Railway City Brewing Company

Brewer rating: 86/100 781 ratings
130 Edward Street, St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada N5P 1Z1
Associated place: Railway City Brewing Company

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Lake Wilcox Mad Quacker
Brewed by/for Lake Wilcox Brewing
4.77/18/2015Rate 2.997922
Railway City Belgian Blonde Ale 7.51/4/2016Rate 0
Railway City Black Coal Stout 6.01/7/2012Rate 3.427468
Railway City Canada Southern Draft 4.31/4/2013Rate 2.936126
Railway City Chocolate Cherry Porter -1/26/2011Rate 2.996
Railway City Chocolate Chili Oatmeal Stout 5.51/24/2010Rate 3.014
Railway City Coco Loco 5.06/2/2011Rate 2.694
Railway City Colonel Talbot’s Coffee Stout 5.912/6/2010Rate 2.922
Railway City Cranberry Christmas Ale 6.812/6/2009Rate 2.943
Railway City Cranberry Festive Lager 5.510/28/2014Rate 2.632718
Railway City Cranberry Pilsner 4.73/8/2012Rate 2.757
Railway City Crew Craft Lager 4.87/27/2016Rate 2.685
Railway City Dead Elephant Ale 6.89/20/2009Rate 3.1625165
Railway City Double Dead Elephant 6.89/26/2010Rate 3.12647
Railway City Dragonberry Pilsner 4.43/19/2011Rate 2.756
Railway City Express India Session Lager 4.87/20/2016Rate 3.163119
Railway City Fire Roasted Coffee Co. Mocha Porter 5.53/7/2010Rate 2.867
Railway City Holiday Vienna Lager 4.71/1/2016Rate 2.941
Railway City Honey Brown Ale 5.511/9/2010Rate 2.914
Railway City Honey Elixir 5.96/30/2012Rate 3.14845
Railway City Hoptoberfest -10/21/2011Rate 2.832910
Railway City Iron Spike Amber Ale 4.65/14/2008Rate 2.82732
Railway City Iron Spike Blonde Ale 4.34/25/2008Rate 2.772473
Railway City Iron Spike Copper Ale 4.45/14/2008Rate 2.862939
Railway City Iron Spike Light 4.05/4/2009Rate 2.696
Railway City Ironspike Harvest Copper Ale -10/18/2008Rate 2.955
Railway City Janus:The Resolution Beer 10.22/1/2015Rate 3.26
Railway City Let the Gruit Times Roll -5/29/2014Rate 2.872
Railway City Mild -1/27/2012Rate 2.94
Railway City Oatmeal Stout -4/2/2011Rate 3.023
Railway City Orange CreamsicAle 4.87/14/2016Rate 3.388
Railway City Orchard Harvest Ale 5.411/1/2010Rate 2.944710
Railway City Platform XII Off The Beet’n Track 6.37/27/2012Rate 3.18769
Railway City Platform XIII IPA 6.79/15/2013Rate 2.995
Railway City Platform XIV Big Hook 9.19/27/2014Rate 3.095
Railway City Platform XV Randolph’s Union Porter 5.49/1/2015Rate 0
Railway City Pullman Porter 6.810/27/2009Rate 3.13710
Railway City Roundhaus Pilsner 4.76/2/2011Rate 2.91829
Railway City Sham Bock 6.83/16/2011Rate 3.288838
Railway City Spike Light With Oranges 4.06/6/2010Rate 2.872
Railway City The Mystic Fortune Teller 5.05/14/2016Rate 3.021
Railway City The Strong Man 10.32/12/2016Rate 3.243
Railway City Vanilla Hazelnut Amber 6.712/4/2015Rate 0
Railway City Witty Traveller 4.58/4/2013Rate 2.994360
Railway City Woody Traveller 4.66/25/2013Rate 2.933
Railway City X Stonehammer Dandelion Rye Pale Ale 4.51/12/2016Rate 3.091
The Hamilton Brewery (THB) Blue Collar Pale 5.51/27/2015Rate 32324
The Weather Sun & Sky
Brewed by/for The Weather Brewery
5.08/16/2015Rate 3.153

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