Queen City 7 Oaks 4.91/6/2015Rate 3.218
Queen City Argument 7.52/13/2015Rate 2.978
Queen City Barge Canal 6.88/28/2015Rate 3.227
Queen City Basic Ale 4.22/11/2017Rate 3.041
Queen City City Beer 4.64/27/2014Rate 3.328
Queen City Dark Harvest 6.31/15/2015Rate 2.91
Queen City Duchess of Antwerp 6.04/27/2014Rate 2.923
Queen City Dunkelweizen 5.811/18/2015Rate 3.112
Queen City Franconian 5.52/11/2017Rate 2.981
Queen City Gregarious 7.58/31/2015Rate 3.06179
Queen City Hefeweizen 5.65/28/2015Rate 3.579916
Queen City Landlady 5.24/27/2014Rate 3.136012
Queen City Mai Bock 7.25/31/2015Rate 3.164
Queen City Monk of Underhill 9.312/31/2014Rate 2.778
Queen City Munich Dunkel 5.54/27/2014Rate 3.399811
Queen City Oktoberfest 5.59/17/2015Rate 3.283
Queen City Old Monty 9.09/6/2016Rate 3.122
Queen City Plznsk 5.212/14/2015Rate 3.162
Queen City Rauchbier 5.51/6/2015Rate 3.498611
Queen City Saison 6.22/11/2017Rate 3.041
Queen City South End Helles 5.41/6/2015Rate 3.38999
Queen City St. Amandus (aka The Saint) 5.04/27/2014Rate 2.772
Queen City Steinbier 5.44/27/2014Rate 3.338
Queen City Vienna Lager 5.39/6/2016Rate 2.941
Queen City Winter’s Bock 7.02/27/2016Rate 2.982
Queen City Yorkshire Porter 5.04/27/2014Rate 3.427616
Three Needs Chocolate Thunder Porter 5.91/27/2002Rate 3.244323
Three Needs Schwarzbier -1/2/2001Rate 3.166111

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