'Smells Like A Pony' Buckwheat Braggot 13.77/31/2012Rate 3.088
Red Duck Limited Release 4 Ducks Strong Dark Belgian Ale 10.511/30/2008Rate 3.077
Red Duck Limited Release Baby Bear Chamomile + Lemongrass Braggot 6.81/20/2015Rate 2.831
Red Duck Limited Release Bandicoot Small Hoppy Pale Ale 2.612/18/2015Rate 3.072
Red Duck Limited Release Binabadladdie 4.512/24/2015Rate 0
Red Duck Limited Release Bizarre Love Triangle 7.84/27/2015Rate 3.061
Red Duck Limited Release Black Heart 8.39/25/2010Rate 2.938
Red Duck Limited Release Buck 5.712/14/2014Rate 3.283
Red Duck Limited Release Burton Original English Pale Ale 5.41/9/2015Rate 2.841
Red Duck Limited Release Burton Strong Bitter 5.43/1/2007Rate 2.892318
Red Duck Limited Release C'anard de Garde 7.410/23/2013Rate 3.277
Red Duck Limited Release Easy Blond 7.47/31/2015Rate 0
Red Duck Limited Release Geist Weisse 3.48/19/2013Rate 2.954
Red Duck Limited Release Ginger Frog 7.22/26/2014Rate 2.912
Red Duck Limited Release Gnaume 6.25/24/2013Rate 2.96378
Red Duck Limited Release Gnaumette Strawberry Lambic 6.54/20/2015Rate 2.961
Red Duck Limited Release Golden Dragon 7.83/11/2006Rate 3.226724
Red Duck Limited Release Groak 6.32/26/2014Rate 2.973
Red Duck Limited Release Half Wit (not the full wit) 3.48/19/2013Rate 2.81
Red Duck Limited Release Jupiter 6.86/17/2013Rate 3.157
Red Duck Limited Release Neeps in Tatties 3.72/26/2016Rate 2.981
Red Duck Limited Release Nut Brown 5.47/31/2015Rate 3.111
Red Duck Limited Release Queen Bee Honey Porter 6.64/28/2007Rate 3.143715
Red Duck Limited Release Ragnarok 10.68/1/2012Rate 2.894
Red Duck Limited Release Red Admiral Celtic Ale 6.22/21/2008Rate 3.077217
Red Duck Limited Release Sabotage 7.48/1/2014Rate 3.477
Red Duck Limited Release Sabre Tooth 9.010/28/2013Rate 3.373913
Red Duck Limited Release Sexy Thing 2 7.81/9/2016Rate 3.171
Red Duck Limited Release Sexy Thing 3 7.84/27/2015Rate 2.784
Red Duck Limited Release Sitka Spruce Oatmeal Scotch Ale 6.34/27/2015Rate 3.142
Red Duck Limited Release Sour Chips 7.22/26/2014Rate 2.934
Red Duck Limited Release Supa Nova 7.52/26/2014Rate 3.178
Red Duck Limited Release SWB 3.27/15/2006Rate 2.524
Red Duck Limited Release The Forest Gnaume 6.26/23/2014Rate 3.043
Red Duck Limited Release The Ox 9.47/20/2006Rate 3.53243
Red Duck Limited Release Tiger Mountain ESB 5.211/3/2014Rate 3.223
Red Duck Limited Release Tiger Tiger Double ESB 8.48/19/2013Rate 3.123
Red Duck limited Release Transmission Barrel Aged Imperial Porter 9.47/13/2014Rate 3.326
Red Duck Limited Release Ugly Duckling Braggot 14.39/20/2010Rate 3.257511
Red Duck Limited Release Valhalla Barley Wine 16.412/24/2015Rate 3.213
Red Duck Limited Release White Garden 4.112/12/2010Rate 2.383516
Red Duck Limited Release Wolf Hoppy Pale Ale 5.24/27/2015Rate 3.052
Red Duck Limited Release Wooly 4.73/17/2015Rate 2.81
Red Duck Limited Release Wooly Nelson 4.66/20/2013Rate 2.984
Red Duck Loch Ness 6.78/11/2010Rate 3.365522
Red Duck Long Shot 6.09/5/2012Rate 3.18419
Red Duck Lord Burton's Breakfast 6.45/5/2016Rate 0
Red Duck Midnight Wheat Stout 5.210/17/2014Rate 3.192
Red Duck Mr. Tom 4.09/29/2017Rate 31
Red Duck New Holland 6.811/12/2011Rate 3.136
Red Duck Orange Mosaic 4.58/22/2013Rate 2.841
Red Duck Overland Bright Ale 4.25/11/2008Rate 2.79915
Red Duck Overland Kolsch 4.03/15/2014Rate 2.731
Red Duck Pale Ale 4.511/19/2005Rate 2.762830
Red Duck Pale Rider 5.63/27/2011Rate 3.256222
Red Duck Porter 6.411/19/2005Rate 2.961136
Red Duck RA#2 Imperial Egyptian Bread Beer 11.37/31/2012Rate 2.897
Red Duck Ra#3Egyptian Bread Beer 9.62/16/2014Rate 2.883512
Red Duck RA#4 Dark Egyptian Bread Beer 8.42/14/2014Rate 3.014712
Red Duck Rufus Icenium 9.01/10/2014Rate 2.975
Red Duck Rundy Bum 8.26/1/2016Rate 3.092
Red Duck Saison 6.22/11/2014Rate 3.225
Red Duck Saison Bee 5.22/11/2014Rate 2.934
Red Duck Secret Squirrel 5.38/21/2014Rate 3.212
Red Duck Sexy Thing 6.711/14/2012Rate 3.213913
Red Duck Shy Blond 7.14/17/2013Rate 3.064
Red Duck Spectaculaar Spectaculaar 6.74/24/2013Rate 3.015
Red Duck Supa Nova 7.52/11/2014Rate 0
Red Duck The Bear 9.88/26/2012Rate 3.217
Red Duck The Grizzly 12.26/6/2013Rate 2.963
Red Duck The Tiger 6.711/20/2012Rate 2.894
Red Duck The Wild Hunt 8.11/10/2015Rate 2.871
Red Duck Topaz 5.212/7/2012Rate 3.077
Red Duck Von Duck 5.311/1/2013Rate 37
Red Duck Wood Gnaume 6.212/28/2013Rate 3.098
Red Duck Zenne 5.16/19/2017Rate 3.091

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